Studs and Duds- Round 19 Weekly Wrap

Updated: August 1, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 19 Weekly Wrap

Our premiums and midpricers have turned to complete poo, with even Titch failing to crack the ton. Tags are at an all time high, and picking who gets tagged is as difficult as it gets. Late outs could’ve been awesome if you had Ryan on the bench, or terrible if you traded him out, particularly to Connor Blakely. My season is done, and has been since about round 3, so my 2018 planning has taken over watching the current games. If you cracked 2100 then you had an insanely good week, while a score of 2000 was around par. This was a BAD, BAD week.


Hawthorn 10.12.72 Sydney 9.12.66


Newman (111)- Owners of Lloyd may have been a little lucky if they ended up trading him instead of Newman who was back to his best this week. With so many underperforming premiums this week, Newman looks good to stay. Excellent bench option for the rest of the year


Mitchell (96)- Hardly a dud score but his first sub-ton score for they year which is a little sad, especially if you captained him. Still a legend.

Heeney (78)- Junked up extremely late with a 44 point last term but his last month has been pretty terrible. Trade if he is your worst underperforming premium. Currently at about #13 on my trade list though…

Jack (70)- Here is one above Heeney for me. Thanks Kieran, and Horse for that matter, you absolute mare.

Franklin (68)- The Sydney boys just aren’t in good form, and Buddy is now added to that list. Hold.

Hannebery (59)- Another one.

JPK (47)- Got tagged, and maybe a little sore but that is no excuse. JPK has given us a huge f*** you to everyone who got him for his consistency. MARE. Also in doubt for next week!

Nth. Melbourne 11.10.76 Melbourne 10.12.72


Oliver (128)- Does anyone still have him?

Gawn (113)- Here we go. His first ton since returning is a very good sign. Almost time to upgrade Darcy, but he is the least of my issues right now.


Mountford (52)- Thank him for his services but has got to go, especially if still on field. Handy bench cover however.

Western Sydney 13.20.98 Fremantle 13.8.86


Ryan (138)- This week’s trades couldn’t have been any worse. Instead of Rocky to Dusty, I went Nyhuis to Savage and benched Ryan, as I pooped myself in the possibility of Rocky dominating. What do I get in return? A lousy Savage score and then a 138 on my bench when I have fielded him every other week. I just can’t do anything right. And worst of all, I don’t need all the lucky bastards who has Ryan covering Lloyd telling me about it on twitter. Rant for the week over. Or maybe not… Read on.

Fyfe (120)- The Fyfe lyfe. Yes I still have Nat Fyfe. Is it because I’m bad? No. It’s because I haven’t not had Nat Fyfe when he is playing for about 4 seasons straight as he is just so easily my favourite player. He is back to being a joy to watch as he strings everything together. One to watch for next season.


Blakely (8)- Rant number Two: Out of all the players in the world, it had to happen to Blakely. My second favourite player after Fyfe and easily the best young gun in the comp in my opinion. I’ve given up on fantasy so all I cared about was how Connor was. Putting him on ice for the rest of the game was the right move, but the Freo medical staff decided to put a top five Freo player back on when we’re already out of finals. Next contest, does it again and I have to witness Connor in agony for the second time. Hopefully he can come back soon and dominate again but this is too similar to the Nat Fyfe incident of 2012 when he was becoming a gun and then did his shoulder. Get well soon Connor you legend, and please don’t give me any of that hindsight  rubbish, he got injured in the first five minutes, no one could’ve known that. Bargain for next year is the only thing on the bright side.

Port Adelaide 9.9.63 St. Kilda 8.13.61


Dunstan (116)- Just saying, 116 and 107 since returning. Just saying.

Ross (109)- His consistency is great and along with Duncan, I would love to have that in my side, even though it didn’t exactly work out with Pendles… He’s in my current 2018 team at the moment. Yes, I’ve started planning for 2018.


Boak (46)- Hahahahahahahah. Kieran Jack 2.0.

