BBL Fantasy Break Evens – Round 9

Updated: January 20, 2018

Now that we have managed to plan our way through the toughest 2 rounds of the year, we have only 2 weeks left to now finish off our seasons.  Of course, the end of the season cannot come quick enough for some of us, but for all of those in contention we wish you the best of luck.

Break Evens

What we have done is worked out – roughly – what the most relevant Break Evens may be going into this round.

Now for the disclaimer: these are not perfect as we do not know the exact formula.  However, we do believe we have it close enough to give us a good idea of what a players’ Break Even may be.  Do not use these as 100% correct, they are to be used as a guide to help you with trading.  Of course there are still other factors to consider, but this is one worth considering too.

Player Break Even Price
Cartwright -70 $45,700
Bancroft -37 $41,000
Abbott -30 $73,400
Carey -12 $91,700
Weatherald -11 $43,400
Paris 14 $35,400
Handscomb 15 $32,600
Bailey 17 $38,600
Pietersen 21 $63,700
Lyon 25 $95,800
Maddinson 29 $60,100
Faulkner 34 $57,500
Pollard 36 $50,000
Botha 42 $55,000
Burns 43 $70,500
Archer 45 $97,300
Peirson 46 $35,800
Bratihwaite 48 $82,500
Ross 50 $38,100
Hastings 53 $58,700
Wildermuth 54 $65,900
Christian 54 $60,400
Agar 56 $95,600
Nair 62 $65,500
Wright 64 $40,600
Silk 67 $48,200
Ahmed 67 $81,100
Maxwell 67 $106,500
Voges 68 $32,800
Cutting 76 $62,000
Klinger 77 $58,500
Laughlin 78 $64,500
Neser 78 $83,800
Dunk 83 $47,900
Worrall 85 $67,600
Wade 89 $52,300
McCullum 91 $72,500
Shah 93 $65,500
Swepson 100 $54,800
Henriques 100 $53,100
Steketee 107 $68,900
Stanlake 109 $70,400
Khawaja 115 $111,400
Bresnan 127 $101,100
Johnson 129 $89,700
Watson 131 $80,600
Rashid Khan 132 $92,600
Turner 134 $64,900
Short 137 $134,600
Bravo 138 $95,500


The Most Relevant

To be perfectly honest, this has been a rough round to find any real relevance, at least from a positive point when we look at break evens and double games.  We have seen that the best teams to load up against are the Stars and the Heat, but the Stars have their DGW this week and the Heat have the bye!

The Stars Options

Embed from Getty Images

I am going to mention all of these guys in one hit this round.  Other than Maxi, none are really scoring that well. Handscomb, KP, Faulkner all have decent break evens, but their actual scoring doesn’t excite me one bit.  Hastings has been ok but not great.  And of course Dunk and Worrall have been terrible.  At the end of the day, it is a punt on any of these guys as most aren’t showing any real potential for us at all.

Jofra Archer

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Jofra seems to find a way into this section almost every round for one reason or another.  He has been getting late wickets in his last few games which has helped him hold his pricing, just.  And with a BE of around 45 this round, we should see the same.  However having to play Perth in Perth could make that tough.

Carlos Braithwaite

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Braithwaite has been ok for owners, but nothing special in his first few games.  It seems he is going to bat well down the order but bowl his 4 overs.  Due to that you would think that 40-60 mark would be about where he will continue to score.  Not the biggest issue out there, but with the round 10 bye, may be worth moving on early if you can.

Shane Watson

Embed from Getty Images

After a fast start to the tournament, Watto has fallen away fast as the Thunder have struggled more and more as a team.  Very few would be running with him still coming off a bye round, but may need to be considered to move on if you do still have him.

Dwayne Bravo

Embed from Getty Images

Bravo has been one hell of a frustration for owners so far.  Started off with some decent scores, but has also had a few very lean weak’s in recent times.  With their DGW in round 10 if you have him already you will just need to hold and take the hit in pricing, but for those non owners he should drop in price to bring in for the DGW next round.

The Bye Team

Embed from Getty Images

This is probably a blessing in disguise for us this round.  McCullum is hurt, Burns is hurt and the Heat are playing some terrible cricket at the moment: both with the bat and the ball.  Swepson, Steketee and Shah have all struggled badly their last few games and Cutting has also been very hit and miss all season.  The forced trades for the bye may be a godsend for us.

The Dual Game Round Team

Embed from Getty Images

I think that the pic I have used for this round sums it all up perfectly.  When I had a look at who is worth while getting excited about, I came up with Maxi, then seagulls!  We all know how poor the Stars have been this year of course, and it has fully reflected to their scoring and relevance in Fantasy for us, so it is hard to find anything worth chasing for the DGW.  A lot of players that may go alright, but they are all a gamble and are likely to have a 90 in game one, and a 5 in game two.


So that is it again for this round.  Any questions do not hesitate to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.  Good luck over the next four rounds.  I think we will all need it.

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Written by Zane Scheffner (@OTLS_Zano).

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