Studs and Duds- Round 20 Weekly Wrap

Updated: August 9, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 20 Weekly Wrap

The first week of finals was a shocker, filled with carnage. I literally have no words. Here’s this week Studs and Duds!

Geelong 8.13.61 Sydney 16.11.107


S. Selwood (131)- “F*** you Scooter.” – Everyone who traded him out

Duncan (120)- Out for a week with a hit to the gut but but once he returns then is an epic, consistent option for the finals.

Menegola (120)- Dominated once again without Danger and re-payed those who brought him in a while ago. Let’s just hope he keeps playing in the middle, especially with Jelwood out for the rest of the Fantasy year

Parker (116)- Apparently he was tagged by Scooter but Parker was brilliant. I would still avoid.


J. Selwood (64)- Was both tagged and injured in the game, and is out for the rest of the fantasy year. If you traded him in within the last month, you’d be smacking your head against the wall. Our condolences.

Franklin (37)- I was one who also thought Buddy was consistent and a lock in the top 6 fwds. Maybe he’s not.

Western Sydney 14.13.97 Melbourne 10.2.62


Kelly (131)- 27 touches and 3 goals, JET.

Gawn (140)- I went for a risk as I put Ryder in, removing first Kreuzer, then Gawn, late on Friday. I haven’t seen Ryder play yet but I don’t think it is going to make me any less annoyed after Gawn rockets up in price and becomes a must have for this week.


Hunt (44)- If Joel Selwood was the example of an underpriced premium failing, Hunt is the example of an un-proven player in form screwing coaches over.

Essendon 11.18.84 Carlton 11.10.76


Heppell (138)- Does anyone still have Heppell?

Gibbs (125)- He’s a jet when he isn’t tagged an is super underpriced at the moment. Don’t hesitate.

Kreuzer (124)- I beg you Paddy, please beat Kreuzer’s score.

Brisbane 13.11.89 W. Bulldogs 14.19.103


Macrae (126)- Amongst the rabble that has been the 2017 fwds, Macrae has had just three scores under 90 and a lowest score of 76. I have no idea how he has DPP but we needed it. Legend.

Bontempelli (122)- 2 goals 4. Please Champion Data, please give him fwd status next season.


Beams (80)- Not a shocking score but very disappointing considering we all moved heaven and earth to get him.

Witherden (70)- Hurt his hammy in the opening minutes of the last term to stop him from having another cracker. We’ll have to wait and pray that he is ok. GUN.

EDIT: Is confirmed out for this week. Consider culling this cash cow now, but only for a definite top 6 defender or top 8 mid

Dahlhaus (72)- This may be completely inappropriate considering the injuries and suspensions we are going to have to deal with. But if you do have a luxury trade then say goodbye to Dahlhaus.

Nth. Melbourne 7.15.57 Collingwood 16.15.111


Ziebell (130)-  Great individual game from a crap spectacle. Pass though, for Fantasy finals, you need the best.

Adams (124)- Another game, another convincing ton for Adams. He’s currently in my 2018 team, even as a sole mid.

Crisp (106)- Just a 12 point last term left owners a little disappointed however he certainly made up a little for last week. Now I hope Savage can do something similar for me tomorrow.


Grundy (103)- Not for his score but from his classic ruckman stupidity. Why would you sling someone to the ground with arms pinned just after a Brownlow favourite got a week for it. I doubt he will be let off after Danger sat out so we may have to trade (EDIT: And indeed he wasn’t, two weeks out!). Luckily there are a few great options in the ruck department.

Fremantle 12.18.90 Gold Coast 10.7.67


Neale (152)- He’s been super consistent this season without being amazing. He has a huge ceiling and could be a great POD for finals if he keeps it up. Consider.

Fyfe (132)- I warned anyone who traded because Fyfe was always going to return to beast mode at some stage. That stage was 5 weeks ago and he is an epic pickup averaging 113 over his last 5.

Ryan (126)- This young man’s marking is insane. He reads it beautifully, with 9 intercept marks, which makes him a good fantasy player even when Dockers are getting smashed. Should be a great premium for the future.

Hill (119)- He racks up so much of the footy and is starting to do it on a regular basis. Hopefully he holds DPP for next year but I doubt it.


Ablett (85)- Those who have kept the faith would’ve been a bit pissed at this score, and rightly so. 33 touches with just 1 mark and 3 tackles isn’t going to produce great numbers and if he misses this week then you’ve got to trade.

Hall (44)- Did his hammy late in the second quarter where he was on track for a semi-decent score. Never again list for me!

St. Kilda 15.13.103 West Coast 14.11.95


Steele (124), Acres (120) Billings (119) & Stevens (106)- All have been in terrible form so don’t bring any in. Obviously don’t trade any either.

Savage (112)- Yes Shane yes! Hopefully last week was just a one off and he can continue pumping up tons. At least one of my mid pricers have gone well this season… maybe.

Longer (112)- He’s super cheap and looks like he has that number one ruck spot finally sewn up. Only bring him in if you have to.

Newnes (108)- It’s about time Newnes put 4 quarters together, and more importantly, a ton! Welcome back Newnesy.


Riewoldt (59)- His start to his last month was pretty bad and I don’t see him being any bit of a good pick up for his last few games. But Roo is an absolute legend, don’t get me wrong.

Yeo (75)- Back to defence (finally Simmo), but unfortunately it wasn’t back to excellent scoring, due to McGovern playing forward. Please Elliot, please Simmo. Please.

Richmond 13.15.93 Hawthorn 9.10.64


Caddy (142) & Prestia (125)- No thanks.

Dusty (117)- He is one of the only premium mids I want in my team at the moment with the others all doing terribly. Gun.

Roughead (119)- Maybe about 17 weeks ago Jarryd!

Sicily (110)- This kid is a jet, and I’m certainly considering this week, and he’ll be one to watch for next season. Consider.


Houli (63) & Ellis (62)- The ball mustn’t have been back there much so you have to let Ellis off with this one considering how consistent he’s been. I wouldn’t be bringing in Houli, or either of them for that matter.

Titch (99)- Whaaaaaaaaaat??! Two weeks in a row?!

Adelaide 18.22.130 Port Adelaide 7.4.46


Brad (129) & Matt Crouch (116)- Sorry if I ever doubted these guys, they’re consistent, have a big ceiling and don’t get tagged. Add them to the list with Dusty!

Jacobs (125)- Another ruckman I could’ve got *heavy sigh*.

Sloane (124)- When he doesn’t get tagged he is the King, when he does though, you want to delete your team. Do not do it.

Gray (112)- Another great game as a midfielder but when Wingard returns I’m worried. That’s the only thing keeping me away.


Ryder (88)- By no means a bad score, but he couldn’t get close to Gawn or Kreuzer so it’s a fail for me.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@Jake_Pizzuto)

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