Zano’s Chart o’ Value – Round 10

Updated: May 28, 2021

After a week of will they, won’t they, where will they and where won’t they from the AFL, Zano finally got it all together and got the vlaue charts up and running.

AFL Fantasy

Lets start with AFL Fantasy.  Up first is the chart that is showing us which fallen premiums may have now bottomed out.


If you think that they are bouncing or going to bounce back, it is now time to get on Ridley BE 84, Maynard BE 73, Hunter BE 93, Sidebottom BE 100.  

On the other side of the equation we have a bit of time up our sleeves to watch players like Treloar, Duncan and Adams to drop in price when they get back from injury.


Based on cash generation it is time to start culling a lot of rookies.  Powell BE 107, Gulden BE 89, Warner BE 89, Scott BE 58 and Berry BE 48 have all started to go backwards in money so need to go.

At the other end there isn’t much there to jump on.  Reeves is the only cheaper guy with a BE of -2.  Outside of that options are limited.


Now onto the SuperCoach sheets.


You still have a chance to jump on Dusty this week with a BE of 51 if you havent already.  Ridley BE 79, Maynard BE 77, Petracca BE BE 96 and Sidey BE 97 are all looking to have bottomed out and also great options.


It is time to kiss goodbye to Scott, Powell, Burgess and Koschitke who have all started to drop money.  McNeil BE 61, Jordon BE 75, Warner BE 71 and Idun BE 65 have also all come close to maxxing out.

However this is where the issue begins.  The options to downgrade to our limited.  Our only real option is Weightman on the bubble with a BE of -70.   

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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