Zano’s Chart o’ Value – Round 5

Updated: April 21, 2021

As Zano and Archie discussed on this weeks podcast, Zano has put together a few spreadsheets to find the best value picks currently out there and also to track where the rookies are at.

AFL Fantasy

Lets start with AFL Fantasy.  Up first is the chart that is showing us which fallen premiums may have now bottomed out.


As we can see it is time to be looking at jumping on players like Lachie Neale with a BE of 86, Adam Treloar BE 87, Andrew Gaff BE 86 and Riley O’Brien BE 82.


It is still early days of course to be looking at our first upgrades, however a few highly owned rookies like Braedan Campbell BE 49, Sam Berry BE 34 and James Rowe BE 34 are starting to and are close to maxing out. 


Now onto the SuperCoach sheets.


As you can see in the SuperCoach fallen premiums there is a big bag of possible lowly priced upgrade targets.  Riley O’brien BE 63, Lachie Neal BE 27, Adam Treloar BE 22, Lachie Hunter BE 12 and Brayden Maynard BE 11 are all possible players you could chase value out of if need be.


It really is still a week or two until we will see the rookies here plump up in full.  Harrison Jones has a BE of 31 and Braeden Campbell a BE of 53, but outside of that there doesn’t seem to be anything just yet to chase a downgrade target for.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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