Corey’s Round 1 Phantom Draft

Updated: November 24, 2017

The day is here – NAB AFL Draft for 2017. Corey Wade has put together his 1st Round Phantom Draft. After countless hours of analysing games and tape, let’s take a look at how he sees the 1st round shaping.

Good luck to all of tonight’s hopeful draftees, and to those who don’t have their name called out, there will still be time and opportunity.

Pick 1: Brisbane – Andrew Brayshaw

183cm | 80kg | Sandringham Dragons

Scouting Notes:

After missing a big chunk of footy to start the year, Brayshaw has continually built on his season, which has culminated in him potentially being the first name called out. Playing as a half forward in is underage year, he has focused on his midfield attributes in 2017. His skills and decision making are a real strength, but coupled with his spread from the contest, he is hard to match up on. Along with his physical attributes, Brayshaw is a natural leader, with a strong football IQ.

In the Mix: Cameron Rayner, Luke Davies-Uniacke

Pick 2: Fremantle – Luke Davies-Uniacke

187cm | 85kg| Dandenong Stingrays

Scouting Notes:

Arguably the best pure midfielder of the 2017 Draft crop, Davies-Uniacke is the (near) complete package. He has a strong blend of inside and outside, he is strong by foot on both sides of his body and knows how to hit the scoreboard. No matter the club that selects Davies-Uniacke, they are getting a ready to go competitor who will have a long career.

In the Mix: Paddy Dow, Andrew Brayshaw

Pick 3: Carlton – Cameron Rayner
186cm | 87kg | Western Jets

Scouting Notes:

X-FACTOR! There is a reason he has been likened to Dustin Martin, and that is due to his ability to have a spurt of 5-10 minutes during a game that will take it away from the opposition. He is strong overhead, kicks goals and is a strong contested player. As strong as the x-factor is, he is still not a genuine mid due to his endurance. Obviously this will come with one or two AFL preseason’s under his belt, and Rayner will be a future star.

In the Mix: Paddy Dow, Adam Cerra

Pick 4: North Melbourne – Adam Cerra

186cm | 80kg | Eastern Ranges

Scouting Notes:

Missing a number of games over the past two seasons would have most players not on clubs radars, but Cerra is an exception to this rule. A smooth moving midfielder who’s strength is his disposal, Cerra is that team first player who isn’t afraid of getting his knees dirty. Cerra is a competitor and will be gunning for a round 1 start.

In the Mix: Cameron Rayner, Jaidyn Stephenson

Pick 5: Fremantle – Aaron Naughton

194cm | 85kg | Peel Thunder

Scouting Notes:

Already having senior experience with Peel Thunder, Naughton is another of this years draft who will slot straight in to a Round 1 side. His ability to read the play will allow him to learn his trade as the third man up defender, while he adds to his frame. A competitive defender who hates to be beaten (not many defenders do), he is very agile for his size which helps when rebounding out of defense.

In the Mix: Paddy Dow, Oscar Allen

Pick 6: Collingwood– Nathan Murphy

188cm | 79kg | Sandringham Dragons

Scouting Notes:

One of those dual sport talents, Murphy has chosen AFL over Cricket. Flexibility in position is a strength for Murphy having played as a forawrd, as well as off half back for Sandringham. With time, Murphy will add to his endurance and move in to the midfield, and with his already strong goal sense will become a damaging player.

In the Mix: Darcy Fogarty, Ed Richards

Pick 7: St. Kilda – Aidan Bonar

190cm | 89kg | Dandenong Stingrays

Scouting Notes:

Returning after two knee reconstructions, Bonar is still an unknown. But from what we have seen, he is already a strong athlete, who is agile and quick given his injury history. Over time as he gains confidence in his body and builds on his endurance, midfield time beckons, where given his size will be a more than capable inside midfielder.

In the Mix: Nick Coffield, Darcy Fogarty

Pick 8: St. Kilda – Darcy Fogarty

191cm | 94kg | Glenelg

Scouting Notes:

The question mark over Fogarty is the lack of a set position, which coupled with his 2017 form has pushed him out of #1 selection. In saying that, the modern day footballer is one that has flexibility, size, strength and who can play football – Darcy Fogarty is all of these. Fogarty can offer run from half back and can break lines with his long kicking, he is strong above his head and lastly, he can win his own ball on the inside and is quick over the first five metres to gain separation form his opponent.

In the Mix: Hunter Clark, Ed Richards

Pick 9: Western Bulldogs – Nick Coffield

190cm | 82kg | Northern Knights

Scouting Notes:

A rebounding half back who possesses speed, both by foot and with his decision making, Coffield is a near ready made replacement for the retired Bob Murphy. With ball in hand, more often than not he will find a target moving the ball forward.

