LaHug’s Captains 2019 – Round 3

Updated: April 3, 2019

Captains for Cancer Council.

Please pledge funds to help fight cancer! Examples of ways you can help:
1.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug nails the top captain of the round.
2.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug’s POD cracks the 120 mark.
3.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug gets egg on his face and his number 1 scores under 100.
4.   Make a once off donation.

Did you know that this is the 9th year I’ve done this? I’ll continue to help with a smile and free of charge but, if you want to thank me, please donate to my charity efforts! Each week I will tell you some statistics on a player’s last 3 games, their last 3 against this week’s opponent, and their last 3 at this ground. I will also do a quick overview on my thoughts and have a guess at their score for this week. From all this, I’ll give you my top 5 captain choices for the week and a speicial POD choice.

We have a partial lockout this week for the Adelaide vs. Geelong game which means we can use the CAPTAINS LOOPHOLE!

How it works:

1.   Select a player from the Crows or Cats as your VICE CAPTAIN.
2.   For now, set your captain to someone worthy of captaincy in another game in case you forget to change it.
3.   IF your VC scores really well, sub a non-playing player onto the field and set them as captain.
4.   Make sure you have an emergency in the position of your non-playing captain!

Note: This has risks if there are any late withdrawals as you won’t have cover.

The facts & thoughts: 

Rory Sloane
Last 3: 110, 144 (127 avg)
Last 3 against Geelong: 111, 76, 134 (107 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 144, 93, 106 (114 avg)

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Sloane loves to play the Cats and has a very handy ceiling. Despite a huge victory last week, the Cats still let Oliver, Brayshaw, and Viney score 130, 121, and 115. Should be good for Sloane and the Crows mids. Prediction – 125

Matt Crouch
Last 3: 101, 132 (117 avg)
Last 3 against Geelong: 94, 122, 110 (109 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 132, 136, 134 (134 avg)

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Less prolific than Sloane so far but Crouch is another good VC option. A free hit for a guy that’s gone 132, 136, 134 in his last three at home? Yes please. Prediction – 125

Patrick Dangerfield
Last 3: 134, 103 (119 avg)
Last 3 against Adelaide: 151, 121, 112 (128 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 151, 109, 121 (127 avg)

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Enter Dangerfield. He loves playing his old side and scored a massive 151 against them in Adelaide last year. You’ve gotta back him in on those numbers. Prediction – 130

Patrick Cripps
Last 3: 116, 101 (109 avg)
Last 3 against Sydney: 57, 117, 140 (105 avg)
Last 3 at Docklands: 120, 104, 118 (114 avg)

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If your VC flops, Cripps feels safe for a ton each week. Ceiling is good but rare and probably won’t come out against the Swans. Prediction – 105

Jake Lloyd
Last 3: 127, 126 (127 avg)
Last 3 against Carlton: 88, 77, 104 (90 avg)
Last 3 at Docklands: 126, 94, 100 (107 avg)

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You might as well pencil in a 120+ every week until Horse Longmire realises that setting up every attack from defence is a shocking strategy for modern footy. Lloyd loves his role and his owners do too. Prediction – 125

Stephen Coniglio
Last 3: 50, 161 (106 avg)
Last 3 against Richmond: 111, 90, 107 (103 avg)
Last 3 at Showgrounds: 161, 94, 98 (118 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

I was wrong last week. I was sure that the Eagles would prefer to tag the damaging Whitfield, the same way they tagged Sidebottom in last year’s Grand Final, so I felt Coniglio was safe. Fortunately, the Tigers don’t tag and look very soft right now. Expect him to bounce back. Prediction – 110

Lachie Neale
Last 3: 146, 91 (119 avg)
Last 3 against Port: 92, 100, 97 (96 avg)
Last 3 at Gabba: 91, 108, 52 (84 avg)

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Neale was great last week and will get 40+ touches multiple times this year. I wouldn’t be picking him this week though with mediocre history against Port, a team that kept Melbourne’s mids very quiet just two weeks ago. Prediction – 100

Tom Rockliff
Last 3: 115, 166 (141 avg)
Last 3 against Brisbane: 78 (78 avg)
Last 3 at Gabba: 77, 123, 93 (98 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

The 166 was fantastic and the 115 looked good too. That said, the 115 would have been another 160+ had Carlton not thrown a tag at Rocky in the second half. He scored 36 across two quarters and is every chance to get some attention from his old side if they want to curb his influence. Too much risk. Prediction – 95

Adam Treloar
Last 3: 152, 125 (139 avg)
Last 3 against West Coast: 115, 61, 114 (97 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 152, 125, 115 (131 avg)

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I’d love to say that Hutchings will definitely go to Sidebottom this week but I think I have to keep it at probably… Assuming he doesn’t, Treloar should be good again here. Prediction – 120

Jack Macrae
Last 3: 124, 107 (116 avg)
Last 3 against Gold Coast: 151, 93, 95 (113 avg)
Last 3 at Docklands: 107, 124, 118 (116 avg)

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Macrae had a huge 151 against the Suns last year and is always good for a ton at Docklands. Lock him in for a safe floor and a great ceiling. Prediction – 125

Nat Fyfe
Last 3: 119, 103 (111 avg)
Last 3 against St Kilda: 106, 89, 99 (98 avg)
Last 3 at Perth: 103, 57, 36 (65 avg)

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Fyfe has been good this year without setting the world on fire. Assuming he’ll be good again this week as he leads from the front. Prediction – 110


Max Gawn
Last 3: 113, 68 (91 avg)
Last 3 against Essendon: 135, 61, 146 (114 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 68, 104, 92 (88 avg)

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Just the fact that Max burned so many people in Round 1 makes him a POD at this point in the season. He’s been very good against the Bombers in the past and they’re not looking fantastic right now. Potential – 140

The verdict: 

1.   Patrick Dangerfield (130)
2.   Matt Crouch (125)
3.   Jake Lloyd (125)
4.   Jack Macrae (125)
5.   Rory Sloane (125)

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