Dream Team NBA Captain Options – Week 2

Updated: October 25, 2021

Week 1 was to be as expected with some really nice performances from some key premos, but also some really disappointing outings with a couple of rookies and mid priced players that were targetted in my pre-season columns.  I take full responsibility for anyone who jumped on Kevin Porter Jr, he simply just did not produce and will be a pretty popular rage trade tonight (including yours truly).  


From last week’s shortlist, you would be largely happy with most of the options I put forward with Lebron being the worst of the bunch with a score of 81 from 3 games, but there were 3 of my selections in the top 5 scorers (Curry, Randle and Sabonis), so hopefully you were able to snag one of them.  Kevin Durant did surprise me a little with his massive output of 120, but he seems to be shouldering much of the load over Harden currently in the absence of Kyrie Irving and should be high on the agenda as a trade in target.

Captaincy Considerations

For week two, we have 17 teams with a 4 game slate, so we will have ample options to consider this week


  • Luka Doncic, a staple of the captaincy options last year will feature heavily again in 21/22.  4 games this week, with 3 at home, the opponent strength looks favourable as well for Luka with games against Houston, San Antonio, Denver & Sacramento.  I expect him to bounce back after Dallas really struggled with their home opener this past week which saw him sit a lot of the 4th quarter.


  • Kevin Durant can’t be ignored after the last performance and with 4 home games and no back to backs, you should feel very confident to at least bring in the Slim Reaper to your squad at the very least.  Can he continue his form?  Probably not at 40 fantasy points a game, but 30-35 should be what to expect going forward.


  • Domantas Sabonis will keep his slot here after a very nice round score of 103 in 3 games.  Domantas rarely seems to have bad games and should be in more than 12% of teams based on his schedule and fantasy output.  Book him in for 125+ this week.


  • Rudy Gobert pumped out 68 points from just 2 games this week and is ranked 8th on averages early doors so far this season.  Utah a primed to dominate the west again this year and I expect Rudy to continue his sold fantasy stats on the back of his dominant rebounding, blocking and FG% numbers.


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo started off really well in the first game against the Nets, but didn’t quite reach those fantasy numbers again from his other two games.  Not to fear (the deer), he will bounce back and push towards 35 fantasy points per game again.  3 home games this week will see a score looking up towards 130+ I’m willing to bet


  • Nikola Jokic still managed 85 points this past week from his two games and looks to be even more dominant this season whilst Denver are missing Jamal Murray for the foreseeable future.  With games this week against Cleveland, Dallas and Minnesota, there is ample opportunity for the Joker to go really big this week, 150 will not be a massive stretch.



Will’s Captain – Nikola Jokic

Hard to ignore the big man’s early season output.  If you let him slide last week, find a way to squeeze him in this week


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Written by Will Webber (@wjrwebber)

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