Studs and Duds- Round 17 Weekly Wrap

Updated: July 19, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 17 Weekly Wrap

It was looking like a big week before Sunday shockers from our premiums, including a late out of former number one fwd, Elliot Yeo. Blakely and Sidebottom dominate trade talk this week after gaining new DPP, but let’s take a look at this week’s Studs and Duds!

St. Kilda 7.15.57 Essendon 17.16.118


Merrett (144)- Yes Zach! Merrett was back in beast mode and is well underpriced for any non-owners. Jet.

Kelly (138)- 138 and 113 in his last two. But still, don’t be that stupid.

Hurley (113)- Just another ton for this beast of a man. Seriously consider him. He’s the Franklin of the back line.


Ross (71) & Montagna (70)- Not good games for these two who have been ultra-reliable this season. Saints got slaughtered so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Hold.

Steele (61)- Sucked in to those people who held. He’s in the same boat as Nank, Sheed and Dahl, where if you have a luxury trade then don’t hesitate trading.

Stevens (55)- I don’t know what to say about him. One week it’s, Stevens is a consistent fwd who should be a top six, the next week it’s Stevens is a inconsistent spud who should not be in any teams. How about we just don’t trade him in.

Geelong 13.10.88 Hawthorn 12.13.85


Dangerfield (140)- Going down in the first quarter, owners assumed the worst with Eddie acting like it was the end of the world. Luckily Danger was able to run around at full forward for the rest of the game with a limp and bag 5 goals 6. Many said that he was “making a late play” for fwd status next week, including Fantasy Freako on Twitter, but unfortunately we didn’t see it. At time of publishing he’s only a 40-60 chance of playing on Friday night, so make your sacrifices to the Fantasy Gods everybody!

Mitchell (147)- Thankfully, Scooter, who was meant to be tagging Titch, was a late out where Titch ran around with no one on him for the whole game. Ok, I know I said it last week, but NOW Titch is permanent captain.


Menegola (75)- I have no idea why I listened to the hype and got him over Wingard a couple weeks ago, even though I really didn’t want to, but Menegola couldn’t even do well without Scooter, and Danger at full forward. Add this to the luxury trade forwards list.

Parsons (24)- If anyone is rocking with Jimmy on field then that has to change, NOW.

Port Adelaide 19.13.127 Nth. Melbourne 8.9.57


Wingard (136)- Well my mare of a season became even worse with the Chad having another dominant game over Menegola. He kicked three goals in the first quarter however didn’t kick any other goals to boost his score. Serious option.

S.Gray (124), Westhoff (122), Wines (114), SPP (112), Cunnington (128) & Swallow (111)- All had great games however I wouldn’t be considering any of them with the exception of possibly Wines who hasn’t gone under 95 since round 8.


Hibberd (9)- Looking good early once again, Hibberd hurt his shoulder about mid-way through the first quarter to sit out for the rest of the match. Unfortunately he is out for the season, without having made much money for us. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, leave him on your bench and move around players who are worth more cash first, but only if you have backup at D7.

Gold Coast 13.10.88 Collingwood 15.13.103


Ablett (152)- A big game was 100% deserved for his owners. Missing three games in 7 weeks, Gaz payed us back a bit with this great score. Hopefully he can string some games together, possibly even the rest of the season. I wouldn’t trust him enough to bring him in though. You just feel he’ll miss at least another one.

Swallow (117)- 111 in his last three and he actually looks like decent value. I’m done with mid pricers at this stage though.


Lyons (53)- Got injured before half time for his owners who took the punt on the in-form Sun. Will be out for a few weeks, so look to trade him while he has some currency behind him.

Grundy (86) & Pendlebury (84)- I brought both these Pies in the week that they started doing poorly. You can’t really trade Grundy, but Pendles has undergone finger surgery, and his time out has been said to range anywhere between 2 weeks to the rest of the year. Probably time to trade.

Western Sydney 12.11.83 Sydney 14.12.96


Jack (112)- Well he has been epic in his last three and is super cheap as a fwd/mid. With the breaking news of Sidebottom gaining fwd status though, surely we stick to the big guns in that position. But if you don’t have the cash, he’s a great POD option.


