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Updated: November 4, 2017

It is that time of the week when we start to look at what trades we will be making for Week Four of the NBA Fantasy season. When making trades, it is important to not only look at who is scoring well, but also how many games they play in the upcoming week. A player score 25 points a game with 4 games is better than a player averaging 30 points a game with 3 games. This is especially important for captain selection. The NBA Fantasy week runs from Tuesday to Monday (Australian time). So you pretty much have make your decisions on a Monday night, unless you are an extreme guru and are working the rolling lock out.

This year, due to the earlier start to the season, and a focus on less back to back games by the NBA, there are no 5 game weeks for teams. In this weekly article, we will look at the two upcoming weeks in the fixture. When looking at who to trade in, have a look at the teams who have 8 games over the next two weeks. You can also look at those superstar players who have 7 games. Anything less than that, and I recommend staying away.

Let’s have a look at weeks 4 and 5.


There is only one 8 game team this fortnight – the Phoenix Suns. After week 2, they were ranked 24 (of 30) on the Sportsdeck Fantasy team ladder, so they are not massive players from a Fantasy perspective. I bought in Devin Booker last week, and have not been disappointed with his output. As of Saturday morning, he has scored 170 points from 8 games (average 21.25). Keep an eye close on the NBA news, as the Suns are still trying to move Eric “I hate it here” Bledsoe. It’s been a couple of weeks now, so a trade must surely be on the horizon. This could obviously shake up the minutes and rotations. Rookie Josh Jackson could also be a good bench pickup if you are looking to trade out a 2 game rookie.

Speaking of 2 games, be very cautious bringing in a Thunder player this week. Sure, they have 4 games this week, but they only have 2 games in Week 5. Let’s face it, Russ can score more in 2 games than most other players can score in 4, but there is a LOT of risk in that move.

It could also be time to move on the KAT. Minnesota only have 2 games this week, so look to move him on to a 7 game player if you can.


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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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