The Rolling Lockout

Updated: February 22, 2019

Now with the norm across the industry that most formats of Fantasy Sports including BBL, NBA, NBL, NFL, Premier League, Tennis and Horse Racing, to name but a few, are running with rolling lockouts, the bulk of the AFL formats, namely SuperCoach, Dream Team and most Draft leagues, have now followed suit. This begs the question to those that haven’t really used rolling lockouts before: how do you best manipulate this to your advantage?

So what is a rolling lockout?

Lets start at the beginning, what exactly is a rolling lockout? It is quite a simple concept to understand and I think most of us probably already understand exactly what it is, but lets define it anyway.

A rolling lockout allows you to move and change any settings on players, whether that be off or onto the bench or captain and vice captain settings, up to the point that the team they play for starts their first game. This also includes trading in and trading out of players.

So basically it allows you to have two digs at things such as bench players or captain choices.

Understanding what can catch you out

There are three main things that you need to be very aware of when looking to use a loophole.

  1. You have to be able to check and make changes for possibly every single game of the round. Or at least be aware which games are going to affect any loophole options that you have decided to use and monitor them closely.
  2. Plan your trades, but don’t make them if you need to wait and see. Once trades have been made in a group of trades, even if the players involved in that individual trade haven’t been locked out, you cannot reverse ANY trades at all. However, if you haven’t made a trade yet you can still trade in or out players that are yet to be locked out. This is the biggest catch for those new to loopholing.
  3. You can only loophole if you have a player that isn’t playing. So early on in the season your preference is to not even bother with a loophole as, if possible, you want a full list playing. Without that non playing player a loophole isn’t an option. However it does become more relevant as the season goes on.

Loopholing a Captain

This is a simple process and is something I am sure most of us are used to as we have all used it before. But to put it quite simply, you select a Vice Captain that will play before a Captain option. As long as the VC plays prior to the C you can use the VC score to loophole.

The way you do this is move a non playing bench player onto the field for any player still to play FROM THE SAME LINE, put the C on the non playing player, make sure that the player from the field you have moved to the bench is your ONLY emergency on that line and leave the VC on the player that you want to take as your captains score.

What this allows is your C won’t play, so you will get the VC as your effective captain score. Then as that player now carrying the C didn’t play, you will also get the emergency score for the player that you moved to the bench that you made your emergency.

Loopholing a Bench Player

Loopholing a bench player tends to be a touch easier than loopholing a captain. But the concept and theory is exactly the same.

You need to put the emergency on a bench player that will play early in the round. Then, should that bench player score well you move one of your on-field players to the bench a non playing player.

Of course, there are a few things that you need to look out for here. Firstly you need to make sure that you have a non-playing player on the bench as we have discussed. Secondly, both the player that you are moving off your field and the non-playing player that you are moving onto your field need to play after the player that is your emergency loophole has played.

Hopefully that helps those that have never used a rolling lockout before. It is all about planning and managing your team as a game by game prospect rather than the week to week prospect you see in a fixed lockout.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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