Dream Team NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 11

Updated: March 1, 2021

Unlike previous years in Dream Team NBA, the schedule around the All-Star break in 2021 will be broken down into two single week fixtures. Before the dark days of COVID-19, the Fantasy schedule ran from the Tuesday (Australian time) before All-Star weekend to the Monday the week after. This generally meant that most teams played 5-6 games over this ‘week’. With the NBA only announcing the first half of the schedule before the season, Sportsdeck did not have the data to be able to do the same this year. 

This means that we now get two separate weeks of fixtures over the next fortnight. Week 11 stretches from Tuesday 2/3 to Friday 5/3. All-Star Weekend will occur from Saturday 6/3 to Monday 8/3, with Week 12 starting on Thursday 11/3. The NBA has released the schedule for the second half of the season, however Sportsdeck have yet to upload it into the Dream Team NBA platform. For now, I think it’s safe to run off the assumption that Week 12 will run from 11/3 and finish on Monday 15/3. Week 13 should see things get back to normal.

As previously mentioned, the second half of the NBA schedule was released, and with the first half of the season dogged by postponed games, there are many teams that have games to make up. To give you a bit of an idea as to which teams will play the most games post All-Star break, I have detailed the games remaining for each team in the table below. This is obviously assuming there are no further postponements this week.

So as you can see, both the Spurs and Grizzlies have a jam packed schedule. This should be a good thing, but with a fixture that tight, you have to expect that there will be some games lost due to rest, and also some ‘Schedule Losses’ where the teams are just too tired from a tough few days. That being said, keep an eye on Ja Morant and Jonas Valanciunas. Both are under-priced for what they can produce, and rightly so. They haven’t set the world on fire, but it is not of their own doing. Both have struggled with injury and COVID respectively this season, and are working their way back into top form.

On the flip side, the Clippers are the only team to have played every single one of their scheduled games in the first half of the season. I actually like this for the Clippers however, as with a less tightly packed schedule, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are more likely to play all games when they have a 4 game week. 

Schedule Breakdown


Max Game (6) Teams – New Orleans, Portland and San Antonio

Did someone say ‘Dame Time’?? 

Of the 3 teams that have the maximum games, Damian Lillard is the top averaging player. He has been huge with back court partner CJ McCollum out of the lineup, and there is no reason to think that won’t continue. 

Pelicans pair Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram are also having great seasons, especially recently. The star duo are both averaging over 24Fppg through the first 10 weeks. I also feel obligated to mention DeMar DeRozan. He is the highest averaging Spur, but is on my ‘never again’ list after burning me many times before. Then again, Zach LaVine was also on that same list, and he is currently in my team…….

If you are looking for some value picks, Dejounte Murray offers some short term value, with 4 Spurs players out of the rotation after testing positive to COVID-19. They will be out until at least the All-Star weekend, but possibly even longer depending on their recovery. This means increased minutes, increased usage, and consequently, increased Fantasy scoring. He should still be priced under $10m once lockout lifts, so will give you some good mid-range scoring.

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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