Dream Team NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 16

Updated: April 5, 2021

We are now about 2/3 of the way through the Dream Team NBA season. Finals will be here sooner than we know it. It’s this time of year that is quite tough, as it the season is winding down, trade deadline is done and teams are resting players left, right and centre. AFL season has now kicked off and is in full swing, so for the most of us, that means our attention is split between the two sports.

All that being said, this year we have an added incentive to stay interested. For the first time ever, we have a prize for the winner – a cool $500 cash. Sure, it’s no Toyota, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. Second place receives $200 and 3rd-10th gets $75 each. So let’s have a look at where the Top 10 are currently sitting, and see if you have a shot at a prize. If you don’t, you might still be in the Eliminator, or looking at a League win.

There are a couple of things to look at here. The first is obviously the overall points. Very best case scenario is that you do everything right, and they do everything wrong, and you can make up 100-200 points a week. There are 6 weeks left in the game, and this year, the last week (Week 21) goes right through to Monday, so it is a full week. Best case scenario is that you make up around 1200 points. If you are more than 1200 points behind Jack in 10th place, you can probably say good bye to a cash prize. 

The other item of note is cash generation. There are two teams in the Top 10 with just over $150m in team value. As we know, cash is everything, and an extra $1-$2m can be the difference between the player you want, and the player you have to settle for. Sitting just outside the Top 10 is Mick, coach of MagicKd, who is sitting nicely on $155m. That extra $4m will make a big difference and should allow him to push up into the Top 10 with a few good trades. 

Good luck to all, and may your players not be rested!

Schedule Breakdown

Max Game Teams – Toronto (9)

Whilst Toronto has the most amount of games over the next 2 weeks, it will be the 8 game teams that make the difference. Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indiana, LA Clippers, Memphis, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Utah and Washington all play 4 games in each of the next two weeks.

There are 4 players from these teams who are averaging over 30Fppg – Luka Doncic, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kawhi Leonard and Nikola Vucevic. Of these 4, new Bull Vucevic is the most durable, having played 49 games for the season. He is the least likely to miss on back to back games. The decision at the centre position is going to be crucial. As well as Vucevic and KAT, sitting just below the 30Fppg mark is Rudy Gobert. He has been scoring very nicely recently, so it will be a touch choice.

Something else to take into account is that there are ZERO teams with no back to back games in Week 16. Chicago, Detroit, and Washington all play 4 games (or in Detroit’s case, 5 games) on the road this week. On the flip side Denver, LA Clippers and Oklahoma City all play 4 games in their home arena. Denver play Detroit, San Antonio x 2 and Boston, which would hardly strike fear into the heart of MVP candidate Nikola Jokic. Luckily, Jokic is PF eligible also, so you can still have both him, and one of the key centres.  

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

Header graphic by Corey Wade Media (@CSWMedia_)

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One Comment

  1. Mick

    April 6, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Solid article mate, Im mick (coach of MagicKd)
    Terrible start to the week with Harden going down after 4 minutes. Hopefully the other top guys all had him too

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