AFL Fantasy: LaHug’s Captains Round 2

Updated: March 28, 2018

Captains for Cancer Council.

Please pledge funds to help fight cancer! Examples of ways you can help:
1.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug nails the top captain of the round.
2.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug’s POD cracks the 120 mark.
3.   Pledge an amount (e.g. $5) for every time LaHug gets egg on his face and his number 1 scores under 100.
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I nailed the top captain in Round 1 with Tom Mitchell scoring 156. Please donate if you pledged!

LaHug – $10 every time my number 1 doesn’t crack the ton.
LaHug – $50 if my POD ever cracks 150.

AFL Fantasy Captains

Round 1 over and some huge scores. Hopefully you dodged the likes of Merrett or Zorko though (I didn’t). Each week I will tell you some statistics on a player’s last 3 games, their last 3 against this week’s opponent, and their last 3 at this ground. I will also do a quick overview on my thoughts and have a guess at their score for this week. From all this, I’ll give you my top 5 captain choices for the week.

We have a partial lockout this week for the Adelaide vs. Richmond game which means we can use the CAPTAINS LOOPHOLE!

How it works:

1.   Select a player from the Crows or Tigers as your VICE CAPTAIN.
2.   For now, set your captain to someone worthy of captaincy in another game in case you forget to change it.
3.   IF your VC scores really well, sub a non-playing player onto the field and set them as captain.
4.   Make sure you have an emergency in the position of your non-playing captain!

Note: This has risks if there are any late withdrawals as you won’t have cover.

Matt Crouch
Last Week: 123 (123 avg)
Last 3 against Richmond: 124, 122, 89 (112 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 122, 115, 106 (114 avg)

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Crouch was just about the only Crow to hold his own against the Tigers in the Grand Final. He’s good against them and good at home. Prediction – 120

Bryce Gibbs
Last Week: 139 (139 avg)
Last 3 against Richmond: 104, 105, 127 (112 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 101, 113 (107 avg)

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Gibbs used to love playing the Tigers in Round 1. Although he has to wait until Round 2 this year, I still expect good things. Prediction – 115

Dustin Martin
Last Week: 110 (110 avg)
Last 3 against Adelaide: 90, 107, 99 (99 avg)
Last 3 at AO: 131, 107, 99 (112 avg)

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Might not be the best scorer against the Crows but he’s still a good VC option this week. We all know Dusty can go huge if let loose. Prediction – 105

Jack Steven
Last Week: 133 (133 avg)
Last 3 against North: 117, 65, 73 (85 avg)
Last 3 at Etihad: 133, 117, 90 (113 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Jack is back! A huge 133 to start the year and straight back under the roof against a team he scored 117 on last matchup. Prediction – 120

Taylor Adams
Last Week: 71 (71 avg)
Last 3 against GWS: 115, 104, 146 (122 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 71, 97, 132 (100 avg)

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Loves to play his old team and will surely bounce back this week. I can’t see Adams being poor two weeks in a row. Prediction – 120

Josh Kelly
Last Week: 115 (115 avg)
Last 3 against Collingwood: 162, 97, 64 (108 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 117, 98, 71 (95 avg)

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There were a few Giants to look at this week but Kelly’s the pick of the bunch. Good last week and killed the Pies in their last matchup. Prediction – 125

Dayne Zorko
Last Week: 57 (57 avg)
Last 3 against Melbourne: 125, 91, 124 (113 avg)
Last 3 at Gabba: 116, 82, 94 (97 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Zorko has shown a few times now that he struggles with attention. I’m banking on Melbourne not shutting him down too much as they haven’t in the past. Prediction – 115

Lachie Neale
Last Week: 100 (100 avg)
Last 3 against Essendon: 86, 138, 126 (117 avg)
Last 3 at Perth: N/A

Embed from Getty Images

Pretty average last week as they got smashed but Neale likes playing the Dons. Expect something good in his first game at the new stadium. Prediction – 120

Zach Merrett
Last Week: 23 (23 avg)
Last 3 against Fremantle: 144, 124, 121 (130 avg)
Last 3 at Perth: N/A

Embed from Getty Images

Assuming he’s 100% recovered from his concussion, Merrett will reward his owners this week. Loves to play Fremantle and the Swans showed that visitors can score highly in this new stadium. Prediction – 130

Andrew Gaff
Last Week: 96 (96 avg)
Last 3 against Bulldogs: 130, 146, 98 (125 avg)
Last 3 at Etihad: 92, 51, 130 (91 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Loves to play the Bulldogs but I’m a bit worried about Gaff’s form away from home. Tread carefully. Prediction – 105

Luke Parker
Last Week: 127 (127 avg)
Last 3 against Port: 99, 128, 112 (113 avg)
Last 3 at SCG: 98, 113, 113 (108 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Every Swan looks the goods this week but Parker’s my pick of the bunch. Easily the best midfielder last week and has a great history against the Power. Prediction – 125

Patrick Dangerfield
Last Week: N/A
Last 3 against Hawthorn: 140, 93, 113 (115 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 140, 114, 126 (127 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Danger is back! I doubt too many will have him but he will start the year with a bang, I’m sure! Prediction – 120

Gary Ablett
Last Week: 117 (117 avg)
Last 3 against Hawthorn: 153, 138, 129 (140 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 117, 153, 120 (130 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

…and Danger will be outshone by his new team mate. Ablett absolutely loves to smash the Hawks. 39 disposals last week and he wasn’t even 100%. If you have him, he might just be a better pick than Mitchell this week! Prediction – 140

Tom Mitchell
Last 3: 156 (156 avg)
Last 3 against Geelong: 147, 125, 91 (121 avg)
Last 3 at MCG: 156, 99, 94 (116 avg)

Embed from Getty Images

Until Mitchell gives us reason to doubt him, he’ll be right up the top weekly. He loves to smash Geelong almost as much as GAJ smashed the Hawks. It’s a coin flip for me this week and it should come down to whether or not you want to go with the flow or go for the POD. Prediction – 140


Kade Simpson
Last Week: 129 (129 avg)
Last 3 against Gold Coast: 137, 97, 57 (97 avg)
Last 3 at Etihad: 95, 64, 71 (77 avg)

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I strongly regret not starting Simpson in my team after having him most of the preseason. He’ll back up last week’s 129 against a team he smashed last matchup. Simpson is going to be dominant this year without Doch. Prediction – 135

Top 5

1.   Tom Mitchell & Gary Ablett (140)
3.   Zach Merrett (130)
4.   Josh Kelly (125)
5.   Luke Parker (125)

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Written by Will Huggett @LaHugDT

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