AFL Supercoach Captain Predictions – Round 5

Updated: April 19, 2018

Greetings one and everyone!
Week two of the flu. Doesn’t seem there is any end in sight. I apologise for the lateness of this article as well. Apparently, giving a week notice of you being bedridden isn’t enough time to find a replacement for someone to cover your shifts for work
Anyway, onto business!

THANKS A FREAKING BUNCH MITCHELL. You made me look like a mug last week for saying that I should title the article “Why you should Captain Mitchell in 4 easy steps.”
My future thinking brain has not been going well this season so far… let’s see if I can change my fortune.

Last Week:
L. Ryan (Frem)
Pred: 126. Scored: 51
Z. Tuohy (Geel)
Pred: 116. Scored: 91
T. Mitchell (Haw)
Pred: 161. Scored: 90
J. Macrae (WB)
Pred: 135. Scored: 103
S. Coniglio (GWS)
Pred: 128. Scored: 116
M. Gawn (Melb)
Pred: 137. Scored: 112
J. Riewoldt (Rich)
Pred: 142. Scored: 88
J. Kennedy (WC)
Pred: 132. Scored: 105
A. Treloar (Coll)
Pred: 79. Scored: 120

If anyone put the Captaincy on Parfitt for his huge 168, then I say kudos to you sir. Then I will also say WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!


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E. Yeo (WC) – SC Projected: 101
Last Game: 150
Last Score vs. Carl (H): 97 (22 Disp, 6 Marks – R21, 2017)
After a few thousand people traded out Yeo from their team, he turns around and scores a tonne and a half. That is the mark that Yeo has left on Round 4, but now we turn to Round 5 with another team currently anchored to the bottom of the ladder in the way of the fast rising West Coast outfit.
Yeo has been known in previous years to get on a good run after he scores a huge number. Let’s see if that trend will continue.
Prediction – 124

Possible Loophole

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R. Laird (Adel) – SC Projected: 108
Last Game: 129
Last Score vs. Sydney (A): 63 (21 Disp, 5 Marks – R18, 2015)
This is a pretty big question to ask, but… Is Rory Laird the best defensive player in the AFL right now? Not even from a Supercoach level… I mean, in general.
All of that might be answered this week against the Swans. After a thrilling victory against the Dogs last week, the Swans will want to capitalise on their success with a big victory over a depleted Crows outfit. However, Laird is what stands in their way.
Judging by how Laird has stepped up to the plate in previous weeks, look for Laird to have another monster score.
Prediction – 128


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T. Mitchell (Haw) – SC Projected: 130
Last Game: 90
Last Score vs. North Melb (A): 109 (30 Disp, 4 Marks, 4 Tckls, 6 Clears – R22, 2016) [Plyd for Sydney]
Mitchell got the hard tag last week and only managed to get a poultry 24 disposals. Against the Kangaroos, I will suspect a huge change will come.
So although his BE is 160, I am gambling that he will eclipse that score by a good margin for the hopes of his owners.
His highest supercoach score came against the Kangaroos when Mitchell was at the Swans (178 if you wondered what it was).
This could be the highest Supercoach score of the year.
Prediction – 181

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S. Sidebottom (Coll) – SC Projected: 117
Last Game: 138
Last Score vs. Essendon (H): 106 (26 Disp, 7 Marks, 6 Tckls – R16, 2017)
I know that the Anzac clash is a big deal to most but the last time Sidebottom went drastically huge was against the depleted Essendon side in 2016 when he scored 166. I do not think he will be able to achieve that level in this game, but he should be able to amass a large disposal count and steer himself to another premium level performance.
Prediction – 129


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M. Gawn (Rich) – SC Projected: 122
Last Game: 112
Last Score vs. Richmond (A): 160 (18 Disp, 7 Marks, 4 Tckls, 47 HOs, 2 Goals – R5, 2016)
Although it is understandable to take that score of 160 with a grain of salt, that score is the only score that Gawn has made against Richmond in the last 3 years. But it is notable that Richmond did not have their current ruck Nankervis in the line up. It should be a good battle to behold but Gawn has stepped up on the Anzac weekend before, let’s see if he can do it again.
Prediction – 130


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T. Lynch (GC) – SC Projected: 118
Last Game: 67
Last Score vs. Brisbane (A): 101 (14 Disp, 6 Marks, 4 Goals – R4, 2016)
After the dismal score that Brisbane put on last week, you cannot deny that you would put all of yours eggs into one basket and go for Gold Coast this week. After the worst performance that I have ever witnessed from an AFL team in the Brisbane Round 4 game, Gold Coast need to take this opportunity by the throat and shake as many points out of this as they can. Who better to do that, than their goal kicking powerhouse Tom Lynch. I’m going to put a fiver on him to kick a bag. It might be a waste of $5, but you know what, if it means more points for his supercoach owners then that’s alright for me.
Prediction – 133

Possible Loophole

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I. Heeney (Syd) – SC Projected: 96
Last Game: 120
Last Score vs. Adelaide (H): 44 (12 Disp, 6 Marks – R18, 2015)
Heeney has been on a warpath. As one of the most consistent performers of the year, Heeney has asserted his dominance in the forward half for Sydney.
With the injury cloud looking bleak for the Crows, Heeney could seize this opportunity and create a huge score for his team and his owners
Prediction – 129

The Potato Farmer for the week is:

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Ed Curnow (Carl) – SC Projected: 102
Last Game: 126
Last Score vs. West Coast (H): 79 (15 Disp, 7 Tckls, 1 Goal – R17, 2016)
This might be a tough thing to say, but I think its time Curnow comes down to earth. The Blues had a terrible showing against a very in form North Melbourne last week, but what is going to happen when they come up against an even stronger West Coast outfit?
The 2018 season does not look good on the horizon for the Carlton Football Club. Fingers crossed that I am wrong and Curnow will pull a 200 out of the bag this week.
Prediction – 62

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