RDT NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 16

Updated: January 26, 2019

With a lot of the AFL Fantasy sites now open, my focus is now shifting to that. There will still be an NBA Schedule Analysis article each week, it just won’t be as in-depth as it has been previously.

The NBA All-Star Weekend is fast approaching, which throws up one of the oddities in the NBA Schedule. Players not competing in the game or events at All-Star weekend get the best part of a week off. This means that there is no NBA games for almost a full week. From Saturday 16th February to Friday 22nd there are exactly zero games played.

The team at Sportsdeck have decided to combine the two weeks around the All-Star Weekend into one week in the Real Dream Team NBA game. This throws up a couple of unique challenges.

  1. Lockout remains the same, so once teams have played in the first week, their players are locked away. There is no option to trade until lockout lifts on Monday 25th of February.
  2. All teams play in the first week before the break, so there is no option to do loophole captains or emergencies

I have included the next three weeks games tables below so you can start planning in advance. The good news is that most teams have 4 games that week, and one team even has 5 games. The bad news is that team is New York, which have next to no Fantasy relevant players!

Schedule Breakdown

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Keep an eye on the injury news this week in regards to Anthony Davis. AD has a hand injury that could see him come back anytime from Week 16 to after the All-Star break. The Pelicans first game of Week 16 is on Wednesday, so we may not know his status before lockout.

For the four game teams this week, you can look at Kyrie Irving and Nikola Jokic. Both have had good weeks in Week 15, and should continue this form.

Once again though, James Harden is the guy to look at for Captain. Even with the impending return of Chris Paul, The Beard should continue the monster output he has provided over the last month.

Keeler’s Captain Choice – James Harden (Hou)

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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