Life Time Awards

All Australian Team and Swanny Medal

The All Australian team Awards and Selection is done via a 3 2 1 voting system for every game of the year based on Fantasy scoring.  We take position into consideration but price or value has no bearing.  For example:-

  • If a defender scores 140 and a midfielder scores 150, we are more likely to give more votes to the defender as that is more valuable to us.
  • If a rookie defender scores 110 but in the same game a premium defender scores 112, the premium defender will still get the votes ahead of the rookie defender.

All votes are tallied and the All Australian Fantasy Team is put together and the Swanny Medal is awarded to the highest vote scorer overall.


All Australian Team

Swanny Medal



All Line Position Teams

The All Line Position Team Awards and Selection is done via a survey sent out to the media.  Each line they have the ability to nominate:-

  • 8 Defenders, 10 Midfielders, 4 Rucks, 8 Forwards
  • Fantasy MVP
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Pantheon All Time Inductee

Any player named then gets awarded 1 vote.  This is then tallied to select the all defensive, midfield, ruck and forward teams, as well as the second teams as well.


Line Position No1 Team

 Line Position No2 Team

Other Award Winners

Hall of Fame Inductees

Pantheon Inductee