Studs and Duds- Round 14 Weekly Wrap

Updated: June 27, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 14 Weekly Wrap

The carnage was at an all time high during the week, with Barlow, Scooter, Nank, Danger, Docherty, Fyfe, Ablett, Myers, Steele and Cousins all in doubt or not playing. However the scores this week were huge with few underperformers, apart from our dreaded rookie stock. The scores were big, that is, if you didn’t have a donut on your field and stars on your bench like I did. Let’s take a look at this week’s Studs and Duds!

Adelaide 12.10.82 Hawthorn 14.12.96


M.Crouch (128)- Big game for Crouch and continues to perform his role as a POD for some coaches. Not a top 8 mid though so stay away.

Greenwood (122)- Boom! Greenwood was superb once again but his inconsistent scoring is a slight concern. Will probably be the last rookie on field for most coaches and rightly so. He should average 80 from here, but with highly fluctuating scores. Would be great for a M9 or F7 position for the rest of the year too.

Henderson (120)- POD? Absolutely! He hasn’t has a single bad game this season apart from round 1 as well as having a huge ceiling. If you aren’t liking the likes of Roberton and Montagna, then go for Henderson if you’re feeling adventurous.

Mitchell (117)- Saved himself a little in the last few minutes and is one of the biggest legends we’ve witnessed. Lock and load for the next 10 years!


Beech (48)- For those who brought him in this week, he could be dropped for McGovern, however if I was Crows coach it would be Otten (33). Prepare your trades as if he is out but keep some faith in the back of your mind that he’ll play.

Sydney 11.20.86 Essendon 12.13.85


Heeney (122)- He has got to be better than Yeo, surely? He’s playing pure mid for the full game and racks up disposals and tackles as he wishes. Lock for top two fwd, and probably the best fwd available at the moment with Yeo underperforming just a little.

JPK (118)- He is still value and will probably be a top 8 mid from here, or at least he’ll challenge. If you can’t afford the big guns then JPK is your guy. What an animal.

Lloyd (116)- He’s beaten his BE and is now on the rise. I’ll try and get him this week, but it will be tough. Gun.

Merrett (120)- Who said he was out of form a few weeks ago?


Heppell (61)- As a Fyfe owner, there is a great option of just holding Heppell at M7/8. He isn’t going to drop much in price and the rookies must be the first to go. Trade if you have the luxury but I would be holding until all your rookies are off.

Collingwood 9.8.62 Port Adelaide 13.15.93


Sidebottom (124)- 128 in his last 3, 126 in his last 5, looking for a POD, look no further. Don’t ignore him.

Treloar (122)- Lock for top 8 mid now and is simply a fantasy jet. I have to get him.

Howe (118)- His 91 average as a defender looks nice and everything, but he is way too inconsistent to be considered IMO. Maybe as a POD D6?

Pendlebury (117)- Why people keep saying Pendles is boring is a mystery of the Fantasy world. He is producing huge numbers but keeping his consistency as well. If only we had 15 mid spots.

Adams (111)- Just another ton for Adams. As usual. Glorious.

Grundy (105)- Picking Grundy this week was just another one of those stupid errors without thinking. With Gawn around the corner at a bargain price, and already having Stef, why did I take away the chance of Gawn at 500k? I have no idea.

Gray (99)- I don’t care how bloody cheap he is, I am not touching him. 5 goals and no ton, no thanks.


Brown (29)- Really Callum? There goes another one week wanderer who’ll sit on our benches rotting for the rest of 2017.

Brisbane 12.14.86 Western Sydney 22.14.146


Martin (104)- Why were we even worried? He only did poorly last week because of a stupid tactic to let Ryder win every hitout. Archie is clearly playing as a permanent fwd and Stef should be fine. Oh yeah, that’s why I got Grundy, because I assumed I could trade Stef to Gawn, but hopefully I don’t have to now.

Witherdeen (77)- Just a 7 point last quarter stopped this from being something special. Is he the rookie we needed? Let’s just hope he can produce the same stuff.

Greene (117)- Not really sure why I overlooked Greene this week. So what if he relies on goals, when scores a bag every game.


Rockliff (96)- What’s your excuse this week Tom? Well quite frankly I don’t care. We paid 730k for Rocky and it shouldn’t take a month to find his feet. He owes us, big time.

