Fallen Premiums: Best Value Picks Round 11

Updated: May 30, 2018

We are now 10 rounds into the season, a season we can only call ‘The Year of the Under Performing Premium’.  Merrett, Crouch, Hibberd, Parker, Kelly, Dangerfield, Buddy, Crouch, Adams, Jacobs and of course Billings, to name but a few.

So there is only one question that we need to ask ourselves: has this become the norm for these premiums, or is it all just a blip on the radar?  In fact, that is the million dollar question!

Before we can even begin to try and make a prediction on that, we of course need to know why their scoring has been so poor: change of role, injury, just a form slump, …  There are 50 reasons why this could be the case.  Once we know that, we can make educated guesses as to what we think they may do the remainder of the year.  The only thing that matters from this point forward is what do you think they will score the rest of the year.

Once we have those predictions, it is possible to do some rough numbers to work out how under priced a player is.  Complicated, but possible.  But don’t worry, we have done most of the work for you.  Just remember though. these numbers are only a guide and not exacts and of course the predicted average from here is only an educated guess at best.

Below we have all the numbers based on what we think these players could average the rest of the season. Do we think they will all average that?  Put simply, nope. But they ‘could’ average that.  Scroll around to have a look at the data.

So now the part over to you. As we said earlier, we have done most of the work for you. But not all of it. Those predicted averages are only an opinion, and a pretty loose opinion at that. So you can download the file above and place in your own predictions. Again, there are no exacts in these calculations, but you will get an idea of what they could offer you.

So that is it really. Hopefully this will help you make some decisions, especially with the byes around the corner, on where the best value may lie.

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Written by Zane Scheffner @OTLSZano

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