Updated: March 16, 2020

Hey all,

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you will know that the Corona Virus pandemic has now started having a major affect on the Fantasy Sports landscape, as well as the world in general. The NBA decided to go on ‘hiatus’ for ‘at least 30 days’ following a positive test for Utah Jazz centre Rudy Gobert.

Following this, Sportsdeck announced that the RDT NBA game would go into permanent lockout. This means that there will be no trading on Monday afternoon when lockout normally lifts. Until the NBA makes a call about what is happening for the remainder of the season, RDT NBA will be in limbo. There are two options that will likely happen. The first is that the NBA resumes after 30 days, and they have a shortened season. They will re-do the schedule, and ensure teams finish on the same number of games, likely around 70. This will mean re-doing the schedule, in which case RDT NBA will probably continue as normal. There is a chance that they will just wipe the games and scores from this week, and start fresh like it’s a new week. In this case, we would have another 3 trades to use.

The second (and more likely option in my opinion) is that the NBA just cancels the rest of the season and heads straight into Playoffs. The top 8 in the East was basically locked away, and it is only the 8th spot in the West that was still up for grabs. If this happens, I would expect the league championship to go to whoever finished on top of the ladder at the end of the season. The overall price would go to the coach currently sitting on top of the overall rankings (Deanne, How Dare You). Eliminator is a bit harder. I think it would just end up being scrapped for this season.

If this is the last article of the season, I just want to say thanks to everyone who read the article and provided feedback. It has been a challenging year for sure, and I look forward to playing again next year.

In these tough times, we all need to remember that Fantasy is just a game. As frustrated as we are about interruptions to the games we love – both Fantasy and real life – there are far worse things in the world currently, and if we miss out on a few months of sport – so be it.

Stay safe everyone, listen to the experts (and I mean ACTUAL experts, not just the so-called ones on social media) and do what you need to do to keep yourself and your family healthy. Note, this does not mean stupidly hoarding toilet paper, rice or other items which would not be in short supply currently if people just bought what they needed.

Anyway, thanks again, and hopefully things are back to normal as soon as possible.


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  1. Mick

    March 17, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    Cheers for all your articles mate. They are life savers

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