Team of Origin – Adelaide Crows

Updated: April 28, 2018

Everyone knows the rules behind State of Origin. It’s unlikely ever to happen again, so what if we take an even more unbelievable premise and see what happens.

Team of Origin is pretty straight forward. The idea is that every player is sent back to the club that originally drafted them. What would that team look like, and how would they perform?

A couple of quick notes, this assumes that Dumbledore has waived his magic wand across the AFL, and everyone is magically 100% healthy. A player also does not need to have played for their original team to qualify. It is simply who drafted them first.

Adelaide Crows

First up in this series are the mighty Adelaide Crows.


The first thing that jumps out when looking at the Crows, is that they really don’t like drafting rucks! Regular rucks Sam Jacobs (Carlton) and Josh Jenkins (Essendon) are unavailable, which leaves the number 1 ruck role to 22 year old Reilly O’Brien. The back up Ruck would be, ummm, Walker?, McGovern?, Lever?. Maybe Gunston? Who knows. Richmond won a premiership last year with Shaun Grigg as their number 2 Ruck so it may not even matter!

Luckily for Windscreens O’Brien, it doesn’t matter if he gets smashed in the centre circle. The midfielders he has around him are more than capable of reading opposition hit outs. This is a Rolls Royce midfield. Dangerfield and Sloane, along with the Crouch brothers would intimidate any opposition midfield. Throw in Jarryd Lyons, who is finally starting to show his potential on the Gold Coast, and Ed Curnow as the accumulator, and you have one of the best midfields in the competition.

Forward Line

Up forward we have gone with a 3 tall structure with Tex Walker, Jack Gunston and young gun Mitch McGovern. Tex would be the primary target, with McGovern and Gunston providing contests and bringing the ball to the ground. Once it hits the ground, speedster Charlie Cameron would swoop in for the crumbs. Given Eddie Betts is now playing for Carlton, the pocket at Adelaide Oval also needs renaming – Cameron Corner?

Back Line

The backline also looks very solid. Phil Davis left the Crows for GWS as a young key position prospect, and returns as a veteran full back capable of anchoring the back-line. It would be an interesting change room when Jake Lever walks back in – oh to be a fly on the wall for that moment. I’m going to say after a bit of push and shove between Lever and Walker in match simulation at training, and potentially a couple of rounds in the boxing ring, they put their differences aside for the sake of the team……. maybe.

Rory Laird would remain the distributor across half-back, providing the link up between the back and forward half. Brodie Smith is a beneficiary of the Dumbledore magic wand, and is just happy to be out playing again.


After a tight vote from the players and coaches, Tex Walker remains as captain, despite some rumblings of unrest from the playing group. Phil Davis is his vice captain following his experience as the inaugural co-captain of the GWS Giants. Rory Sloane and Patrick Dangerfield join them in the leadership group.


All in all, this is a very powerful team. The question will be whether they are able to gel as a team, and put past differences aside for the betterment of the team. Definitely a top 8 team, and premiership contender.

Ladder Prediction – Top 4

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

Header graphic by Corey Wade Media (@CoreySWade)

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