Dream Team NBA Captain Options – Week 12

Updated: January 3, 2022

Week 11 wouldn’t have been as bad as the previous two if you had followed last week’s advice and captained Lebron. He had a stellar week, finishing with 185.  Plenty of other stars picked up the slack as well, even with just 3 games Giannis, Harden, Sabonis and Morant all exceeded 100.  Additionally, there were plenty of cheapies generating cash on the back of some big scores.  Omer Yurtseven, Jalen Smith, Hamidou Diallo, Aaron Wiggins and Coby White have thrived with extra playing time and you can target some of these players to generate some all important cash.   Keep tabs on the players returning, with quite a few players coming out of Health & Safety protocols. Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Toronto have all had plenty of players return over the past couple of days, so expect to see some of the cheapies to lose significant playing time on these teams.


We should all be close to removing all of our rookies off the court as well, particularly with the inconsistencies of so many popular picks.  There are still plenty of choices below $10M with plenty of upsides.  If you need to find a player in this price bracket, the likes of Saddiq Bey, Eric Bledsoe, Cameron Johnson and Desmond Bane are viable options.


On a side note, the eliminator starts this week, so extra incentive to get your team right!


Captaincy Considerations

Plenty of teams are playing 4 (or more) games this week, so this is the shortlist and if you have many of the below players, a score well in excess of 1000 won’t be a stretch (providing Covid outs are avoided!)


  • Rudy Gobert features again this week, as it’s hard to fault the Frenchman on his current form.  But this is his last 4 games week for 10 whole weeks, so this might have to be his swan song.


  • James Harden has returned to his best form, even with Durant back in the lineup he had 2 triples doubles this past week.  With 4 games in this week’s schedule and a couple of fantasy friendly opponents in the mix, The Beard will be a top performer again this week and 150+ is on the cards.


  • Lebron James’ past week was something to behold and even with 3 games this week, based on the same form he would go 130+.


  • Nikola Jokic should be back to 4 games this week after the Nuggets had to postpone a game due to a player shortage.  He is still well out in front on total and average fantasy points for the year and will continue to be a popular feature until something significantly changes


  • Ja Morant tonned up from just 3 games this week and the Grizzlies have 5 on the schedule this week, so at the very least I would be making Morant my number 1 trade in target this week


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo continues to pump out ridiculous numbers, 4 games this week will likely yield a 150+ score


  • Clint Capela has had to shoulder the extra burden with much of the Hawks’ front court rotation missing.  96 points from just 3 games last week should see a score of 120+ this week as 3 of the opponents are missing a significant chunk of their centre rotation with the Blazers, Lakers and Clippers all shorthanded in the middle.


Will’s Captain – Ja Morant

A combination of form and a well timed 5 week schedule makes Morant a left-field choice this week and a chance I’m taking to gain some ground in the rankings


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Written by Will Webber (@wjrwebber)

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