Studs and Duds- Round 16 Weekly Wrap

Updated: July 12, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 16 Weekly Wrap

With more carnage at selection with Gaz and Greenwood out, we were faced with another problem after JPK was a late out. Overall it was a great week of scoring however if you were like me with Gaz and JPK, with just Fisher covering both, then your score would’ve suffered drastically. Let’s take a look at this week’s Studs and Duds!



Adelaide 16.8.104 W. Bulldogs 5.15.45


Rory Laird (135)- Rory needed this, big time, and now owners of the other Rory will be hoping something like this will come for him too. Before this game, Laird had just one score over 82 in his last 5, and is therefore super under-priced at about 520k. Absolute bargain for non-owners.

B.Crouch (111)- Brad is going more than alright at the moment, with a 3-round average of 119 and tonning in all but one game (a 95) since round 9. He is a decent POD if you are willing to take the punt.

McLean (127)- McLean was in beast mode playing through the middle instead of Dahlhaus and carries a 3-round average of 105 as a mid-priced fwd. If he’s the best you can get to then it wouldn’t be that stupid, in fact, it could be genius.


Wallis (61)- This is a pure example of a failed mid-pricer and gives us reason, along with Dahlhaus as to why McLean is a dangerous move. The Dogs so often change their mids around where one game, Dahl and Wallis are in the guts, and the next game McLean and Hunter are. I would be treading very carefully with all Bulldogs with the exception of Macrae.

Johannisen (55)- I’m not sure who it was who first tagged JJ, but whoever it was has basically ended JJ’s career, or at least his season. He will be tagged almost every single week and let’s face it, JJ isn’t the type of player who fights his way out of a tag and has a good game. Now I’m just looking at next season, and when he arrives at either Freo or West Coast, the story could be different.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a Swans fan, I can tell you it was the mighty George Hewett who started to tag JJ 😀 Also this was written before he signed the somewhat panicky 5 year deal!

Hawthorn 14.13.97 Western Sydney 15.7.97


Mitchell (143)- Why do we ever doubt him? He should be permanent captain every single week. No matter who he’s versing.

McEvoy (117)- He’s been in shocking form so don’t let this score make you hold him. Upgrade to Gawn or Kreuzer when you can.

Ward (138)- 122, 119 and 138 in his last three but we know Ward has done this before. Move on, if you’re looking for a value mid then Selwood or Parker is your guy.

Kelly (136)- He’s back and is as good as ever. Almost a lock for top 8 mid so don’t hesitate.

Shaw (118)- This is why you try not to trade guys like Shaw and Nank before your rookies. Make him your last upgrade.


Henderson (65)- I really feel for anyone who brought him in because he has been incredible this season. Still could be a top 6 defender so don’t worry if you own him.

Collingwood 12.8.80 Essendon 18.9.117


Hurley (122)- Yet another good game from Hurley. A good POD but I wouldn’t be getting him at this stage of the season.

Merrett (105)- It looked like another shocker from Merrett early and even more so when he was KO’d early in the third. He came back on, on 41 points very late in the third and had 64 points including a 42 point last quarter. What a legend.

Myers (103)- Could this be the emergence of another Nic Newman? I certainly hope not.


Grundy (72)- I’m not sure what happened here as Brodie had just 12 points from the 5 minute mark of the third quarter to the rest of the game. Was it the Cox effect? Possibly. Next week will be interesting.

Treloar (57)- Treloar has done it again to many owners which is why I actually don’t like bringing him in. He is prone to a bad score but I reckon he’ll bounce back strong next week after admitting that he had a stinker.

Sydney 17.16.118 Gold Coast 7.9.51


Parker (117)- He’s back alright and if are lucky enough to have one more mid spot available, then this is they guy that can fill it. Is very underpriced for what he can do.

Lyons (113)- Continued on his merry way this week but unfortunately we only have 8 mid spots, and surely Lyons can’t be one of them.


Hannebery (83)- I can see the frustration and if you have no more rookies left that need upgrading then Hanners can go if you wish.

Brisbane 11.12.78 Geelong 25.13.163


Zorko (183)- This just makes me sick. Gaz over Zorko in round 13, as well as trading Newman will forever haunt my season. Anyway, Zorko is a gun and will be an uber premium for years to come.

