Zano’s Chart o’ Value – Round 9

Updated: May 20, 2021

Well after what is the third disaster round for the year, yes by my count we have now had 1/3 of all rounds considered disaster rounds, there is a lot of value floating through the market.

AFL Fantasy

Lets start with AFL Fantasy.  Up first is the chart that is showing us which fallen premiums may have now bottomed out.


It is now time to be jumping on Caleb Daniel BE 63 and Brayden Maynard BE 62 if you think the two defenders can turn their season around.

We can give a few players like Dustin Martin BE 92, Jake Lloyd BE 117, Steele Sidebottom BE 113 another week yet before needing to jump on them.


Powell BE 95, Gulden BE 89 and Warner BE 81 all need to go and probably go fast if you can.


Now onto the SuperCoach sheets.


It is now time if you already haven’t done so to jump on Dustin Martin BE 49, Caleb Daniel BE 60 and Brayden Maynard BE 59 if you can.  Jake Lloyd BE 120 and Max Gawn BE 146 can both wait a week at this stage.


It is time to say goodbye to the likes of Powell BE 106, Burgess BE 68 and Warner with a BE of 73.  Also keep a close eye on Koschitzke with his BE of 59 and Idun with a BE of 64.  Sadly there aren’t any rookies on the bubble this week to jump on to.  

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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