Studs and Duds- Round 18 Weekly Wrap

Updated: July 27, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 18 Weekly Wrap

It was a week of carnage once again with Gaz, Pendles and Ryan out on Thursday night. Underperforming premiums fill us with doubt and luxury trades that we would love to do with Tom Rockliff are officially done.

Adelaide 13.13.91 Geelong 10.10.70


Sloane (134)- Those who have continued to hold Sloane this season were rewarded with the Cats deciding to not tag Sloane. In hindsight, the Cats lost, and I don’t think any more teams will make the same mistake. Unlucky to those who traded but it was absolutely the right move.

J.Selwood (115)- The bargain mid will have his first price rise this week and remains as the best trade target of the week. Get him while you can.


Laird (74)- Just ten combined points in the 2nd and 3rd term set Laird up to fail this after great recent form. Don’t panic but his scores are becoming a bit too inconsistent for my liking.

Menegola (79)- Clearly doesn’t have the ideal midfield role so a luxury upgrade will be very nice. I’m expecting around an 80 average for the remaining games.

Essendon 20.12.132 Nth. Melbourne 16.9.105


Garner (129)- He is playing in the midfield even though he is listed as a forward however his Fantasy scores have still been shocking this year. One to watch for next year.

Durdin (81)- Came back in with a great game including 11 marks. One to bring in this week as a rookie downgrade.


Larkey (2)- Apart from a minor injury where he came off for a little, Larkey played the whole game where all he had was 2 hitouts in the last quarter. Amazing.

Melbourne 13.10.88 Port Adelaide 9.11.65


Hibberd (129)- Might as well be a keeper when he keeps producing scores like this. A great D6.

Hunt (111)- Consecutive 111’s since going back to half back. Not to bring in at this stage however another to watch next year.

Boak (120)- Has had an epic last month and with little fwds available and a very good run coming up, you MUST consider.

Ebert (118)- Back in from with 116 in his last three and could be a decent POD with a good run to end the season. Quite underpriced as well.


Wingard (58)- He is back in the forward line and unless he kicks a bag I am struggling to see him producing great scores. Did come off late in the third which is why he scored so bad but not sure on the severity.

EDIT: out for at least two. Make him trade priority.

Bulldogs 16.14.110 Gold Coast 8.8.56


Hunter (115)- He’s been in solid form but not solid enough to ride our midfields for the last few rounds. Pass.

Dahlhaus (109)- He looked better however still relied on two goals so I wouldn’t be bringing him in. Isn’t doing badly enough to be traded either. Hold.

Fiorini (109)- He is going to be a DT stud for years to come but there is too much uncertainty about him at this stage.


Scrimshaw (42)- Too expensive and too low scoring to be even close to considered.

Sydney 14.17.101 St. Kilda 9.5.59


Sinclair (117)- Wtf?

Ross (113)- I love Ross, and is already penned in to my 2018 team at the moment. He is very consistent and does have big games. Get on board.


Heeney (72)- He has really faded in the last month and I am pretty worried to be honest. Have to hold though.

Jack (65)- Pfft… Who would’ve been stupid enough to bring Jack in this week… Well, me. With my season over after round 1, I thought I would just take some risks, unfortunately, this one didn’t pay off.

Lloyd (63)- You know it’s a terrible fantasy game when Lloyd scores 63.

Newman (56)- Thanks for your services, but owners should take the 500k and run. At least it’s better than the 300k I got from him…

Newnes (78)- Another mediocre score from Newnes. Lift please.

Riewoldt (58)- Sad to see the end of a Fantasy great. Cheers Roo.

Stevens (56)- It’s rare that the Duds list as greater than than the Studs list, let alone more than three times the size. Another to add to the list of crappy forwards to ride out the year with.

Fremantle 7.6.48 Hawthorn 15.10.100


Blakely (114)- The love that I have for this man is extraordinary, and I never thought anything would be as strong as the love I had for Nat Fyfe, but Connor Blakely is easily the biggest jet of the AFL. He gets the uncontested footy to rack up his fantasy numbers however when the game is tight and tough Connor is there to put his body on the line and win the footy. He’s a must have for every year until he retires. Bloody legend.

Darcy (86)- He’s a tank. A beast. An animal. A monster. It’s Sean Darcy. (*Sorry for Freo bias in these two Studs)

Gunston (132)- Has a bit of a Fantasy game about him when he’s on however is way too inconsistent.

Mitchell (130)- Speaking of inconsistency. This man is the complete opposite. Permanent captain from now on.


Walters (39)- Got injured in the 4th quarter after a shocking game and is out for the rest of the season. That’s why you don’t touch Walters people, no matter what.

Richmond 9.10.64 Western Sydney 6.9.45


Martin (116)- A good run coming up and already in ripping form. Tick.

Ward (114)- He bounced back after last week’s disappointing score and if you desperately need a jump in ranks then I would strongly consider. Could pay off big time.


Nank (65)- Sitting on 11 points with 5 minutes left in third, I was ready to delete my team after I was forced to hold thanks to Pendles and Gaz. Luckily, like Nank often does, he came home like a steam train with 26 in those last 5 minutes plus 29 in the last term. Still a must trade.

Greene (77)- Will spend a couple weeks on the sidelines after striking Rance so a must trade. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good fwds available.

Collingwood 13.15.93 West Coast 13.7.85


Grundy (127)- Thank the lord Grundy just had an off game last week and isn’t becoming another Stef. He owed us.

Crisp (121)- With defender premiums underperforming recently, Crisp could be an excellent pick as a new dpp in Fantasy. Consider if you already have Blakely, Adams and Doch.

Treloar (114)- He’s fine, and is heavily underpriced. I can’t trust him but he is certainly one worth looking at.

Hurn (117)- 117 and 137 in his last two. Just saying.


Sidebottom (71)- After 9 straight tons, it was the week that he gained dpp that he dishes out a sub-par score. Should bounce back, but will drop a lot in price now.

Gaff (51)- Got tagged for the first three quarters (no idea why considering he isn’t damaging), and clearly couldn’t handle it. Got to hold I guess.

Brisbane 17.9.111 Carlton 11.15.81


Beams (139)- Beams is cheap, really cheap, and Beams vs Selwood will be a huge dilemma for coaches. If you want safety then go Selwood, but at his best, Beams will be the better scorer.

Zorko (119)- Could’ve been bigger if it wasnt for a poor second half and I would be sweating having him in your team knowing that a tag could come. Be weary.

Mayes (113)- His form is insane and I would strongly consider if you can’t quite get up to a premium defender. Gun.

Witherden (97)- This kid is a jet, and in a few years time, he’ll be challenging Doch and Blakely for permanent D1. Watch this space.


Rockliff (44)- Rocky went down early in the second with injury. Or so you would think if you saw this score 8 weeks ago. He played the whole game tagging Gibbs and did a brilliant job which means he could do it again. Must trade, and while you’re at it (especially if you payed 720k for him like me), give him a massive **** you on the way out.

Gibbs (37)- RIP to those who brought him in this week as Rocky destroyed him in the tag. Will bounce back if he doesn’t get tagged but that is why you don’t pay top dollar. Exhibit A, Sloane. Exhibit B, Rockliff. Exhibit C, Gibbs.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@Jake_Pizzuto)

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