LaHug’s Captains 2019 – Round 13

Updated: June 13, 2019

Captains for Cancer Council.

Please pledge funds to help fight cancer! Examples of ways you can help:
1.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug nails the top captain of the round.
2.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug’s POD cracks the 120 mark.
3.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug gets egg on his face and his number 1 scores under 100.
4.   Make a once off donation.

Did you know that this is the 9th year I’ve done this? I’ll continue to help with a smile and free of charge but, if you want to thank me, please donate to my charity efforts! Each week I will tell you some statistics on a player’s last 3 games, their last 3 against this week’s opponent, and their last 3 at this ground. I will also do a quick overview on my thoughts and have a guess at their score for this week. From all this, I’ll give you my top 5 captain choices for the week and a speicial POD choice.

We have a partial lockout this week for the Richmond vs. Adelaide game which means we can use the CAPTAINS LOOPHOLE!

How it works:

1.   Select a player from the Tigers or Crows as your VICE CAPTAIN.
2.   For now, set your captain to someone worthy of captaincy in another game in case you forget to change it.
3.   IF your VC scores really well, sub a non-playing player onto the field and set them as captain (super easy with the byes).
4.   Make sure you have an emergency in the position of your non-playing captain (if you’re lucky enough to have one)!

The facts & thoughts:

Matt Crouch
Last 3: 117, 53, 120 (97 avg)
Last 3 against Richmond: 117, 33, 124 (91 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 117, 53, 120 (97 avg)

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Super slim pickings this week and Crouch pretty much has to be your VC if you have him (if not, just pick any Tiger or Crow in AF). I don’t think he’ll score enough to loophole though. Prediction – 110

Zach Merrett
Last 3: 102, 117, 125 (115 avg)
Last 3 against Hawthorn: 134, 64, 129 (109 avg)
Last 3 at Docklands: 125, 143, 99 (122 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Merrett’s about to face Hutchings and de Boer in back-to-back weeks so here’s the last chance to give him the captaincy for a couple of weeks. He’s pretty good against the Hawks and under the roof. Prediction – 125

Nat Fyfe
Last 3: 122, 120, 74 (105 avg)
Last 3 against Port: 67, 116, 95 (93 avg)
Last 3 at Perth: 120, 111, 124 (118 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Fyfe’s good scoring continued up until his week off and will probably continue afterwards. He’s been great at home so should do well against Port. Prediction – 120

Travis Boak
Last 3: 125, 80, 110 (105 avg)
Last 3 against Fremantle: 88, 99, 91 (93 avg)
Last 3 at Perth: 79, 88, 98 (88 avg)

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Boak was great in China as predicted and should be good again this week despite what the numbers say. Remember, this is a new year for Boak. Prediction – 110

Patrick Cripps
Last 3: 151, 63, 88 (101 avg)
Last 3 against Bulldogs: 93, 104, 112 (103 avg)
Last 3 at Docklands: 151, 88, 111 (117 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Cripps bounced back huge against the Lions with a big 151. Hopefully not too many traded him out after his poorer weeks. Against the Doggies earlier this year, he looked the goods at half time before running out of puff. If he can play out the game this week, he should be good. Prediction – 115

Josh Kelly
Last 3: 128, 140, 135 (134 avg)
Last 3 against North: 119, 67, 48 (78 avg)
Last 3 at Hobart: 119 (119 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Kelly is in some very fine form and is probably the must have player in fantasy. I don’t have him, of course, but still have to recommend him for captaincy again this week. Prediction – 130


Jack Macrae
Last 3: 69, 77, 109 (85 avg)
Last 3 against Carlton: 100, 124, 145 (123 avg)
Last 3 at Docklands: 77, 99, 100 (92 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

While everyone’s going for the obvious Fyfe and Cripps picks, why not make the guy with a rolling average of 85 your C? Everyone will be scared off by the consecutive sub-80s and the 100 flat against the Blues earlier in the year. Hopefully your opponents won’t notice the 124 and 145 he’s scored against the Blues in recent history. Potential – 140

The verdict:

1.   Josh Kelly (130)
2.   Zach Merrett (125)
3.   Nat Fyfe (120)
4.   Patrick Cripps (115)

Who's your captain?

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Written by William Huggett (@LaHugDT).

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