BBL Fantasy Break Evens – Round 7

Updated: January 11, 2018

So we are now over the hump of the season and looking at that run home.  That might seem like a good thing, until you look at the fixtures and see that the toughest period of the year for coaches is upon us.  With there being 5 byes and 5 double games over the next two rounds, planning for rounds 7, 8 and 9 will be paramount to best manage your team.  This is how the coming 3 rounds look:-

Round 7 Round 8 Round 9
Adelaide Strikers
Brisbane Heat  BYE  DGW  BYE
Hobart Hurricanes  BYE  DGW
Melbourne Renegades  BYE
Melbourne Stars  DGW
Perth Scorchers  DGW  BYE
Sydney Sixers  DGW
Sydney Thunder  DGW  BYE


So we need to be very careful here.  Teams like the Scorchers and Thunder that have the DGW this round both have byes the following round, so any more then 4 or 5 players can make that difficult.  Then of course we have the Heat with a bye, DGW and then a bye which will also make that difficult.  The Stars, Strikers and Sixers all have good runs over this period so selecting some of them will help you through it.

Break Evens

What we have done is worked out – roughly – what the most relevant Break Evens may be going into this round.

Now for the disclaimer: these are not perfect as we do not know the exact formula.  However, we do believe we have it close enough to give us a good idea of what a players’ Break Even may be.  Do not use these as 100% correct, they are to be used as a guide to help you with trading.  Of course there are still other factors to consider, but this is one worth considering too.


Player Break Even Price
Cutting -12 $61,500
Rohrer -9 $26,700
Christian 3 $53,700
Sandhu 7 $49,900
Short 10 $122,600
Steketee 10 $73,100
Peirson 11 $34,200
Maxwell 11 $80,600
Paris 16 $31,400
Wade 17 $54,200
Hastings 17 $53,500
Ross 18 $35,500
Bancroft 21 $30,000
Carey 23 $69,200
Turner 25 $67,800
Nabi 29 $84,500
S. Marsh 33 $46,100
Maddinson 36 $48,300
Cartwright 37 $28,200
Neser 41 $85,100
Ahmed 41 $75,800
Dunk 43 $63,100
Abbott 43 $65,600
Laughlin 46 $71,500
Handscomb 51 $31,200
White 53 $76,800
Agar 54 $92,900
Doolan 56 $37,600
Voges 57 $38,700
Green 59 $71,000
McCullum 60 $73,400
Pietersen 63 $56,200
Dwarshuis 78 $82,300
Swepson 79 $65,200
Rashid Khan 79 $101,800
Stanlake 87 $84,000
Ferguson 105 $53,500
Faulkner 109 $63,900
Nair 117 $68,700
Klinger 121 $69,200
Johnson 126 $97,800
Watson 129 $96,700
McCleneghan 132 $74,600
Archer 137 $98,700
Bravo 169 $107,700

The Most Relevant

Ben Rohrer

Embed from Getty Images

Huge risk reward call with Rohrer here.  If you are just looking for somebody cheap to bring in, he is as good as a punt as any of the other options out there as he is the one most likely to make you a touch of cash if you need it.

Guinder Sandhu

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Has found some good form the past few games in particular with scores of 48 and 51.  Priced at only $41,200 he is worth a look for their DGW.

Glenn Maxwell

Embed from Getty Images

Looks like Maxi is back for us after a really slow start to the tournament.  He is bowling again and has started to get some runs too.  Depending on your structures, he is worth a look now to have him ready for the Stars DGW.

The High BE DGW Players

Embed from Getty Images

I am going to put a list of these guys all in one hit this round, as there are plenty.  Basically, any of the most obvious guys to bring in for this rounds DGW are almost certainly going to lose money.  And decent amounts too.  The likes of Ferguson, Klinger, Nair, Johnson, McCleneghan and Watson all have break evens over 100.  So it is a decision we need to make: do we take the cash hit for the points which may hurt us over the last few weeks, or do we take the points hit but hold more cash for the last few weeks.  Ponder we must.

Dwayne Bravo

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For owners you would have to look at trading him this week as it looks like he is about to bleed a heap of cash.  Of course, with only this round to play then his bye in round 8, if you can move on him now you probably should.  Then plan to get him back in a heap cheaper prior to the renegades DGW in the last round of the year.


The Incoming Players

As we know, with so many players now outgoing and going to miss what we would think is the rest of the series, we may need to look at who is coming in.  For a full list of ins and outs, have a look at last rounds article here.  Below is a list of players coming in and their pricing.

  • Shaun Marsh
    • Perth Scorchers Bat
    • $46,100
  • Nathan Lyon
    • Sydney Sixers Bowler
    • $88,000
  • Usman Khawaja
    • Sydney Thunder Bat
    • $113,600
  • Cameron Bancroft
    • Perth Scorchers Bat
    • $30,000
  • Joe Denly
    • Sydney Sixers Bat
    • $65,000
  • Carlos Braithwaite
    • Sydney Sixers Bat/Bowl
    • $81,700
  • Tim Bresnan
    • Perth Scorchers Bat/Bowl
    • $106,500
  • James Vince
    • Sydney Thunder Bat
    • $51,700


So that is it again for this round.  Any questions do not hesitate to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.  Good luck over the next four rounds.  I think we will all need it.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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