Dream Team NBA Captain Options – Week 8

Updated: February 8, 2021

Another fantasy week has rolled around and by this stage we should be dwindling down our rookies off the field and generate cash off the bench.  Players like Luka, Jokic and Giannis are all obvious picks are must haves, but who are some other players we can utilise as PODs to try and move up in the rankings?  Here is a short list of players who can add some value-

Clint Capela– just 0.8% ownership and coming off a big week of 113.  Worth looking to bring him sooner than later.

Trae Young– only 3.4% ownership after a slow start, he has cracked the tonne in his last 3 weeks and is back to his usual form.

Enes Kanter– owned by a mere 0.6%, he has settled into the full time starting role in Portland and is priced below the premiums but giving very good output.

Rudy Gobert– another big with low ownership at 0.7%.  The stifle tower is back to his best form whilst Utah sits atop the west and a very worthy candidate.

Tobias Harris– comes in 1.8% ownership and Philly have been rolling of late.  Back to back strong weeks makes Harris worth a look if you can’t quite afford the premos about $12 million and need a little stepping stone to get there.


Captaincy Considerations

Of the top 10 fantasy players on season average, we have 5 players with 4 games this week.  Firstly, put a line through Karl Anthony Towns, he hasn’t returned to playing yet after contracting Covid-19, he will be a potential target in 2-3 weeks when he gets his conditioning back.  The other studs with games this week are Jokic, Doncic, Antetokounmpo and Beal with 4 game slates.  Each a very viable as an option, but lets dig a little deeper into the schedule to see who might have the more favourable matchups.

  • Jokic has 4 games at home this week and no back to backs, but 3 of the teams he is facing are in the top 10 for the least amount of fantasy points scored against by centers and the other game vs OKC has the chance to be a blowout.
  • Antetokounmpo’s slate has 4 road games this week, 3 of which are in the top 10 for the least amount of fantasy points score against by power forward and the other game is also vs OKC, so another potential blowout.
  • Beal has 3 homes games this week with no back to backs, which does tend to hurt his fantasy output slightly as Westbrook has been sitting out one of these games so far this season.  2 of his opponents are also in the top 10 defensively for fantasy points scored against for shooting guards
  • Doncic has 4 home games this week with no back to backs and a very favourable matchup schedule with Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans and Portland all in the top 10 for fantasy points scored against for point guards, 3 of which are in the top 5.

Others to consider would be Lillard, Westbrook, Lebron, and Drummond with their 4 game slates.

Based on the schedule and recent form, I will be selecting Luka Doncic as my captain this week, good luck this week!


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Written by Will Webber (@wjrwebber)

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