Real Dream Team NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 2

Updated: October 21, 2018

And we’re off. One week in to the season (well almost, with this article being written on Sunday morning) and there have already been some amazing scores. LeBron James is doing what Lebron does. Anthony Davis had a monster night, dropping 32 points, 16 rebounds and 3 blocks. What really jacked his RDT score up though was his 8 assists and 3 steals – not something you would normally expect from the Brow. His 58 RDT points is the top score so far this season. Oh yeah, and Ben Simmons posted another triple double – just for something different.

There has also been some underwhelming scores. Kyrie Irving posted an opening night score of 3, as did popular second year player Markelle Fultz in the same game. Fultz bounced back in his second game of the week however, and actually hit a 3 point field goal. Something that was apparently head-line worthy for many websites. The fact that it has taken 18 games for a guard taken at pick 1 in the NBA draft to hit a 3 pointer is a fair indication of his shooting prowess. Just in case it never happens again, here is the shot for posterity.

We have also seen a few good games from this year’s rookie class. DeAndre Ayton, Jaren Jackson Jr, Trae Young and Marvin Bagley III have all posted at least one solid score in Week 1. Here’s hoping that Luka Doncic can improve on his game 1 score of 5 RDT points. He did have a reasonable stat line of 10 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Unfortunately, he also had 4 turnovers and 13 missed shots, which is the reason for his poor score. He has one more game in week 1 to reward owners who started him on the court.

Schedule Breakdown

Trade Targets (8 Game Teams)

As we know, the more games your players have in a week, the higher your weekly score. As such, each week, we will highlight teams that have an 8 game schedule over the next two weeks. These are the players that you should be targeting. We will let you know who each team is playing in the upcoming week, so you will be able to see if they have a run of road games (indicated by the ‘@’ symbol). One thing to watch out for though, is back to back games. Typically, players are fatigued and don’t score as much on the second night of a back to back. These games are highlighted in red.

Chicago (@Dal, Cha, @Cha, @Atl) – We only have one game of data to go on so far for the season, so keep an eye on their second game of the week against the Detroit Pistons. In the game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Zach LaVine and Bobby Portis top scored with 29 RDT points, followed by some bloke called Ryan Arcidiacono on 19. LaVine offers some vale, priced at just $6.69 million. As the Bulls only had 2 games in week 1, his price won’t be changing, so he could be worth a look if he backs up with another 20+ score in the game against the Pistons.

LA Lakers (SAS, @Pho, Den, @SAS) – This is pretty simple. If you can afford to get LeBron James in ($16.41 million) – do it. He is showing no signs of slowing down despite being in his 16th NBA season. He is surrounded by a solid bunch of players, but no-one who you would consider to be RDT NBA relevant at this point.

Philadelphia (@Det, @Mil, Cha) – Despite only having 3 games this week, you need to start planning on getting some 76ers players in if you haven’t already. This is due to their 5 game ‘Golden Week’ in Week 3. By Week 3, you need to have BOTH Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in your team. If you currently don’t have either of them, bring one in this week, and one in next week. Ben Simmons is a hair’s breath away from averaging a triple double this season (16ppg, 14rpg, 9.5apg) and Embiid bounced back after a quiet(ish) first game to score a huge 46 RDT points in their 19 point victory over the Chicago Bulls. As mentioned above Markelle Fultz is also worth looking at. He is priced at slightly above rookie pricing, and followed his extremely poor game 1 (3 RDT points) with a more respectable 13 RDT points in their second game of Week 1. I wouldn’t be bringing him in over the other rookies mentioned above, but if you are looking for a value player, he could be one worth bringing in.

Portland (Was, @Orl, @Mia) – The Trailblazers are another team that have a Golden Week in Week 3. Damian Lillard is one player here that is worth looking at. CJ McCollum is too erratic to really be considered, and we are need to see more than one game from Nik Stauskas and Zach Collins to know if their Game 1 scores were just a once off. Stauskas and Zack Collins will both still be priced under $3 million, so if they back up their scores in their second game, they could be worth rolling the dice on.

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Selecting a good captain is crucial to posting a respectable weekly score in RDT NBA. Much like the AFL Fantasy games that we we play, you can consider a 100+ score for the week from your Captain to be more than adequate – 120+ is pure bliss. The obvious strategy is to look at the teams that have 4 games, and picking one of those players. It’s not always the best way to go however. For example, it is not unreasonable to thing that Anthony Davis could still score 120+ in a 3 game week.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant – The Golden State Warriors play Washington and Phoenix at home before hitting the road for matchups against the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. This is a very juicy schedule, as Washington is the only one of their games against a playoff team from last season. Curry and Durant should drop some monster scores this week.

LeBron James – It doesn’t matter who this bloke plays, so why bother looking. He is good for 27+ RDT points per game, regardless of the opponent.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – I don’t think it is going to take me too long to re-learn how to spell this blokes name. I will be typing it in these articles on a pretty regular basis. The Greek Freak has 3 games at home (Phi, Orl and Tor) and an away game against the T-Wolves. The Bucks are still getting used to Coach Bud’s system, but so far it has been pretty good for Giannis’ scoring, as he is averaging 31 RDT ppg over his first 2 games.

Devin Booker – After sitting out the end of last season due to injury/tanking, Booker has started this season with bang. He scored 35 RDT points in the opener against Dallas, and showed at points last season he is more than capable of putting up big numbers.

Anthony Davis – Even though he is only on a 3 game week, you just can’t ignore AD. As he demonstrated in Week 1, he is more than capable of putting up a 50 point game.

The Half-Court Heave – ‘Aussie’ Joe Ingles – The Half Court Heave is a ‘throw it up and hope’ Captain selection. Utah are playing a very high-scoring game style, dropping 123 points in their first two games. Joe Ingles has averaged 32 RDT points across for the season, including dropping and impressive 35 RDT points on the defending champion Warriors. Plus, he is an Aussie. You ALWAYS back an Aussie.

Archie’s Captain Choice – Kevin Durant (GSW)

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