Zano’s Chart o’ Value – Round 8

Updated: May 12, 2021

So we are now about 1/3 of the way through the season and are looking to start to upgrade some of those juicy rookies we have but are still looking for as much value as we can get.  Well below are the charts o’ value for Round 9.

AFL Fantasy

Lets start with AFL Fantasy.  Up first is the chart that is showing us which fallen premiums may have now bottomed out.


Now is the time to jump on Hall if you haven’t already with a BE of 38.  Josh Kelly BE 83 and Caleb Daniel BE 75 have shown enough the past few weeks to jump on and be confident in.  Brayden Maynard BE 61 and Jordan De Goey BE 61 are there if desperate, but note that they are coming off playing North Melbourne.

Can hold a bit longer on Steele Sidebottom BE 122, Jordan Ridley BE 127 and Max gawn BE 148. 


It might be time to look at moving on players like Tanner Bruhn BE 46, Braeden Campbell BE 60, Harrison Jones BE 37, Erol Gulden BE 77 and James Rowe BE 45.


Now onto the SuperCoach sheets.


The best SuperCoach value at the moment lies with Aaron Hall BE 30, Jordan De Goey BE 6 if you need to take a real big risk, Caleb Daniel BE 41, Tom Mitchell BE 60 and Josh Kelly BE 64.  You still want to stay well clear of Max Gawn BE 228 and Lachie Whitfield BE 177.


It is now time to look to offload players like Chris Burgess BE 62, Jacob Koschitzke BE 60 and Chad Warner BE 74.  Of course Reilly Collier-Dawkins BE -45 and Ryan Byrnes BE -42 are almost must gets at this point with no other rookies really on the radar in the coming weeks.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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