Real Dream Team NBA – Schedule Analysis – Week 1

Updated: October 19, 2019

The NBA is back, and so is Real Dream Team NBA. There has been a lot of changes in the NBA, with players changing teams as regularly as they change their underwear. The same is not true for the Real Dream Team NBA Fantasy sports game. After making a few tweaks last season, the engine, rules and format remain exactly the same for season 2019-20. If you want a recap of how the rules work, and some basic strategy, you can re-visit this article from last season which lays it all out.

Season Tip Off

This season gets underway on 23rd October with the Toronto v New Orleans game. The first week this week is a short one, running from Wednesday through to Monday. As such, there are no four game teams in Week 1. You will need to cast your gaze a bit further into the future to ensure you are getting the best value out of your team. It may seem like stating the obvious, but teams with 4 or 5 games in a week will generally score more than teams with 3 games. Remember that RDT NBA scoring is cumulative, not average.

The below table shows how many games each team has over the first 6 weeks of the season. Remember that in RDT NBA, you get 3 trades every week, so you can potentially turn over your entire team during this period. Ideally, you would have a couple of players that are ‘stalwarts’ during this period. These are players that you have in your team for the entire period. Due to the need to generate cash at the start of the season, these players actually tend to be rookies, and you then trade your mid price and premium players based on their schedule.

Golden State is the obvious team to look at in this table. Stef Curry no longer has to share the ball with anyone – at least until Klay comes back very late in the season. Draymond Green has always been a beast on defensive end, but could be asked to shoulder a bit more load on offense as well. Green is Centre/Power Forward eligible and is priced at just $9.6 million.

For the San Antonio Spurs, LaMarcus Aldridge is the best RDT scorer. He is also C/PF eligible, and has the added benefit of playing New York (who have not been good for nearly two decades) – and Washington (who will be horrible this year) in the first week. Even though they only have a two game first week, Aldridge should dominate. Lastly, Charlotte is going to be horrible this season. They lost their marquee player and only All-Star (Kemba Walker) over the off-season, and were not able to recruit anyone significant. In fact, I’m pretty sure their owner could take most of their team in a game of one on one! One player to look at would be rookie PJ Washington. With top draft pick Zion Williamson ruled out for the start of the season, coaches will need to find a replacement at the PF position. Washington has been serviceable during the pre-season, and should see reasonable minutes on this Hornets team.

Schedule Breakdown

10 Game Teams

Given that Week 1 is a short week, we will look a little bit deeper into the season and cover the first 3 weeks in the schedule. There are no teams who have the maximum (11) games over the first 3 weeks, so let’s have a look at the 10 game teams who have the maximum amount of games in Week 1 (3 games).

Just as a reminder, the teams in the brackets are who each team plays during the upcoming week, and any game in red is a back to back game.

Charlotte (Chi, Min, @LAL) – As mentioned above, there is really not much to look at here. You would be better off looking at players from 9 game teams.

Chicago (@Cha, @Mem, Tor) – If ever there was a ‘mid price madness’ team, this year’s Chicago Bulls roster fits that mould perfectly. There are some potential bargains on the roster that could allow you to make some money in the short term, but are not considered to be star players. Zach LaVine ($10.3m), Lauri Markkanen ($10.1m), Wendell Carter Jr ($7.9m) and Tomas Satoransky ($6.9m) are all capable of solid scoring.

Detroit (@Ind, Atl, Phi) – Andre Drummond is the only player you should be looking at from the Pistons. Blake Griffin is coming off a pre-season injury (surprise, surprise) so give him a couple of weeks before bringing him into your calculations.

Oklahoma City (@Uta, Was, GSW) – One of the biggest trades of the off-season saw Chris Paul traded from the Houston Rockets to the OKC Thunder in exchange for Russell Westbrook. Paul’s massive contract and age means that a further trade this season is unlikely, so it looks like he will be running the point for the Thunder for the foreseeable future. Although is best may be behind him, Paul should be good for 20-25 Fppg if healthy. Second year guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander ($6.5m) could be the value pickup from this team. He will start in the back court alongside Paul, and should improve on a solid rookie season.

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Each week, I will give you a few options to select as your captain. Once again, your captain should ideally have the maximum amount of games during the week. That being said, if you have a player on a tear with a reasonable 3 game week, they can also be looked at as a captain option. Ideally you want a minimum of 30 fantasy points per game (Fppg) from your captain. For those coaches that play RDT AFL, a 30 point game in NBA is approximately the equivalent of a 100 point game in AFL – solid but not spectacular. 35 Fppg is a good captain score (110 AFL equivalent) and 40 Fppg is on Tom Mitchell level (120 Fppg). Anything over a 45 Fppg average is pure gold – we are talking 135 AFL equivalent.

Andre Drummond (Det)

Rudy Gobert (Uta)

Kyrie Irving (Bkn)

Kemba Walker (Bos)

Damien Lillard (Por)

Bradley Beal (Was)

Devin Booker (Pho)

Jimmy Butler (Mia)

Luka Doncic (Dal)

Chris Paul (OKC)

Mike Conley (Uta)

Zach Lavine (Chi)

Keeler’s Captain Choice – Karl-Anthony Towns (Min)

Embed from Getty Images

This is the most obvious choice – but for good reason. KAT has been a Fantasy beast for years, and there is no reason to see that changing now. Gone is the Jimmy Butler drama from the start of last season, as well as the crazy coaching of Tom Thibodeau. Ryan Saunders took over the team mid way through last season with Thibodeau was fired, and KAT was a great scorer during the second half of the season. The T-Wolves play away games against Brooklyn (DeAndre Jordan, Jarrett Allen) and Charlotte (Cody Zeller, PJ Washington) before finishing the week with a home game against Miami (Bam Adebayo, Kelly Olynyk).

Estimated average – 43Fppg

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