AFL Supercoach Captain’s Talk – Round 8

Updated: May 10, 2018

Greetings one and everyone!
With the ever elusive bye rounds fast approaching, the rookies are on the chopping block with many already reaching their Break Even plateau. Finlayson (GWS) and English (WB) are the top rookies already traded out so far. But what I can’t understand is people who have traded out Holman. The guy is averaging 70 and his BE is 63… if he breaks 60 regardless, his BE will go down to about 30…
People who don’t know how to math these days…

I’ve gotten some good feedback about the slight change to my articles so I hope you all like it because I might just keep it this way for a while!

Those who decided to put the VC on Macrae were not disappointed as the new #1 ranked player in SC dominated with the biggest score of the year so far, 189.
Zorko bounced back from some absolutely horrible form with a classy 164.
And just I said last week that he was so cold he was passing ice cubes, JPK proves me wrong with a 151.
Let’s see who is on the table for observation this week!

Literally on Fire
N. Fyfe (Frem) – SC Projected: 125

Current Avg: 123.3 (Rank: 5)
Last 3 Games: 151, 114, 142 (Avg: 135.7)
Best score vs. St Kilda: 102 (Round 19, 2014)
10 K, 8 HBs, 6 Mrk, 5 Tckls, 2 Goals.
It is weird to think that a player such as Nat Fyfe has never scored well against St Kilda. That could also be due to the fact that in the last 8 years he has only played St Kilda 6 times and only twice in the last 4 years.
But Fyfe is on a roll and even when Fremantle are not going so well, Fyfe can still get a lot of ball.
Although I don’t like one stat of Fyfe’s when he is on a roll. His clanger stat.
Fyfe is currently leading the entire league in clangers. He is averaging over 6 per game. A total of 43 clangers in 7 games with his nearest rival being Sidebottom at 36. If Fyfe can clear up that side of his game, his score will only improve.
Considering a clanger is normally worth -4, that’s 24 points that Fyfe is wasting on the people who own him.
I know that clangers are a part of the game, but c’mon Fyfe!

J. Sicily (Haw) – SC Projected: 117

Current Avg: 112.8 (Rank: 117)
Last 3 Games: 110, 123, 145 (Avg: 126.0)
Best score vs. Sydney: 97 (Round 19, 2017)
16 K, 10 HBs, 14 Mrk.
Why does Sicily have to keep getting suspended? Apart from his one bad game against Geelong where he scored 61, he doesn’t seem to want to be stopped! His other 4 games scoring at or above 110 means he is almost too far in form.
If we are going to continue looking at stats for this week, Sicily is 2nd in the competition for average metres gained per game (behind Adelaide’s Seedsman). Someone who is versatile in all areas of the ground, Sicily has been a beacon of light for the Hawks as now we finally have someone to VC that isn’t Mitchell!
Although he is currently ranked 5th in Turnovers per game, guess who is #1 for that particular stat? Yep. Mitchell.
At the rate he is going, Sicily might even just take over from Mitchell as the #1 SC ranked player for the Hawks. We will just have to wait and see how the two of them go for the rest of the year.

Oh look it’s a penguin! Oh, wait. No. It’s a Supercoach player who’s gone cold.
D. Martin (Rich) – SC Projected: 115

Current Avg: 114.1 (Rank: 10)
Last 3 Games: 91, 88, 87 (Avg: 88.7)
Best score vs. North Melb: 168 (Round 5, 2011)
26 K, 7 HBs, 7 Mrks, 4 Goals.
There are some things that I don’t like about this game. One of them is when your player could be having a great game and then you realise that he is only on 20 SC at half time due to not having enough Contested Possessions or their efficiency might be down or they have had a few extra turnovers/clangers/frees against and that puts their score down… sometimes it’s just not fair.
Dusty is currently owned by 61% of all owners. Those owners that don’t have him are now licking their lips and waiting for his price to bottom out, which honestly won’t be long.
For the man who is ranked 1st in Total Inside 50s, 1st in Score Involvements and 2nd in Total Centre Clearances, you would think that he would have enough capabilities to keep his score about 100. Unfortunately, thanks to his efficiency and lack of contested possessions last week, his score didn’t come tumbling down but it’s just not enough from the current brownlow medalist.

S. Sidebottom (Coll) – SC Projected: 106

Current Avg: 101.4 (Rank: 27)
Last 3 Games: 91, 71, 94 (Avg: 85.3)
Best score vs. Geelong: 148 (Round 22, 2015)
16 K, 9 HBs, 7 Mrks, 2 Goals.
It is kind of upsetting to see Sidebottom is on this list after Collingwood has tasted a mixture of success. In fact, it’s just like I said with Dusty, some things about this game I just don’t like.
Sidebottom amassed 34 disposals last week along with 6 marks… and he scored 94.
I understand this game’s scoring system is complicated and I do enjoy watching these scores go up and down with fluidity but with Sidebottom it was different.
¼ Time: 10 Disp – 18 SC
½ Time: 17 Disp – 41 SC
¾ Time: 24 Disp – 67 SC
Full Time: 34 Disp – 91 SC
For a team that was constantly fighting to keep themselves in the lead, you would think that his score wouldn’t look like he scored the bulk of it in junk time.
The pies only won by 7 points and Sidebottom did not have a bad game by any means, but I feel as though if he gotten 60 disposals, he still wouldn’t have cracked 100.

The rookie who could turn into a legend
T. Kelly (Geel) – SC Projected: 136

Current Avg: 101.1 (Rank: 29)
Last 3 Games: 73, 106, 115 (Avg: 98.0)
Best score vs. Collingwood: N/A
This isn’t really a case of “are you going to Captain him” this is more a question of “when do we move him on?”
I know that his score will plateau soon enough and he will start to dip in price, but every time it seems that he doesn’t want to score, he will have a purple patch of 15 mins and double his score.
As was the game against GWS where he was lingering on 64 and I personally thought that he was doing ok but he wasn’t going all that great. All of a sudden, 5 disposals in a short period of time with 2 clearances and a goal assist to put him at 87.
Kelly could very well be in the running for a Brownlow chance in the next few years. I will almost guarantee that he has sewn up the Rookie of the Year by now if he hasn’t already done it from the first few rounds.
But the question still remains, at the end of the day if Kelly continues to keep climbing and manages to become the #1 scorer at the cattery… do we move him on?
(Leave a comment to suggest what you will do with Tim Kelly)

Solid Recommended Seal of Approval:
VC on Gawn

There is no point in sugar coating this. Gawn should be either in Blue or Orange for the rest of the season. Over two thirds of the entire Sueprcoach competition have Gawn in their team and it is hard to see why the other third doesn’t follow suit.
The last time Gawn travelled to Qld to play the Suns, he scored 174.
I don’t know why I feel the need to explain why Gawn should be captained virtually every week but there are some people out there who are going to demand an explanation. So here is a very simple fact.
Gawn’s lowest score this year is 97. It is his only score this year under 116. Think about that. His 2nd lowest score would be the 9th highest average of the entire season in Supercoach.
The score of 97 is higher than Dusty’s last 3 rounds (who most people Captained last week) and that score of 97 came in Round 2.
Gawn is an absolute monster and it is unfortunate that he will most likely be overlooked for the Brownlow. He is truly the master of the ruck and will reclaim the throne of #1 Ruck in Supercoach.
If you don’t have Gawn in a suit, whether VC or C, I don’t know what else to say to you.
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