Real Dream Team NBA – Schedule Analysis – Week 6

Updated: November 24, 2019

Injuries. It is a dirty work in Fantasy circles. A late out in and AFL game can absolutely crush the soul of AFL Fantasy Coaches. Real Dream Team NBA is no different. There is less of a concern about late outs, as once lockout hits on a Tuesday morning, there is nothing you can do. Sure, it is frustrating, but you just hope that your player only misses one game in the week.

What has really hurt this year has been the volume of injuries to Fantasy relevant players. And the vast majority of them have rudely been early in the Fantasy week, so multiple games are missed with nothing coaches can do about it. Take for example Brandon Ingram a couple of weeks ago. The Pelicans had an 8 game fortnight, so Ingram was a popular inclusion. There was nothing on the injury report (more on that later) to indicate he would be out, and by the time the Pelicans game kicked off, most coaches had their lineups locked away. He then felt ‘knee soreness’ in the warmup and was withdrawn from the game. He proceeded to miss all 4 games of that week (which was actually a better outcome than having him play a single game, as we were then able to take the bench emergency score – the only time this has ever happened to me in 3 years of playing RDT NBA).

In fact, apart from Week 1 – which was a short week – I have lost players for at least 1 game each week. And I know I am not the only one. Curry, Ingram, Brogdon, Ben Simmons, Anthony Davis and Aron Baynes have all missed games for me. At least I didn’t have Lillard this week!

One thing I will give the NBA is that their injury reporting is light years ahead of what we see in the AFL. In Australia, it is normal that the first time that we hear of a players injury is 40 minutes before the game when they are listed as a late change. Yes, I’m looking at you Chris Scott! In the NBA, players are listed as ‘questionable’, ‘probable’, ‘game time decision’ or ‘out’ a fair way before the game. This is all well and good getting this info on a Monday before lockout, but doesn’t give you much options during the week because of the way the RDT NBA game engine works.

This brings me to my next thought. I was thinking about what could be done to improve the experience for coaches, and also encourage more activity on the platform after lockout. I have no idea if this option is even possible, or more likely financially worth doing for just a couple of thousand people playing the game.

The 3 trades per week remain, use them or lose them. However, you also get 1 ‘injury trade’. To be eligible for an injury trade, the player must be on the official injury list as ‘questionable’ or higher. This would stop issues like this week where Aron Baynes plays 1 game, and then is injured for the next few games. If you have more than 1 injured player, well then that is just horrible luck.

Obviously this would require a lot of extra work on the part of Sportsdeck, which is why I can’t see it happening, but it’s nice to dream……


Schedule Breakdown


8 Game Teams

Indiana (Mem, Uta, Atl, @Phi) – Indiana have had a tough run with injuries this year. All-Star Victor Oladipo is yet to play a game, and they have also had fellow starters Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner and Malcolm Brogdon also miss games due to injury. If you see that Brogdon will return from injury, then he would be the best value, as he will still be priced under $10m. He is coming off a back injury, so he may be rested for their back to back later in the week.

LA Lakers (@SAS, @NOP, Was, Dal) – There are only two players worth looking at, and we all know their names. Anthony Davis, and LeBron James. These two have been on a tear this year, both averaging over 30Fppg. The next highest averaging Laker is………. Dwight Howard. As always with AD, there is concern over his health, however this week is one of the rare weeks that has 4 games with no back to back’s, so he will hopefully be able to play all 4 games.

Miami (Cha, @Hou, GSW, Bkn) – The story of the Heat this season has been their rookies. Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro have done exactly what we hoped from our rookies in RDT NBA – they are playing consistent minutes, and are scoring 10+ Fppg. In fact, Nunn, is averaging a very nice 16.8Fppg, very startable on your court. Bam Adebayo has also taken a massive leap this year, averaging 26.7Fppg. He is still priced at under $10m, so there is some value there.

Philadelphia (@Tor, Sac, @NYN, Ind) – The Sixers have been rolling with their 4 pronged attack of Ben Simmons, Al Horford, Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris. All of these players will be solid contributors for you, however it is Embiid that stands out amongst the quartet. He is averaging nearly 30Fppg and should dominate against the likes of Sacramento and New York.

Washington (@Den, @Pho, @LAL, @LAC) – Washington were expected to be horrible this year, with super star John Wall set to miss the majority of the season. Bradley Beal has taking the mantle of team leader, and the Wizards are now sitting just out of the playoff race in 9th position in the Eastern Conference. Apart from Beal, who is averaging 27Fppg, you can look at value options Mo Wagner ($4.9m), rookie Rui Hachimura ($5.28m) and former All-Star Isiah Thomas ($4.01m).


Oh Captain, My Captain!

Last Week’s Selection – Giannis Antetokounmpo

Predicted Avg – 43Fppg

Actual Scores – 29, 38, 38

There is a wide variety of Captain choices this week with so many 4 game teams. One player I haven’t included is Kawhi Leonard. Whist they have a pretty good run according to the WOD, they do have back to back games to start the week against Dallas and Memphis. Leonard is still not playing back to backs, so he will likely miss the Memphis game. Team mate Paul George is also not an option as he is still on a minutes restriction on his comeback from a preseason injury.

I do like the Clippers cross-town rivals for Captain options however. Both LBJ and AD should score at least 35Fppg in their matchups. My choice this week though is the same as last week. The Greek Freak has a tough start to the week with a game in Utah, but then plays Atlanta, Cleveland and Charlotte, who are all in the top 5 teams for Fantasy points conceded per game for the season. Atlanta in particular has been giving up bulk points recently, allowing their opposition to score an average of 186 Fantasy points in their last 4 games!

Trae Young (Atl)

Andre Drummond (Det)

LeBron James (LAL)

Anthony Davis (LAL)

Jimmy Butler (Mia)

Bam Adebayo (Mia)

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Mil)

Rudy Gobert (Uta)

Bradley Beal (Was)

Keeler’s Captain Choice – Giannis Antetokounmpo (Mil)

Predicted Average – 40Fppg

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