RDT NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 15

Updated: January 21, 2018

OTLS NBA All-Star Selections

The NBA All-Star Starters were announced this week, with no real surprises. In case you missed it, here are the East and West starters as selected by the fans, players and selected media.


Kyrie Irving

DeMar DeRozan

LeBron James (c)

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Joel Embiid


Steph Curry (c)

James Harden

Kevin Durant

DeMarcus Cousins

Anthony Davis

The actual All-Star teams are going to be selected differently this year. Whilst all the players will still be selected via conference (7 bench players from each conference, as selected by NBA coaches), they will all go into a pool of players, and the two captains – LeBron and Steph – will do a school yard pick to select their teams. The only real rule is that the players selected as starters MUST be selected first. Unfortunately for the fans, this selection process will not be televised. Obviously the NBA doesn’t want the guy selected last to get their feelings hurt. Yep, can’t have someone who is selected as one of the best 24 players in the world on stupid amounts of money feeling bad because his friends picked him last.

Anyway, here at OTLS, we don’t pamper to the ego’s of the players, so we did our own school yard draft. I (Archie) took Steph as captain, and roped in Corey (@OTLSCorey) to be LeBron. As only the starters have been announced so far, we took an educated guess at the bench players for each conference.

East: Kristaps Porzingas, Andre Drummond, Ben Simmons, Victor Oladipo, Kevin Love, Kyle Lowry, Al Horford

West: LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns

We lined all the players up in the OTLS offices, and started the draft. Being the nice person that I am, I let Corey (aka LeBron) have the first pick. I can’t speak for Corey, but I will give some quick notes on why I selected as I did.

Corey – Giannis Antetokounmpo

Archie – Kevin Durant – No way Steph doesn’t select his team mate with his first pick.

Corey – DeMarcus Cousins

Archie – James Harden – Currently second best player in the NBA

Corey – Kyrie Irving

Archie – Anthony Davis – Needed a centre, and Boogie was gone

Corey – DeMar DeRozan

Archie – Joel Embiid – All that was left. I was hoping Corey would select Embiid, as I already had AD, but I’ll take Joel.

After all that, our starters are:

From my perspective, I am a bit tall, and it’s not really suited to the NBA All-Star type game, which is a high scoring run and gun, no defense game. I am going to need to get some shooters off the bench if I am any chance.

Next up, we draft the bench players.

Corey – Jimmy Butler

Archie – Russell Westbrook – I really wanted a PG who can penetrate and dish to the big guys I have and the shooters I plan to get in (hopefully).

Corey – Ben Simmons – OK, this is way too high for Simmons, given that he may not even make the team, but we are Aussies, and we support our boy!

Archie – Draymond Green – Can play inside and out, plus Steph team mate.

Corey – Karl-Anthony Towns

Archie – Klay Thompson – here is my shooter. Plus, Steph team mate.

Corey – Victor Oladipo

Archie – Kristaps Porzingas – Needed another big, and can also shoot the 3 ball.

Corey – Kevin Love

Archie – Damian Lillard – I just couldn’t leave this guy to last. This is a team chemistry thing. After sooking about last year because he didn’t get selected in the initial All-Star squad, I didn’t want him being all mopey around my team if he got picked last. Plus, he can play a little bit.

Corey – Kyle Lowry

Archie – Andre Drummond – I would have preferred another guard, but there were none left on the table, so I went for defense.

Corey – Al Horford

Archie – LaMarcus Aldridge – Sorry LaMarcus, but you were the only one left.


After all that , we are left with….

So the big question is – who wins? I like the shooting that I have on Team Archie, but Team Corey is a bit more balanced. Team Corey has the edge when it comes to the starting lineups, but I plan to get my bench players in as soon as possible to rain down 3 pointers. Klay Thompson will win the MVP after scoring 47 points on 13 for 18 shooting from beyond the arc.

How did we go? Who went too high? Who went too low? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Schedule Breakdown

Trade Targets – 8 Game Teams

Unlike last week, there is an abundance of 8 game teams for Weeks 15 & 16. Let’s have a look at the best options for each.

Atlanta (Uta, Tor, @Cha, Was) – At this stage of the season, there is not much to excite you in the Hawks ranks. There is no one averaging above 20Fppg. Move along.

Charlotte (Sac, NOP, Atl, @Mia) – If you are looking to bring in Kemba Walker, be aware that there is some strong trade rumour talk. It appears as though Michael Jordan is actively shopping walker around now that the Hornets are out of the playoff race. If he does get traded, he will miss a couple of games as he travels to his new destination. Walker has also stated that he doesn’t want to be traded, so he may not be in the best mindset for the games.

Minnesota (@LAC, @Por, @GSW, Bkn) – Both Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler are both very relevant here. They do play a lot of road games, but with the exception of Golden State, they provide great matchups for the Wolves.

Oklahoma City (Bkn, Was, @Det, Phi) – Russell Westbrook is who you want to bring in this week if you don’t have him. He is averaging a touch over 30Fppg for the season and is 5th on overall Fantasy points scored. At this point of the season, you only want elite Fantasy players in your team, so Carmello Anthony and Paul George can be left alone.

Philadelphia (@Mem, Chi, @SAS, @OKC) – Unfortunately for Philly fans, Aussie fans, the 76ers themselves and Ben Simmons himself, he is no longer providing the superstar numbers that he was at the start of the season. This is to be expected from a rookie, and whilst his numbers aren’t horrible, they are no longer Fantasy relevant. Joel Embiid is becoming more and more selectable. The minutes restriction is gone, however he is still not playing back to back games. He is hoping to play back to backs by the end of the month, but unlike rebellions, Fantasy championships were not built on ‘hope’.

Phoenix (@Mil, @Ind, NYK, @Hou) – Devin Booker has been on a good run lately. Since his return from injury, he has put up solid Fantasy numbers. It would be very risky to pick him up, but could be a valuable Point of Difference for you if you need to make up overall ranking.

Lockout Schedule

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Graphics by Corey Wade Media (@OTLSCorey)

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