BBL09 Supercoach Break Evens – Round 13

Updated: January 25, 2020

With only the one home and away round to go when we get to chose from all teams it is now time to look at taking all the risks in the world to move up the rankings.  There is no point finishing second when you have a shot at the title.  You may as well finish 200th.  Make or break time for sure.


Break Evens

What we have done is worked out – roughly – what the most relevant Break Evens may be going into this round.

Now for the disclaimer: these are not perfect as we do not know the exact formula.  However, we do believe we have it close enough to give us a good idea of what a players’ Break Even may be.  Do not use these as 100% correct, they are to be used as a guide to help you with trading.  Of course there are still other factors to consider, but this is one worth considering too.


The Most Relevant

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With no teams having a bye in the last Home and Away round of the year, it does make our lives very easy.  However, buyer beware as it may not be as easy as it seems.  The two teams with Double Games are the Heat and Renegades.  Now this may sound great but here are some things to consider:-

  • The Heat
    • They are the team in the worst form of the competition right now.
    • Their last 3 total SC team scores have been 273, 460 and 174.  The competition average is between 490-500 for the season.
    • They play the Stars in Melbourne who are the hardest team to score against but do come against the Renegades in Melbourne who are the easiest.
    • In saying that, the Renegades do get Kane Richardson back from International Duties.
  • The Renegades
    • Are sitting on the bottom of the ladder right now.
    • Have the Sixers away who are the second hardest team to score against and then the Heat who sit middle of the pack.
    • Shaun Marsh and Sam Harper both expected to miss with injury.
    • They do get Finch and Kane Richardson back from international duties.

So as we can see, there may be more downside to selecting the DGW players this round, but with the likes of Pattinson, Kane Richardson, Cutting, Laughlin, Lynn, Finch, Christian and de Villiers all so cheap it is actually hard which three to pick to bring in.


So that is it again for this round.  Any questions do not hesitate to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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