AFL Supercoach 2018, Round 2 – Captains

Updated: March 28, 2018

AFL Supercoach Captain Predictions – Round 1

Greetings one and everyone!

And now, onto business!
Last Week:
E. Yeo (WC)
Pred: 121. Scored: 109
H. Shaw (GWS)
Pred: 128. Scored: 114
C. Oliver (Melb)
Pred: 133. Scored: 123
T. Mitchell (Haw)
Pred: 145. Scored: 167
D. Martin (Rich)
Pred: 137. Scored: 139
S. Martin (Bris)
Pred: 119. Scored: 111
T. Greene (GWS)
Pred: 119. Scored: 131
C. Wingard (PA)
Pred: 117. Scored: 110
G. Ablett (Geel)
Pred: 76. Scored: 116
So we can deduce from last week’s scores is that I can’t predict the potato farmer.
Hopefully you were like me and Captain’d Tom Mitchell. Or possibly if not that, Franklin. Lol.

K. Simpson (Carl) – SC Projected: 101

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Last Game: 150
Last Score vs. Gold Coast (H): 84 (19 Disp, 9 Marks – Rnd 4, 2017)
Simpson showed that he doesn’t need Docherty in order to destroy the supercoach scoreboard. A century and a half from him last game in a 35 disposal masterclass about how to lead from the back. Carlton were in the hunt against Richmond thanks to his superb effort. Coming up against Gold Coast, an in form Simpson should mince their forward line. Let’s just say a current Break Even of MINUS 18 only adds to his situation.
Prediction – 13

M. Hibberd (Melb) – SC Projected: 112

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Last Game: 74
Last Score vs. Brisbane (A): 91 (28 Disp, 6 Marks – R8, 2014 [Plyd for Ess])
Hibberd had a pretty average game against a strong Geelong outfit, but coming up against a hungry Lions line up could be the boost that Hibberd needs to find his form again. Only 20 disposals last week and those who have him are determined for him to succeed. With the Lions forward line, I predict a solid 25+ disposals and a huge impact in the game.
Prediction – 120

Possible Loophole
R. Laird (Adel) – SC Projected: 110

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Last Game: 137
Last Score vs. Richmond (H): 122 (34 Disp, 5 Marks, 4 Tckls – R6, 2017)
After Laird had a blinding game against Essendon last week which saw him score a very respectable 137 (ironically what I predicted Martin to score), I predict him to go even further against the reigning premiers on Thursday night. A possible loophole option outside of the usual suspects, Laird has always performed tremendously well against the Tigers at home. Watch him to go big.
Prediction – 131

J. Kelly (GWS) – SC Projected: 111

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Last Game: 116
Last Score vs. Collingwood (A): 62 (12 Disp, 6 Marks – R11, 2015)
This is the first time that Kelly will face the Pies away from home when he has been in a prominent role in the Giants midfield. His previous score, last year, against the Pies was 147 with 36 disposals and 11 tackles! I suspect that even though the Giants midfield has a lot of depth, watch for Kelly to run riot in this game.
Prediction – 128

D. Zorko (Bris) – SC Projected: 105

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Last Game: 32
Last Score vs. Melbourne (H): 128 (29 Disp, 6 Tckls, 3.4 Goals – R5, 2013)
268 Break Even.
Let me just say that again. TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT. This equates to the highest ever supercoach score that I’ve ever seen… PLUS SIX. (J. Brown – 262 in 2006)
Zorko doesn’t need to score big. He needs to score HUGE in order to have all of the owners who ditched him wish they hadn’t gotten off the wagon.
Zorko has always scored well against the Demons. He has averaged 107.6 in 7 games against them. Although this will be the first time in 5 seasons that the Demons have played at the Gabba, do not discredit Zorko. He always has one bad game every season. Let’s hope he doesn’t have two.
Prediction – 133

N. Naitanui (WC) – SC Projected: 99

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Last Game: 113
Last Score vs. Bulldogs (A): 71 (6 Disp, 4 Tckls, 30 HOs – R11, 2016)
A score of 113 with only 54% game time should have Nic Nat’s owners jumping for joy. With a depleted dogs line up already on the horizon, Naitanui’s chances of a big score increased dramatically after the dog’s woeful performance against the Giants. If Naitanui plays more than 70% of the game, watch for a huge score.
Prediction – 129

B. Acres (StK) – SC Projected: 95

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Last Game: 144
Last Score vs. NM (A): 92 (18 Disp, 6 Marks, 1 Goal – R13, 2017)
Well, I don’t think anyone was expecting THAT score from Acres. 30 disposals and a goal to boot, Acres played a role as a midfielder coming off half back. Almost like Yeo started with last year. With a young lineup like the Kangaroos, Acres could run riot and look to cement his place as the best mid pricer of 2018.
Prediction – 13

I. Heeney (Syd) – SC Projected: 121

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Last Game: 105
Last Score vs. Power (H): 145 (25 Disp, 8 Marks, 5 Tckls, 3 FF, 2 Goals – R20, 2016)
As much as Port Adelaide have a very strong midfield, Sydney just have that extra mile when it comes to their strengths. Although this midfield wasn’t so prominent last year (when Heeney didn’t play) and the Power upset the Swans in Round 1 of last year’s competition. The Swans are in cruise control with a huge win in the West and the Power are on a high after demolishing Freo. This could loom to be a clash of the top teams of this year.
Prediction – 126

The Potato Farmer for the week is:
L. Franklin (Syd) – SC Projected: 111

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Last Game: 175
Last Score vs. Port Adelaide (H): 125 (18 Disp, 7 Marks, 4 Goals – R1, 2017)
Last season, Franklin averaged over 98 and he only scored over 100 in 9 out of 23 games. Admittedly, 3 of those games were over 160 but EVERY TIME he scores over 150, he spuds the next week.
As I mentioned with Heeney, the midfield wasn’t as prominent as what it could have been but it still resulted in Franklin getting 4 goals.
I honestly think that Franklin is going to don the overalls and start farming potatoes this week. He will go much lower than what he scored this week. He will still bring in money for his owners anyway with a current break even of MINUS 55.
Prediction – 79

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