Studs and Duds- Round 15 Weekly Wrap

Updated: July 7, 2017


The rookies were up and about with many premiums underperforming, in what was a fairly decent week for us. Sonny Walters and Luke Parker have put himself back into contention for a spot in our teams while big man Sean Darcy is dominating and with Sandi out for the season. He’s an exciting prospect. Let’s take a look at this weeks Studs and Duds.

Melbourne 7.8.50 Sydney 11.19.85


Hibberd (107)- He continues to be a nice D5/6 for coaches but once you start completing your team, you should look to upgrade him.

Parker (148)- He is back, and he is cheap. Don’t hesitate.

Newman (116)- He’s a keeper at the moment, and if you have the luxury to upgrade, then you’re doing more than alright.

Franklin (109)- He’s super under-priced and is almost a lock for top 6 fwd. Get on board if you want safety, but other guys such as Walters and Wingard are exciting prospects.


Gawn (81)- By no means a bad score, but I’ll be waiting until a ton before getting him in.

Hannebery (51)- Hanners has plummeted back down to around 550k, where owners will be considering a rage trade. My thoughts are you have to stay strong, however Parker may have been stealing his points, and may keep doing so.

Bulldogs 11.14.80 West Coast 12.15.87


Gaff (130)- Gaff has a huge ceiling which is why there are no dramas with having him stuck at M8 for a little while.

Karpany (95)- At 240k, we’ve probably missed the boat, and kicking three goals for a sub-ton score suggests that he isn’t going to be a huge scorer. Pass.


Yeo (78)- He’s playing in the middle where he isn’t getting the +6’s which made him the best fwd available until the byes. There is no way I would bring him in right now, but if you’ve got him then hold and hope he gets moved back to defence.

Carlton 12.5.77 Adelaide 13.11.89


Gibbs (160)- Wow. What a monster. Don’t hesitate, his ceiling is massive.

Docherty (132)- Just another stellar game for Doch. Legend. Should be considered in same fantasy terms as Titch, Zerrett, and Danger.

Murphy (130)- Like Gaff, there isn’t much reason to trade Murphy just yet. He’s been awesome this year.

Kreuzer (122)- Speaking of awesome! With Archie and Cox both in the equation, Kreuzer has got to be number one ruckman going at the moment. Get him in!


Marchbank (44)- I’ve been forced to hold him for a number of weeks and it looks like I’ll have to again. Received a knock in the 4th term, so I might want him to miss this week, so he doesn’t drop in price and then I can field Ryan.

Sloane (83)- Didn’t even get tagged and another poor score. Trade.

Laird (78)- The other Rory is also in shocking form averaging just 83 in his last 5. Let’s hope he has a huge one this week.

Beech (39)- Can’t be on your field this week, may get dropped anyway.

Gold Coast 18.10.118 Nth. Melbourne 14.15.99


Lyons (133)- Was spoken about a few weeks ago but since then has shown why he isn’t a top 8 mid. No thanks.

Ablett (127)- A 46 point first quarter put Ablett in the front line for a big score. Unfortunately he had poor 2nd and 3rd terms and luckily had 22 points in the last 5 minutes to save himself a little. Still a great pick up.

Fiorini (112)- Since returning he’s scored 111 and 112. He knows how to find the footy and is super cheap. I’m worried what Hall will do when he comes back though.

Mountford (90)- Was tagging the little master with a whopping 10 tackles. Don’t expect this every week.


Hibberd (43)- Came back into the team and produced what you’d expect every week from him. Don’t field him.

Western Sydney 10.8.68 Geelong 10.8.68


Whitfield (123)- This kid is a genuine star. Have a look at his games since returning and be mesmerised. POD and a half.

Dangerfield (142)- We’re taking Danger for granted at the moment but he is back to permanent-captain for me. 130 in his last 5 and versing Brisbane this week, he should be big again.

Menegola (113)- Had another blinder without the Selwood brothers but when they come back, I’m worried about Menegola. Pass for me unless he shows his ability with both the brothers in.


Tuohy (64)- He isn’t a top 6 defender but should be nowhere near the top of the trade list.