Zorko (45)- Finally someone tagged him and Zorko basically sat the rest of the game forward and didn’t touch it. For owners, just pray it doesn’t happen again, or he could be Sloane 2.0.

Beams (5)- Beamer injured his shoulder once again in the first term and will probably be a must trade. Get well soon Beamer. Preferably for Fantasy Finals.

Shaw (29)- Well this was really the first game that there was more than one relevant dud and Shaw is right at the bottom with a putrid score in his 250th. RIP owners.

Bulldogs 15.17.107 Nth. Melbourne 16.10.106


Macrae (137)- Finally Macrae rewarded his owners and now non-owners like myself are licking our lips. A hige game from Macrae here with 32 touches and 10 tackles.

Bontempelli (134)- No chance for being a top 8 mid in AFL Fantasy or RDT, so pass.


Johannisen (62)- If he keeps getting tagged like this, then JJ is going to be rookie priced by next season. Get excited!

Liberatore (52)- The correct answer was yes. Last week was a massive fluke.

West Coast 14.12.96 Melbourne 15.9.99


Sheed (96)- Still an awesome pick as a challenger for top 6 fwd. An epic F5/6.

Gawn (96)- Came back out there and monstered against Vardy as expected. Coaches with Stef and Grundy are going to have a hard time bringing him in, but it’s Gawn, surely he’ll be better than both of them.


Shuey (70)- Finally had a bad game but still a great POD if you currently own him.

Geelong 10.14.74 Fremantle 11.6.72


Dangerfield (134)- Once again Danger was at it again, even though he was forward quite a lot largely due to his ‘niggle’. We are taking him for granted at the moment but he is in ripping form.

Menegola (124)- He rewarded those who jumped on board the fresh DPP last week and didn’t look like he was playing forward. He’s back I reckon, but I would love to see another game.

Walters (122)- He’s scored big once again in the last two matches but DO NOT do it to yourself.

Hill (112)- He’s certainly in the mix for a top 6 fwd spot but when Freo get thumped, Hill’s scores aren’t great. I’m staying away.

Blakely (107)- Played in the defence and had an excellent game. I would be surprised if he doesn’t line up there again and if he does then watch out for dpp.


Stewart (49)- Ahh. This one hurts. On track for a ripping score, after coming off midway through the second with a fractured eye socket (or something like that) and went off to hospital. He’s still making cash so lets hope he gets up for this week.

Selwood (2)- KO’s in the first contest would’ve brought back many memories for owners of Selwood and also Jake Lloyd. He’s going to drop a ton in cash but won’t be a top 8 mid. If you don’t see him in your final team then you should trade this week before another huge drop in cash after his 57k drop this week.

Ryan (45)- Maybe Ryan isn’t the rookie saviour, but I have faith he will bounce back. Try and get him on your bench.

Richmond 11.18.84 Carlton 8.10.58


Houli (112)- Owners would’ve been loving this genius move, as long as they weren’t actually watching the game. He gave a swing off the ball on Jed Lamb who didn’t play the rest of the game from the first term. See ya Bachar.

Docherty (126)- Even with a niggle going into HT, Doch produced another excellent score which was hampered by just an 8 point last term. Non owners are in our prayers.

Kreuzer (101) – If you jumped on him as an alternative to Stef or Grundy, you’d be thrilled with his recent form. Should be talked about more for that All Australian ruck spot.


Nankervis (61)- He keeps saving himself late but in all honesty he’s been pretty appalling since returning from suspension. Thanks for your services Nank.

Marchbank (58)- It’s time for all of us to say goodbye to this legend, after his worst game yet, with just a 4 point first half. We will remember you fondly, Caleb.

St. Kilda 14.19.103 Gold Coast 10.12.72


Stevens (115)- There he is. There’s the guy who I almost brought in a few weeks ago and he looks ready to get back to his best with a 15 tackle performance. Monitor over the next few weeks.

Billings (111)- Just f*** off Jack, seriously.


Roberton (74)- He hasn’t been good recently and he isn’t in my top 6 defenders at this stage. If you have him then hold and hope, but if you don’t then Lloyd, Newnes and Ellis are staring right at you.

Hanley (75)- Injured again, Hanley just can’t catch a break, and if you were silly enough to jump on, then get off the ship right now.




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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@OTLSJake)

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