2016/17 NBA Real Dream Team – Same Player, New Home

Updated: October 24, 2016

On the eve of the 2016/17 NBA season, OTLS have taken a look at a few names that could feature heavily this season..These guys have all found themselves in new locker rooms. Does a new home mean increased output and helping you take that next step to NBA Dream Team glory? For those who are yet to join in a league, there are still places available in the OTLS competition on https://sportsdeck.com/au/nba/dreamteam – 411072.

Kevin Durant (Golden State – Small Forward) $13,890,000 – Potential Average 30-35 PPG – 2015/16 Average 32 (72 Games)

This is Golden State, right....?

This is Golden State, right….?

As the second highest priced player behind new team mate Steph Curry, there is a big question as to what will happen to his output in his new team. Given that he had to share the limelight with Russell Westbrook at OKC, we know he can still produce with a ball dominant guard. The big question is, can he still produce with a ball dominant guard, a gun spot up 3 point shooter in Klay Thompson and a high quality big man in Draymond Green.

He will still have some big numbers, and if this were a draft style game, would be a top 3 selection. What he won’t do though, is significantly increase his output over last year. In a salary cap game, spend the money if you wish, you won’t be sorry. There are, however, better value players out there who will give you more bang for your buck.

Dwayne Wade (Chicago – Shooting Guard) $8,030,000 – Potential Average 17-19 PPG – 2015/16 Average 18.49 (74 Games)

Guys, you spelt Chicago wrong!

Guys, you spelt Chicago wrong!

D Wade took umbrage with the way that Pat Riley and the Heat low-balled him during the off-season, so he took his talents back to his home city of Chicago. Over the latter period of his stellar career, he has become to be known as a bit injury prone. Last season, however, he did manage to get on the court for 74 games. This is the highest amount of games he has played since the 2010/11 season.

How will the move to the Windy City affect his output? His minutes have been on a steady decline over the last few years, and I would expect that to continue this year. Expect around 30 minutes per game, and if Fred Hoiberg decides to follow in his predecessors footsteps and play players into the ground, Wade will be lucky to play more than 50 games.

Jimmy Butler will still be the main offensive threat on the team, which could actually be good news for Wade. Butler will likely be the number 1 priority for the opposition defence, leaving Wade as the secondary scorer, which is where he is best at this stage of his career.

Dwight Howard (Atlanta – Centre) $10,000,000 – Potential Average 20-25 PPG – 2015/16 Average 23.04 (71 Games)

I wonder how Atlanta are going?

I wonder how Atlanta are going?

The only statistical category that Dwight Howard outdid his career average in last season was Field Goal %. Every other category was less than his career average. Will this continue at his new home with the Hawks? It will come down to if Coach Budenholzer can get him to buy into the philosophy that have made the Hawks an over achieving team the last couple of years. If Dwight is happy to play hard down low, block shots and rebound, then his stats should improve. If he decides that he wants to become an offensive centre, and pouts when he doesn’t get his way, well, expect his numbers to go as well as they did during his (very short) Lakers career.

Rajon Rondo (Chicago – Point Guard)  $10,050,000 – Potential Average 15-20 PPG – 2015/16 Average 23.15 (72 Games)

Psst Rudy, I'm going to be a Bull in 16/17..Mum's the word!

Psst Rudy, I’m going to be a Bull in 16/17..Mum’s the word!

Now at his 4th team in as many years, Rondo is looking to deliver on some of the promise he showed during his early years in Boston. The knock on Rondo the last few years has been more around his attitude in the locker room than his output on the court. Fred Hoiberg will be hoping that by pairing Wade and Rondo in the back court, some of Wade’s professionalism and team first attitude will rub off.

Victor Oladipo (Oklahoma City – Point Guard/Shooting Guard) $8,350,000 – Potential Average 15-20 PPG – 2015/16 Average 19.22 (72 Games)

mmmmmmm! Championship Ring!

I really hope Russ likes me.

Even though he might think so himself, Russell Westbrook can’t take ALL the shots for the Thunder this year. With KD leaving, Russ will be looking for a wingman, and expect Oladipo to fill that role. Obviously he won’t produce Durant level numbers, but he should get a lot of opportunity to show his stuff on his new team. Oladipo is great value for NBA RDT.

Written by – Jayden ‘Archie’ Keeler (@otlsarchie)

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