Simpson (47) & Guthrie (37)- Looks like another two rookies without scoring potential. Simpson looked solid, but I doubt either has good job security or scoring.

Port Adelaide 8.15.63 Richmond 11.10.76


Wingard (141) & Lambert (147)- Both these fwds are in career best form playing through the middle, which was shown by monster scores, and neither kicking any goals to increase that score. They are very exciting prospects if you like to live dangerously, but both are prone to a move back into the fwd line, which will spell trouble.

Dusty (131)- After a couple mediocre scores, Dusty was back to his dominant best and remains a lock for a top 8 mid position. Get on board!

Nankervis (108)- Nank needed a ton and he breathes a bit of life into owners. I’m happy to hold him for now as F5, bu5t the sooner you can upgrade, the better.

Ellis (107)- Continuing his great run of form, Ellis could push for a top 6 defender spot so therefore should be considered.


Ebert (72)- Known for his poor second halves of the season, Ebert is about to come crashing down, proven by his last two games. If you have the luxury, I would upgrade, otherwise you’re set for another big fall.

Gray (59)- Hahahahah. That’s why you never trust Robbie, no matter how cheap he is.

Stengle (38)- Yeah, no.

Essendon 11.16.82 Brisbane 13.12.90


Watson (125)- Tasty form for owners, but not someone to consider. Can ride him out for as long as you need at M8 if you own him though.

Zorko (124)- Nice way to bounce back for the magician. He will be underpriced after that 45 last week, and will still be a top 8 mid. So, what’s not to like?

Witherden (96)- This kid has talent, and the Lions clearly love having it in his hands. With many defences completed, and fellow rookie Ryan producing good numbers, there is really no point getting him in, unless you need another on field defender or midfielder.


Merrett (78)- Even though he was most people’s captain including myself, I’ll let this one slide. He didn’t get much game time for some reason and was often on the wing in the first half, with just 24 points at HT. He then had a 22 point 3rd quarter and a 36 point 4th to save us from a disastrous captain score. Keep the faith!

Martin (74)- Maybe he is fine with Archie, or… maybe he isn’t, again. Every second week we think he’s fine, then thinks he’s not again and it’s getting pathetic. I would love to get rid of the headache and get Max Gawn this week, or even Sean Darcy, if you’re brave enough.

Barrett (30)- Like Marchbank he is dropping quickly and has got to go ASAP.

Hawthorn 18.10.118 Collingwood 14.10.94


Mitchell (135)- Ahh, Tommy. What a breath of fresh air, every time you see him still yet to play, just knowing that a nice ton is coming your way 100%. To top it off, a 52 point last quarter shoved it right up Bucks, and challenges Danger for permanent captain.


Treloar (98), Adams (95), Grundy (95) & Pendlebury (90)- Not terrible scores but underwhelming, especially for people who brought any in this week. I brought in Pendles and was quite disappointed in his 250th. Let’s hope they all come back with some big tons this week.

Fremantle 12.8.80 St. Kilda 12.17.89


Walters (145)- He’s scored big once again in the last two matches but DO NOT do it to yourself. That is what I said last week, but now, I’m thinking about it yet again. Lord help us!

Hughes (137)- Well that escalated quickly. With a previous high score of 76, Hughes went boom with 30 touches and 14 marks ad the link up man for Freo. I’d like another look please.

Hill (121)- He is seriously the real deal, as he’s in line for top 6 fwd. Consider him if picking a fwd with a big ceiling.

Neale (117), Mundy (114) & Spurr (111)- No thanks, consistency isn’t there this season.

Darcy (114)- What a unit. Darcy is a beast and is already over 250k after two games. We have to consider it, even if you’re downgrading a Stef or Nank.

Ryan (77)- If he’s one of your last few rookies on field then you’re doing alright, He looks solid.

Steele (119)- 17 tackles… Thanks Richo.


Roberton (68)- His form has been fairly shocking and isn’t in my current top 6 defenders. Surely you keep faith?

Riewoldt (54)- Just terrible for coaches who went early on him. Consider upgrading but I’m confident he’ll come good.


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