Parker (79)- He came crashing down for those coaches who jumped on board last week however is still a viable option if he performs next week. With the exception of Selwood, maybe the midfield is another position where we stick to the guns.

Newman (68)- At a premium price, Newman should go now, preferably to new DPP option, Blakely.

Melbourne 10.10.70 Adelaide 17.14.116


Kennedy-Harris (102)- JKH will likely be the last good cash cow for the year with an excellent come back game. He won the footy 28 times along with 5 tackles, and is almost a must-have this week.

Lynch (130)- Lynch is a gun forward at the moment, with a brilliant return after missing two games through illness. He is one to consider but make sure you have Macrae, Heeney and Sidey first.

Laird (109)- He’s back alright, and it is bloody awesome knowing Laird is still to play on a Sunday. Lock and load.


Gawn (79)- He isn’t quite reaching the heights that we want however he could still play a big part in our teams if he gets going. Monitor.

Sloane (34)- Was knocked out in the last quarter to go with Vince’s strong tag throughout the game which will see Sloane owners be forced to trade if they haven’t already. He just can’t handle the tag and has to go as he plummets in value.

Richmond 16.16.112 Brisbane 12.9.81


Martin (131)- His ceiling is huge and when he comes up against weak teams he usually carves them up. Top pick.

Witherden (91)- Averaging 86.5 since debut, this kid is a jet, and he isn’t leaving my team any time soon.


Nankervis (69)- Soldo stole Nank’s ruck time which affected his scoring badly. Fortunately he isn’t dropping too much in price so holding isn’t the end of the world.

Rockliff (70)- I’m absolutely fed up of this. 14 touches, ah I don’t think so Rocky. That’s one game too many. Either Rocky or Menegola have an 80% chance of going this week, and I’m dead serious.

Zorko (48)- Hahahahah. About time some luck goes my way. Beating myself over picking Gaz over Zorko a quite a few weeks ago, however Zorko showed that he is just as bad as Sloane when it comes to being tagged. Luckily, Brisbane are anything but a side to be scared off, so I doubt many teams will tag him.

Carlton 9.8.62 W. Bulldogs 12.10.82


Gibbs (113), Docherty (111), Murphy (105) & Simpson (105)- All were good again without being brilliant. Great options to bring in, however I wouldn’t be getting Murphy.

Macrae (123)- Yes. Finally a premium trade in gone right. Not sure why anyone wouldn’t have him yet (notice I say this the week after I bring him in…) because he is easily the number one fwd in the comp number two fwd in the comp behind Sidebottom.

McLean (107)- He is a beast when in the middle however as previously mentioned with Jack, no mid pricers are coming into my side personally. If he fits your plans, then enjoy!

Young (73)- Was excellent on debut with a nice score without any goals to boost it. JKH is the number one downgrade target this week however Young could be a decent shout as well.

Fremantle 5.14.44 West Coast 11.8.74


Blakely (149)- Connor Blakely you absolute machine. DEF status is what he earns after a brilliant last three games off half back and is a must have in defence ASAP. Jet. With a better breakeven than Sidey, is a better value option this week, although both are must haves.

Neale (114)- It’s fair to say that there are better value mids at the moment, however in any other year Neale would be super value. One of those better guys is below.

Fyfe (109)- 114 and 109 suggest that the superstar is back, and watching his games closely, Fyfe is an animal and is getting his hands on the pill a lot more. Along with Selwood, try and get him in if you can as a M7 or 8.

B.Hill (109)- He’s a top 6 fwd without doubt as he continues on his merry way. Once you have Sidey, make Brad Hill your next priority.

Duggan (124)- Another gaining DPP and has gone 124 and 86 in his last two. He’s very cheap however I still think he is way too inconsistent to bring in at this stage.

Gaff (114)- A nice M7/8 if you have him and he will never get a tag because almost all of his touches are useless one-twos in the back half. I wouldn’t trade him in.


Walters (70)- Tagged by Hutchings and still managed a decent effort. To me, this shows that Walters is a serious premium fwd as he smashed Zorko and Sloane’s scores while also getting a heavy tag. Gun, and could be considered for Round 1 2018 teams.

Nyhuis (43)- Moved into the defence in the second half so hopefully that means decent scoring as D8 for us. Don’t bring him in though.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@Jake_Pizzuto)

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