Dream Team NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 20

Updated: May 3, 2021

It’s semi-final time in Dream Team NBA, and for those still playing, the Salary Cap won’t be a problem. The key point is to get as many of your players on the court as often as possible. Unfortunately, none of us are Nostradamus, so we can’t predict on a Monday evening who will be rested on a Saturday or Sunday. All we can look at is past history, and take an educated guess. It is also key to note which teams have already locked away Playoff spots, and which teams are still vying for a position in the play-in tournament.

We will start in the Eastern Conference, where Philadelphia and Brooklyn are the only teams to have locked in a playoff berth. At the other end of the scale, Orlando and Detroit are in full tank mode, having no chance of playing in the playoffs. Everyone else in between could still technically make – or miss – playoffs. Realistically though, it’s hard to see Toronto, Chicago and Cleveland making the playoffs. All other teams are still jostling for position, and trying to move up to 6th position so they don’t have to play in the playoff tournament. Teams who finish 7th-10th will compete for the last two spots in the playoffs.

In the Western Conference, Phoenix, Utah and the LA Clippers have clinched playoff spots, whilst Oklahoma, Minnesota and Houston have already been eliminated. Looking at the current standings, it’s also going to be tough for New Orleans and Sacramento to make the play-in tournament. I would question anyone using players from those teams already eliminated, with the possible exception of Karl-Anthony Towns from Minnesota.

Schedule Breakdown


Max Game Teams (9) – Indiana, Memphis, San Antonio

4 Game teams with no back to back games in Week 19 – none.

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

Header graphic by Corey Wade Media (@CSWMedia_)

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