State Championships – Vic Metro v Vic Country

Updated: June 29, 2017

Vic Metro : 15 7 97

Vic Country:  11 9 75

Goal Scorers

Vic M: Cameron Rayner 3, Jack Higgins 2, Patrick Naish 2, Lachlan Fogarty 2, Dylan Moore 2, Adam Cerra, Will Sutherland, Max King, Jaidyn Stephenson

Vic C: Gryan Miers 2, David Handley 2, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Cassidy Parish, Tom De Koning, Bailey Williams, James Worpel, Brent Daniels, Jordan Johnston

Best Players

Vic Metro: Charlie Constable, Jack Higgins, Dylan Moore, Patrick Naish, Cameron Rayner, Lachlan Fogarty

Vic Country: Gryan Miers, James Worpel, Lochie O’Brien, Matthew Ling, Cassidy Parish, Hunter Clark

It was a packed house at Punt Road with every recruiter you could think of in attendance to see the most hyped up game of the Championships. I myself got to see the most talked about young footballer in the country, Will Sutherland for the first time. Sadly it wasn’t a great game for the tall forwards but there were still some nice signs of the player he could become at AFL level.

This game had a lot of feeling to it with every player wanting to impress with as a said before every recruiter watching their every move. You couldn’t shirk a contest and you had to really show of your assets.  The two players that really made the most of that where Geelong Falcons star James Worpel and father-son prospect Patrick Naish. Worpel has been highly discussed for his ball wining ability, but his kicking has been cause for debate especially for us at ADH, but it seems Worpel had taken on his criticisms, and his kicking on Saturday was the best I’ve seen it. He really started to lower his eyes but he also kept up his hard hitting form, which led to one of the more impressive performances. Patrick Naish looks at his best when he just tucks the ball under his arm and really takes the game on with his speed and dash, and he didn’t shirk that mindset at all. He took some very risky kicks but I loved the intent he showed trying to move the play and play to his strengths.

Some less talked about players improved their stocks. Easter Ranges midfielder Dylan Moore wasn’t as prolific as last week but he made every possession count and he did a great job of staying involved despite not playing in the centre as much and that goes with his impressive endurance and work rate. Charlie Constable who looked good early for Sandringham Dragons has been dominating in the middle for Haileybury, and he once again showed his impressive ball winning ability for Metro. Constable is a smart player and despite his lack of speed he makes up for it with his positioning and clean hands to go with his 190cm frame. Constable could be a 1st Round Smokey come November’s Draft. Geelong Falcons forward Gryan Miers has put in two great games for Country, with his ability to find space in the forward line and create goals. He doesn’t just create scoring opportunities, he is also a dangerous goal kicker in his own right. He is starting to push up into Top 30 calculations. Matthew Ling also continues to enhance his chances with his speed and clean hands a real weapon, I could see club recruiters were really impressed with some of his efforts and a player like him who can play half back and wing will be highly sought after.

With quality players like Petruccelle, Brayshaw, Balta and Mynott missing for this game I think this game showed that the depth of players this year might be better than first thought, and like last year there should be some quality midfielders available later in the draft.

Written by: Ed Pascoe (@charbox2)

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