AFL Supercoach Round 1, 2018 – Captains

Updated: March 22, 2018

AFL Supercoach Captain Predictions – Round 1

Greetings one and everyone! We are back with another season of the glorious spectacle known as the AFL.

First of all, a bit of backstory.
Last year, just before Round 9, my life took a pretty big turn. It was a very shocking moment for myself and I couldn’t continue doing articles for the rest of the year. It wasn’t an easy choice to leave for the year but I took the time off to find who I was again.
I must thank all of the staff at OTLS for their support and their help in getting me through this phase of my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be back here writing these articles and sharing my experiences with the world.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And now, onto business!
With so many huge names changing teams, changing positions and being put to pasture (looking at you Hodgey), the Captains for Round 1 have been thrown an extra wrench into the mix thanks to JLT injuries.
So this is going to be a very hard choice. We shall see how I fare after Round 1.
*(Spoiler Alert: I don’t think I’m going to go well)*


E. Yeo (WC) – SC Projected: 111
2017 Avg: 102.1

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Last Score vs. Sydney (H): 141 (29 Disp, 11 Marks – Rnd 4, 2017)
The only reason that Yeo is in this selection right now is that I think he will transition a little more from the backline back into the midfield with the departure of Mitchell and Priddis from the team. The surprise premium of 2017 could have another huge season and go potentially even higher than his 2017 scores.
Prediction – 121

H. Shaw (GWS) – SC Projected: 99
2017 Avg: 83.3

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Last Score vs. Bulldogs (H): 111 (24 Disp [23 Kicks], 5 Marks 3 Tckls – R6, 2017)
With the injury to Williams and the departure of Wilson to the Dockers, Shaw stands alone again as the top defender at the Giants. Considering he had a pretty lackluster season last year that saw him achieve only 3 scores in triple figures, one of those against the Dogs themselves, Shaw will want to have a standout game and cement his position as once again the top defender in the league.
Prediction – 128


C. Oliver (Melb) – SC Projected: 109
2017 Avg: 111.5

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Last Score vs. Geelong (H): N/A
This is the first time that Melbourne have hosted a home game against the Cats since Round 17, 2014. Since Oliver is only in his 3rd year, he hasn’t played the Cats at home. I think that Oliver will relish the challenge and overcome the dominance of the Cats midfield to score highly. I don’t think the Demons will win, but he will do awesome enough to outscore his Navy Blue and White counterparts.
Prediction – 133

T. Mitchell (Haw) – SC Projected: 132
2017 Avg: 118.9

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Last Score vs. Collingwood (H): 128 (35 Disp [25 Hbs], 7 Marks, 6 Tckls, 2 Goals – (R15, 2017)
The last time Tom Mitchell had a game against Collingwood where he racked up less than 30 Disposals was Round 2, 2014. I think not only does he have 120 Points in the bag, he will go much higher than that for this week. If you already don’t have the C on him, you must have a good reason.
Prediction – 145

*** Possible Loophole ***

D. Martin (Rich) – SC Projected: 110
2017 Avg: 119.3

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Last Score vs. Carlton (H): 121 (30 Disp, 6 Marks – (R14, 2017)
The Brownlow, Norm Smith and Premiership winning player is back. The “perfect season” from Dustin Martin could continue on its trend as the season will kick off on Thursday night. Dusty should rack up a mammoth score since he has almost never scored under 90 in the last few years playing at night.
Prediction – 137


S. Martin (Bris) – SC Projected: 108

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2017 Avg: 98.2
Last Score vs. St Kilda (A): 125 (21 Disp, 6 Marks, 44 HOs – R3, 2017)
Coming up against any team that doesn’t have a full premium ruck option, Martin can run riot like he has done in previous years. Averaging over 100 against the Saints as well will definitely help his chances to go big.
Prediction – 119


T. Greene (GWS) – SC Projected: 100
2017 Avg: 96.1

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Last Score vs. Dogs (H): 92 (17 Disp, 7 Marks, 3 Goals – R6 – 2017)
When Greene switches on, he can definitely go. Last year at the first home game of the season, he showed a masterclass of how to be a top class forward in this day and age.
Against a depleted Dogs outfit, Greene should be able to start his 2018 with a bang
Prediction – 119

C. Wingard (PA) – SC Projected: 88
2017 Avg: 93.0

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Last Score vs. Fremantle (H): 83 (16 Disp, 5 Marks – R2, 2017)
Although he was playing through injury at this stage last year, make no mistake that Wingard is back for 2018. It is a concern that he only had half a JLT game as warm up, he is so young and always has room for improvement. Watch for Wingard to go huge this year!
Prediction – 117

The Potato Farmer for the week is:

G. Ablett (Geel) – SC Projected: 121
2017 Avg: 114.8

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Last Score vs. Adelaide: 104 (R9, 2016)
So the prodigal son has come home to the cattery… And he most likely will be staying up forward for the final years of his career. Watch for his average to plummet over this season!
Prediction – 76



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