BBL Supercoach Break Evens – Round 3

Updated: December 27, 2018

Well, what a disaster round 2 was for us.  Well for some of us at least.  Now that it is over we can all start to plan how we are going to either get out of the hole we have dug ourselves, or look to how we can move further ahead if you are in the mix.  As we will be doing for the entire season, here are the break evens for SuperCoach Round 3.

Break Evens

What we have done is worked out – roughly – what the most relevant Break Evens may be going into this round.

Now for the disclaimer: these are not perfect as we do not know the exact formula.  However, we do believe we have it close enough to give us a good idea of what a players’ Break Even may be.  Do not use these as 100% correct, they are to be used as a guide to help you with trading.  Of course there are still other factors to consider, but this is one worth considering too.

The Most Relevant

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With both the Hurricanes and Sixers having a Double Game Week, there is a plethora of trade options available.  These include Curran, Philippe, O’Keefe, Abbott, Dan Hughes, Archer, Bailey, Wade, Faulkner, McDermott, Dwarshuis and Darcy Short.  The most likely targets here would include Curran, O’Keefe, Abbott, Hughes, Archer and Short.  But also beware as the Hurricanes have a bye in Round 4.  Of course, there is always an opportunity to get Philippe on the ground who has shown enough for us should he be stashed on your bench somewhere.

The Bye Team

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With the Strikers having their first bye, and the Heat players still clearly getting over a huge Christmas period being given 2 rounds off in a row, it is time to move these players on.  You should probably not have any Heat players at this stage anyway, but if you have had to sit on the likes of Cutting, Rahman, Lynn, Steketee or McCullum, now is a chance to make amends.  Of course the likes of Khan, Matt Short, Stanlake, Carey, Laughlin, Neser or Ingram will also need to be moved on should you have any from the Strikes DGW.

So that is it again for this round.  Any questions do not hesitate to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.  Good luck over the next four rounds.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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