Dream Team NBA Captain Options – Week 10

Updated: February 22, 2021


Week 9 is done and dusted and as expected, the captaincy choices were plentiful and you’d be happy with the outcome if you chose Harden, Jokic or  Antetokounmpo.  Not so much if you brought in Leonard, who only played the 1 game or Curry who was a late out on Sunday morning’s televised game on SBS vs the Hornets.  Jokic’s teammate Jamal Murray had a fair week too, scored a career high 50 points and 154.  Joel Embiid wasn’t far away either, having also a career high and eclipsing 50 points for the first time he finished with 154.. Other massive scores came from Atlanta duo Clint Capela and Trey Young, who we identified as a trade-in target 2 weeks ago,  smashed out 141 each. 


Postponed games wreaked havoc in week 9 with the Spurs and Mavs missing all of their games, and the Rockets and Hornets missing a couple as well.  San Antonio isn’t scheduled to play another game until Thursday, so avoid any of their players this week.  No other team has been hurt too badly at this stage with every other team still scheduled to play at least 3 games.  The Wizards have 5 this week, which makes some of their players an interesting target.  Russell Westbrook has recently started playing back to backs again and these past weeks, he registered 3 triples doubles in each of his last 3 games and looks to be an interesting target as he recaptures some form from his Thunder days.  The all star break is closing in as well, Washington is the only team to have 7 games scheduled over the next 2 weeks, so even in the short term, Russ is definitely a viable target.


Captaincy Considerations

With 60% of the league playing 4 games or more this week, we have some choices to consider, but we’ll have to do so without the big 3 from last week with Antetokounmpo, Jokic, and Harden all only playing 3 games this week.


  • Lebron James doesn’t have AD to rely on for the next few weeks and he’s been handling a lot of the burden.  There aren’t many other fantasy threads on the Lakers and I would be looking to bring in the king this week if you have a luxury trade.  He nearly reached 100 this past week from 3 games, so expect him to go 120+.  


  • Karl Anthony Towns looks to be back to his usual self and you can safely add him back to your roster after missing a chunk of the season to date.


  • Bradley Beal is a viable option, (despite recommending a trade out by yours truly last week), 5 games this week is really hard to turn down, even if he just hits his average, it’s 150 points locked away.  


  • Luka Doncic should be very fresh after having no games this past week due to the combination of Covid and Texas’ horrendous weather.  He has a 4 game slate against some fantasy friendly opponents.  In the games he plays against Memphis and Brooklyn, I’d expect him to surpass 40 fantast points in each of those


  • Russell Westbrook is the cheapest of all the potential captaincy options and if you just can’t justify kicking out the likes of Giannis or Jokic to make room for Beal or Luka, Russ might just be your saving grace this week.  I’d be pencilling him in for 120+ this week.


Others worth considering as a POD-  Atlanta duo Trae Young and Clint Capela, Jason Tatum, Zach LaVine, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Pascal Siakam.

Will’s Captain – Bradley Beal

It’s too hard to ignore a 5 games slate, so I’ve brought Beal back into my team this week and slapping the captain’s armband on him.  I had some luxury trades to use after setting up my bench for cash cows the last couple of weeks.  The trade rumours haven’t diminished his output and have full confidence in his ability 


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Written by Will Webber (@wjrwebber)

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