RDT NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 10 – Xmas Week

Updated: December 22, 2018

It’s like the NBA schedule over Christmas this season has been made specifically for those of us who love playing Real Dream Team NBA. Let’s cover off how the stars have aligned this year:

  • The NBA has showcase games on Christmas day. This year, we have 5 Christmas Day games:
    • New York v Milwaukee – This will be a ‘Freak’ show
    • Houston v OKC – Harden v Russ. PG13 also having a great season
    • Boston v Philly – Two of the hottest young teams in the competition
    • Warriors v Lakers – Marquee game – KD and Steph v LeBron
    • Utah v Portland – Aussie Joe takes on Dame and CJ
  • These games are all back to back. Granted, you would have to get up at 3am EDST to watch live, but with DVR technology this season, you can record each game, start watching around 8 am, fast forward through all the ads and timeouts and maybe catch up by around the 3rd game!
  • Christmas Day in America is actually Boxing Day in Australia. This means that you don’t have to sneakily duck away from your family lunch to watch a few minutes of NBA. You won’t get the evil eyes from your other half when you try to check your phone under the table to see how well your players are scoring.
  • The NBA gives all teams the day off on Christmas Eve. This is Christmas day in Australia. Again, no need to worry about staying up to date on scores whilst you are swearing at whatever Christmas present you are trying to assemble using poorly translated Chinese instructions.
  • This year, Christmas Eve (NBA time) is a Tuesday (Australian time) so we get a whole extra day to organise our trades. Lockout won’t start until the Knicks/Bucks game at 3am EST on Boxing Day (Australian time). Unless you are planning on getting up super-early, get your trades sorted before you go to bed on Christmas day.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of these NBA games will be happening at the same time as the Boxing Day test. Fortunately, Foxtel have launched their new streaming service -Kayo- which allows you to watch 4 different Foxtel sports channels on one screen AT THE SAME TIME! They also have a 14 day free trial. This is not a paid advertisement, more a public service announcement.

Schedule Breakdown

Trade Targets (8 Game Teams)

There are no 8 game teams this week, so the plan is to load up on players with 4 games in Week 12. This is assuming of course that you have planned ahead and already bought in LeBron and Lillard, who have 4 games this week. There is also a fair chance that you already have Paul George and Russell Westbrook as OKC have had a good run of 4 game weeks recently.

Your targets for the remaining teams should be:

  • Kemba Walker (PG – $10.5m) – Has been injured recently, but is now back on the court and scoring well
  • Luka Doncic (PG/SG – $7.7m) – Let’s face it, if you don’t have Luka, you aren’t playing this game seriously. You can safely put him on your court in 4 week games and know that he will get you at least 80 points.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (C – $14.1m) – With Butler gone, KAT has gone back to his performance from last season where he was a Fantasy must-have.
  • Nikola Vucevic (PF/C – $13.3m) – A candidate for Most Improved Player this year. He had one game off in Week 10 due to the birth of his child, so nothing to worry about there.
  • Devin Booker (PG/SG – $10m) – Booker has been riddled with injury this season, so bring him in with caution. He has scored 37 and 22 so far in Week 10, so hopefully he is back to his best. He is well priced for the output he provides, so must come into calculations
  • Kawhi Leonard (SF – $12.7m) – Injuries are hitting the Raptors hard, but they are still winning. Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakim and Jonas Valanciunis have all missed games recently, leaving Kawhi to shoulder much of the load. Leonard has also been rested recently, so there is a chance that he won’t play the back to back games at the end of Week 12. Keep a close eye on the Raptors news, but he would be one I would look to bring in in Week 12, not Week 11.

Oh Captain, My Captain!

With only 2 teams playing 4 games, there are limited captain options this week. The obvious ones are LeBron James and Damien Lillard. I would also be tempted to look at Anthony Davis. Even though he only has 3 games, he has been going full beast mode recently, and it’s entirely possible that he will be the highest scorer this week.

Keeler’s Captain Choice – Anthony Davis (NOP)

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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