Dream Team NBA Captain Options – Week 15

Updated: March 29, 2021

Well, week 14 was rough, no disputing that.  If you captained Giannis, well that would just about finish your hunt this season for a top 10 prize.  The Greek Freak appeared twice for a measly 37 fantasy points this week.  Luka Doncic played one game for 12, Vucevic was traded and netted just 76, Lillard sat during the week added just 60.  With so many elite players out already, avoiding some of this carnage was near impossible, only 6 coaches scored about 1000; a stark contrast to week 13.


The trade deadline did throw up some changes across the league.  Not too many fantasy-relevant players were traded aside from Nikola Vucevic, whose role may not change a whole lot, but from the outside looking in, his numbers probably will drop slightly since the Bulls run their offence through Lavine and Vuc will now be second fiddle.  One candidate as a trade down option is  Robert Williams.  His production has been excellent for the last couple of weeks.  Theis was traded away and Thompson is still out due to covid protocols, at a shade under 9 million, coming off 104 points and with an 8 game fortnight; you could do a lot worse.  Plenty of new cash cows will become relevant now as more teams look to tank.  Keep eyes on players from Orlando, Houston, Detroit, Golde State and Minnesota for the potential cash grabs to top up the premos.



Captaincy Considerations

Another big week, with almost the whole league having a 4 game schedule.  From the 24 teams with 4 games, there are only 4 teams without back to backs in Boston, Chicago, Houston and Memphis.  The other factor is this continual need for ‘rest’ with NBA players.  There aren’t many guys who don’t rest and with the current injuries across the board, selecting the captain correctly could be make or break.


  • Luka Doncic will still get a mention here, he had two games off due to illness but isn’t listed on the injury report.  It is a 4 game road swing for them this week, but the Mavs have played well away from home this year and have some favourable matchups against the Thunder and Wizards during this stretch


  • Karl Anthony Towns was my pick last week and whilst he fell short of Jokic, his 122 was still a solid performance.  With games against the Nets and Grizzlies, he has two favourable match ups again this week and I’d anticipate him putting out another week of 120+.


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo had his worst week of the season, but I’m going with the theory that he will be well rested for the west coast round trip that the Bucks have this week.  With Jokic only playing 3 games, Giannis does go into this week as the top averaging player with 4 games.  Don’t let last week’s performance deter you.


  • James Harden is another player coming off a sub-par week.  He has a really juicy schedule this week, the only issue here will be if the Nets blow out their opponents – Twolves, Rockets, Hornets and Bulls.  3 of these games are at home and James is a player who doesn’t take time off.


  • Jonas Valanciunas has continued to provided consistent output and for that reason he is getting a mention this week.  No back to backs is a big help and with Memphis fighting for a playoff spot, I don’t see him as a rest candidate.  He has two games this past week against Gobert and held his own with 109 points.  A slightly more favourable schedule this week should see his score up to 120+.  The Rockets & Twolves do give up plenty and the big Lithuanian doesn’t need 35+ minutes to produce his numbers.


  • Rudy Gobert’s had his best weekly output in week 14.  Another favourable schedule should see more solid numbers.  There are plenty of options at the centre position and his ownership is just 1.6% and could be worth a punt to be a POD.


  • Zion Williamson continues to break all kinds of records for players under 21.  Just 3 games this past week and he had a massive 122 points.  Without Ball on the team, he has really thrived as he essentially has become the point forward for the Pelicans and everything goes through him.  A tantalising week with games against Atlanta, Houston and the Magic could mean massive numbers for former number 1 pick.


  • De’Aaron Fox gets his first nomination for captaincy considerations this week as well.  It’s hard to ignore his league best 157 points from last week.  The Kings season could very well hang in the balance this week as they play the Spurs twice who are a team that has to jump to make the playoffs.



Other potential candidates include Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Clint Capela, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard and Zach Lavine.



Will’s Captain – Zion Williamson

Though he technically won’t be my captain this week as I couldn’t squeeze him into my team, he should be yours!  The unmistakable form is just too hard to ignore, combined with his schedule, he just edges out Harden for the armband this week.




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Written by Will Webber (@wjrwebber)

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