* Coffield is a player that is firming as one of St Kilda’s two first round selections

In the Mix: Hunter Clark, Oscar Allen

Pick 10: Carlton – Paddy Dow

185cm | 78kg | Bendigo Pioneers

Scouting Notes:

After being heavily linked with Brisbane and their #1 selection, Carlton will be getting a strong all round midfielder. Dow is a midfielder that is strong aerially, he can go forward to kick goals, but one area you can’t teach is his ability to understand his team needs a spark and lift his output accordingly.

In the Mix: Darcy Fogarty, Hunter Clark

Pick 11: GWS – Lachlan Fogarty

178cm | 75kg | Western Jets

Scouting Notes:

A forward come midfielder, Fogarty can pinch hit in the middle, but at this time is more suited to a half forward role. His defensive pressure through tackling and non-stop running is a strong part of his game, but he also knows how to hit the scoreboard through his ability to understand the game situation, aided by his cleanliness by foot. While starting his career as a forward, Fogarty will fast push his case to move permanently in to a midfield role.

In the Mix: Jaidyn Stephenson, Jack Higgins

Pick 12: Adelaide– Hunter Clark

186cm | 79kg | Dandenong Stingray

Scouting Notes:

While playing predominantly as a running half-back, Clark has shown in 2017 that he is more than capable of playing as an inside midfielder. Clark looks a naturally gifted runner who goes from contest to contest with ease, which will hold him in good stead leading in to his first AFL preseason. He is a no frills player who has no problem with putting his head over the ball, and his ability to use the ball on both sides of his body is a key to his running game.

In the Mix: Charlie Ballard, Oscar Allen

Pick 13: West Coast– Oscar Allen

191cm | 82kg | West Perth

Scouting Notes:

A strong marking forward with the agility and endurance of a midfielder, West Coast are likely to take the punt here and turn Allen in to midfielder. Allen is the type that should he not be in the play, he will continually run, always offering an outlet for team mates. Allen’s biggest strengths are his understanding of the game as a whole and his finishing in front of goal

In the Mix: Charlie Constable, Jarrod Brander

Pick 14: Sydney – Jack Higgins

177cm | 77kg | Oakleigh Chargers

Scouting Notes:

The Victoria Metro MVP from the 2017 Championships, is a ready to go small forward. Higgins is a consistent player, who is a competitive beast with a see ball, get ball mentality on the field. Higgins offers craftiness to go with his freak goal sense, and capped off his stellar year, winning the Morrish Medal as best TAC Cup player.

In the Mix: Lochie O’Brien, Jaidyn Stephenson

Pick 15: Brisbane – Noah Balta

195cm | 94kg | Calder Cannons

Scouting Notes:

Tall, strong and athletic, Balta, while not having a clear position offers flexibility through the ability to play at both ends of the ground as a KPP, but also pinch hit in the ruck. Balta moves around the ground well, and coupled with his strong hands in the marking contest for team mates to confidently dump the ball on his head.

In the Mix: Lochie O’Brien, Ed Richards

Pick 16: Western Bulldogs – Ed Richards

184cm | 78kg | Oakleigh Chargers

Scouting Notes:

A true running half back, Richards relies on his pace to set play up out of defensive 50. While playing a half back role, Richards has the composure and skill set to see him push up the ground and play as a genuine outside mid.

In the Mix: Matthew Ling, Charlie Constable

Pick 17: Richmond – Jarrod Brander

194cm | 92kg | Bendigo Pioneers

Scouting Notes:

Brander is an athletic KPP, who has played a both ends of the ground in 2017. Based on this form, it is hard to pin point which end of the ground he will play his football, but with his ball use a key to his game, the club that selects him will be happy to play him at either end.

In the Mix: Sam Hayes, Jack Petruccelle

Pick 18: Brisbane – Charlie Constable

191cm | 86kg | Sandringham Dragons

Scouting Notes:

A big bodied, ball winning inside mid who can use the ball well, compliment his understanding of the game and leadership qualities. He sets up play at the bottom of the pack, bringing team mates in to the play.

In the Mix: Charlie Spargo, Connor Ballenden

Pick 19: Gold Coast – Jaidyn Stephenson

188cm | 75kg | Eastern Ranges

Scouting Notes:

Stephenson is an athletic beast who is as strong in the air as he is at ground level. Stephenson can run all day, which sees him never truly out of the game and with that he is one that continually stands up in big games when needed.

*It is expected that a club still may take a punt on him earlier in the draft given his recent heart diagnosis.

In the Mix: Charlie Ballard, Oscar Clavarino

Written by – Corey Wade (@OTLSCorey)

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