Dream Team NBA Schedule Analysis – Week 5

Updated: January 18, 2021

Best. Laid. Plans. Thanks Corona. It turns out this year, a new strategy needs to be invoked for Dream Team NBA. If this week has taught us anything, it is not to have too many players from a single team. If you had loaded up on Philadelphia or Boston players last week, it would have hurt you immensely. It would possibly have meant that you had to have players like Ben Simmons on the bench. Hypothetically. Definitely not me. Not that I’m bitter. Not at all. Ok, maybe I’m a little bitter.

Anyway, what this week has taught us is that even though one team might have a good schedule, it just takes one positive test to put that team out of action for multiple games. Week 4 saw 5 game weeks for both the 76ers and Pacers. The 76ers could barely put a team on the court, and even the Pacers had a game cancelled, not because one of their players tested positive, but because a team they were playing did not have enough players. Be very careful having more than one player from each NBA team on your court in case someone tests positive for the ‘Rona.

Schedule Breakdown

Max Game Teams – Brooklyn, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Golden State, Miami, Minnesota, Orlando, San Antonio, Toronto, Washington

Once again we are blessed with a heap of teams playing 8 games in the next two weeks. It will be interesting to see how the new ‘Big 3’ fit together in Brooklyn. Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden are all Fantasy beasts. Can they work together? Are there enough shots in Brooklyn to satisfy all 3? Who will be taking the shot in crunch time? How much have the share prices of ‘Adult Establishments’ in Brooklyn increased since Harden arrived? All very valid questions, and only time will tell.

Teams that are currently having issues with Covid – Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Phoenix, Miami and Washington. But who knows what this next week will bring!!

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Keeler’s Captain Choice – Nikola Vucevic (Orl)

Vucevic has been a scoring very nicely this season and has been flying under the radar. He averaged 28 Fppg over the first 3 weeks and has scores of 28, 21 and 49 in Week 4. Orlando don’t have any back to back’s in Week 5, and come up against New York, Minnesota (hopefully), Indiana and Charlotte. Assuming the Minnesota game goes ahead, the T-Wolves will be without Karl-Anthony Towns.

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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