AFL Supercoach Captains – Round 3

Updated: April 4, 2018

AFL Supercoach Captain Predictions – Round 3
Greetings one and everyone!
Well there are 19 forwards, 9 defenders, 7 rucks and 28 midfielders who are averaging more than 100 over the first 2 rounds. The next few rounds will weed out the few who cannot continue that trend.

And now, onto business!
Last Week:
K. Simpson (Carl)
Pred: 132. Scored: 115
M. Hibberd (Melb)
Pred: 120. Scored: 72
R. Laird (Adel)
Pred: 131. Scored: 120
J. Kelly (GWS)
Pred: 128. Scored: 108
D. Zorko (Bris)
Pred: 133. Scored: 105
N. Naitanui (WC)
Pred: 129. Scored: 85
B. Acres (StK)
Pred: 131. Scored: 90
I. Heeney (Syd)
Pred: 126. Scored: 110
L. Franklin (Syd)
Pred: 79. Scored: 87

A few hit and miss from this week but I don’t think we would have picked Tom Lynch to kick 8 on his way to 180. Martin and Mitchell are still absolute beasts!
In other news, the sky is blue.

R. Laird (Adel) – SC Projected: 115
Last Game: 120
Last Score vs. St Kilda (H): 46 (13 Disp, 4 Tckls – Rnd 4, 2014)

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I really didn’t want to put Laird on this list for this week, but I have to. There isn’t anyone else that I could possibly put in the top spot for a defender captain right now. Although this is the first time that Laird has faced the Saints at Etihad in almost 4 years, he will most certainly reach triple figures. Quite possibly before 3 qtr time too.
Prediction – 131

Possible Loophole
K. Simpson (Carl) – SC Projected: 114
Last Game: 115
Last Score vs. Collingwood (H): 128 (28 Disp, 6 Marks – Rnd 15, 2016)

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After two stellar performances, Simpson’s BE is now at 39 and the signs point to him not slowing down anytime soon. The veteran has taken the charge in the backline of the Blues and made it is own. The last time Simpson was this dominant, he had a sidekick in Docherty. Perhaps Docherty was just holding him back? Or perhaps Simpson is showing the media that Rance is just another pretty face as he stamps his name as the best defender we have today.
Prediction – 140

D. Martin (Rich) – SC Projected: 132
Last Game: 160
Last Score vs. Hawthorn (A): 119 (32 Disp, 6 Marks, 2 Goals – R20, 2017)

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And here I am thinking that Dusty wasn’t going to go big last week. Another huge score in another huge game that Richmond managed to lose. He is a beast and will continue to be a beast in the games and years to come.
Prediction – 136

T. Kelly (Geel) – SC Projected: 118
Last Game: 117
Last Score vs. West Coast (A): N/A

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Let this sink in. I have just recommended a player who is worth $117,300 as Captain in a team that has the following people.
Mr. Brownlow-field, The Son of God, Sel-“Instantly 2 feet shorter when tackled”-wood and “I’d like to have a beer with” Duncan.
I’m not saying that he will outscore all of them, but he can outscore some of them. Kelly is now an integral part of that midfield. It will be a test to see how well he can go away from Melbourne.
To put the icing on the cake, he has one of the lowest breakevens that I have ever seen in Supercoach. Minus 166.
That’s 20 Free Kicks and 20 Clangers… and we are still 6 points short.
Prediction – 119

B. McEvoy (Haw) – SC Projected: 98
Last Game: 138
Last Score vs. Richmond (A): 72 (6 Disp, 4 Marks, 30 HOs – R20, 2017)

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Although McEvoy doesn’t usually score highly against Richmond, one bit of solace is that Nankervis has suspended for one game. McEvoy now has a bit of freedom to dominate this ruck for this game. Even if Hawthorn lose, look for him to go huge.
Prediction – 140

J. Westhoff (PA) – SC Projected: 114
Last Game: 111
Last Score vs. Brisbane (H): 87 (22 Disp, 5 Marks, 5 Tckls – R13, 2017)

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Even though Westhoff has a decent record against Brisbane, his score will be very much inflated thanks to Ryder being out for a few more weeks. Westhoff is starting as ruck and then roving around the ball when he needs to be there. He isn’t generally a midfielder but he almost seems at home in the contest. Watch this space though when Ryder comes back and Westhoff is pushed back to the forward line, his scores could take a tumble.
Prediction – 122

T. Greene (GWS) – SC Projected: 95
Last Game: 131 (Round 1)
Last Score vs. Sydney (A): 118 (16 Disp, 5 Tckls, 4 Goals, 5 FA – R5, 2017)

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The last time Greene played at the MCG, he scored his highest Supercoach score against Sydney. This time, GWS are on top of the ladder and looking to stay there.
If Toby can play exactly like he did in Round 1, he will be an absolute gun to be in your team and a certain premium captain option for you.
Prediction – 120

The Potato Farmer for the week is:
A. Christensen (Bris) – SC Projected: 89
Last Game: 101
Last Score vs. Port Adelaide (A): 85 (20 Disp, 4 Tckls – R7, 2016)

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Although he is on form right now, the Lions and Christensen are running into the brick wall known as the Port Adelaide Power. If any Brisbane player outside of Stefan Martin scores a tonne it will be a borderline miracle. I don’t want to predict a bad result for any club, but I am not sure that Brisbane will get within 10 goals of Port this game. Even with the fowards coming up the ground, it will not help their scoring one bit.
Prediction – 53

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