Newnes (75)- Hasn’t tonned since round 12. Another on the chopping block, but at least he isn’t going under 75, or under 60, or under 50 like other premiums are.

Savage (68)- With all my proven premiums turning to poo this season I decided to go with a couple PODs to end my terrible season, in Savage and Jack. Fair to say, I should’ve just stuck to the consistency. And to think, I was actually super keen on Savage, unlike Jack.

Gold Coast 10.5.65 Richmond 14.14.98


Hall (152)- Lol, not again Aaron.

Dusty (112)- Another likely 3 votes for Dusty, and I don’t think he’ll give an inch for the remaining games with the Brownlow in his sights.


Nankervis (56)- Now he is playing as Richmond’s number one forward? When he was a dominant ruckman earlier in the season? Hardwick pls.

Carlton 8.10.58 Geelong 18.15.123


Docherty (117)- He will be slightly underpriced after last week so it is the perfect time to jump on board before it’s too late. About 100k to get to him from Blakely.

Hawkins (158)- Matchday relevant only.

Murdoch (131)- No thanks.

Duncan (117)- This is consistency as well as a high ceiling. He is exactly what you want, plus will never get tagged. Gun.


Simpson (64)- A stinker for Simmo and I wouldn’t be bringing him in at this stage. Ellis is the man in defence in my opinion, he has been super consistent.

Kreuzer (57)- Got concussed early in the third by Danger (88) who could get suspended if the AFL is fair. Unlucky to Kreuzer owners, because you are the only coaches who not what is meant to be happening with your ruck stocks. Super underrated and will be underpriced now.

Selwood (59)- Got tagged by Kerridge but had 0 tackles. Pathetic Joel. Another under pricer gone wrong so far.

Bulldogs 19.13.127 Essendon 13.19.97


Daniher (127)- With the forwards horrendous this season, we may have to consider Daniher, who has a very juicy run coming up of Carlton, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Freo. Consider.

Hurley (122)- Bounced back after a poor score last week however he isn’t my preferred option for Blakely. Pass.


Young (36)- I honestly didn’t see this coming as Young just wasn’t getting any easy +6’s in defence. Get him off your field ASAP.

Merrett (82)- Just two tons in his last five is concerning. Hold and hope.

Collingwood 15.13.103 Adelaide 16.7.103


Adams (151)- He needed this one after being a little quiet in recent weeks. I have no idea why he has DPP but isn’t it awesome!

Wells (143)- Maybe last year Daniel…

Treloar (119)- Very cheap for what he should produce. Don’t hesitate.

Sidebottom (116)- Showed why he is the number one fwd this week. Lock and load ASAP.

Coruch (127)- His consistency is awesome, plus his ceiling is big. What’s not to like?


Crisp (64)- Many jumped on this week and I can see why. Unfortunately PODs this season have turned to poo, so I’m not trying anymore this season.

Greenwood (53)- Thanks for your services, but see ya!

Sloane (47)- If people actually brought him in then Lord help you. His scoring is as bad as a rookie when he gets tagged, and that should be every week.

West Coast 17.11.113 Brisbane 6.9.45


Beams (144)- Another reason to delete my team this week was avoiding Beams because of a perceived tag. In fact, Rich got tagged and Beams went and got another 140, whilst Selwood got tagged to 59. FMDT.

Martin (113)- Considering he was up against Petrie as sole ruck, this was a pretty poor score. He should be safe to hold considering the other terrible premiums but don’t bring him in.

Witherden (103)- LEGEND!!!!!!!


Yeo (82)- Yeo has become an absolute mare and it is all Simpson’s fault. He would’ve become and all Australian defender until Simpson moved him into the midfield and even forward now where he cant use his intercept marking which is his main asset. F*** you Adam Simpson.

Rockliff (93)- I really thought this was the day. It wasn’t. And Rocky is still poo. Trade.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@Jake_Pizzuto)

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