AFL Pre-Season – All the Priced At’s and Price Predictions

Updated: February 8, 2020

With pre-season talk well under the way and the old ‘he’s tearing up the track’ or ‘he’s primed for more midfield time’ lines being thrown around as much as usual, we are all looking at the numbers and wondering what a lot of it all means.

The Non-Rookies

Zano has sat down and put together a spreadsheet outlining all the most relevant players for SuperCoach, AFL Fantasy and AFL Dream Team and given an idea of an approximate price rise based on a predicted average score.  

We are all talking about players such as Doedee, Docherty, Cockatoo, Bennell and Roberton to name but a few, however what will they realistically increase based on what they are likely to score?  Now these predictions are nothing more then a guide.  For example Zano has predicted that Doch is going to go at about 90 and we know it could be anything from 70-120.  

Also note that players such as Bennell, Hill and Cockatoo have been left under the general pricing tab and not the rookie tab.  We are fully aware that they are rookie priced but we left them linked to the main group over the rookie players.

Finally, anybody with a green background we see as locks to start the season, as long as they do start the season that is.  As far as anybody with a bold font they are players that have been around the system for quite sometime and should be ahead of most the first and second year players for scoring.

The Rookies

The second tab has a list of rookies that are a chance to start the year and their relevant Priced At for all three formats of the competition.  Now we have also included a predicted average for these players but understand that these predictions are very, very loose.  Much more so than the predictions in the main list.  Main reason is we have very little to go off vs the main list guys that even if coming back from injury we have some history on.

The Spreadsheet

So here it is, the all important spreadsheet.  Feel free to flick through it and you can even download it for yourself to have a more detailed look.  Should you have questions or queries on it let me know.  We know that not everybody will agree with our predicted scores but again, just use it as a guide to what you think a player might score at.

Thanks again followers.  Any questions do not hesitate to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLSZano).

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