Dangerfield (150)- A handy two goals in the last couple minutes was delightful to give Danger yet another big score. Like Titch, is a safe skipper week in week out.

Duncan (128)- Finally strung together a really strong game for owners but won’t be a top 8 mid so no thanks.

Selwood (113)- Selwood vs Parker is going to be a massive battle for many this week and I’m leaning to the value of Selwood. Could give him another week though.


Rockliff (91)- This was looking like the breakout game without 91 at the last break. Then he decided he wanted to inflict more pain on his owners. If you don’t have him, you should definitely hold off until he shows more of his piggish form!

Menegola (84)- Was pretty disappointing to say the least and when Scooter comes back in, I’m nervous.

St. Kilda 21.12.138 Richmond 10.11.71


Ross (134)- He’s an absolute gun and while he’s probably unlikely to be a top 8 mid, I’m looking forward to him for next season.

Montagna (126)- Looking for that last defence upgrade? Look no further.

Stevens (110)- Stevens looks like a top 6 fwd at the moment so don’t hesitate jumping on board.


Newnes (87)- Once again, Newnes looked set for a big score at 3QT before having a 0 point last term. Needs a big score, very soon.

Roberton (68)- He has been pretty shocking recently and is dropping quickly in price. I would be inclined to trade him, because he definitely isn’t looking like a top 6 defender that he once did.

Billings (55)- This is what small forwards can do but it was very surprising that he did it in a 67 point thumping. Will be fine next week, owners don’t panic.

Nankervis (73)- He showed why he isn’t a keeper but did battle hard against a much better Saints side. Not the first to be upgraded, but it does have to be done by the seasons end.

Dusty (73)- The powerful Saints midfield got on top of Dusty but nothing to worry about, should still be up there as a top 8 mid.

Nth. Melbourne 12.10.82 Fremantle 13.8.86


Hibberd (87)- Where the hell did that come from!? He had 7 marks and 18 touches with the Ross often switching the play, using Hibberd quite a bit. He looked great! Consider as a downgrade option in defence.

Blakely (135)- Well this is the biggest man crush I’ve ever had since Nat Fyfe over the last few years, and he is just an animal. He’s been playing half back a lot but was moved into the guts when Freo needed him in the last quarter to have another 43 points in that term. If he picks up dpp then he is a lock, but it is more unlikely than likely.

Walters (116)- Another three goals and 20 touches for Sonny Walters and I would love to own him at the moment, especially with not many great fwds available. I can’t bring myself to do it though.

Fyfe (114)- Finally Nat Fyfe was in beast mode under the roof collecting 23 touches in the first half for 60 at the main break. He was then tagged where instead of getting disposals he began to tackle to keep his score up. In the last quarter he went forward to take a couple marks and kick a goal and he looks almost back. Monitor Fyfe at a very low price.

Ryan (88) & Darcy (82)- Were very good yet again and there is no rush to get them off your fields. Darcy was especially good after being doubted a little coming up against Goldy.

Carlton 12.10.82 Melbourne 14.6.90


Docherty (152)- Just Doch things.

Murphy (132)- His second 130 in two weeks and he could even be a season keeper. Gun.

Simpson (123), Kreuzer (118) & Gibbs (117)- These Blues are killing it at the moment and they don’t need the same explanations every week. They’re all great picks who will rarely disappoint you.


Hibberd (67)- Much like Heath Shaw, when you can upgrade then do it, but he has the ability to ton so there isn’t too much rush to trade.

West Coast 13.10.88 Port Adelaide 18.12.120


Ryder (135)- With Gawn still slowly building up to dominance, is there even any merit in trading Ryder? His ceiling is huge.

Ebert (126)- His owners would be thrilled with somewhat of an apology to owners about his last few weeks, but he is very inconsistent and can’t guarantee these scores every week, especially in his notorious second half of the year…


Shuey (68)- Another lacklustre premium performance and at this stage of the season, you should be looking at upgrading underperformers once all bad rookies are off your field.

Sheed (49)- Just couldn’t find the footy and unusually didn’t have any marks. Don’t be too concerned yet but he probably won’t be top 6 fwd so add him the eventual upgrade list.

Wingard (66)- Sat forward for the whole first half before having 44 points in the second half when moved into the midfield. It is a huge problem that Hinkley still plays him forward a lot so I wouldn’t be bringing him in because of this risk.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@Jake_Pizzuto)

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