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Updated: June 19, 2017
Nic Newman

Round 13, what positives can I find about it? Thursday night’s game lacked skills and Friday was probably worse. The score line didn’t tell the story of how poor the games were to watch, especially as a neutral footy fan. I’m glad I spent my Thursday night viewing some of the game at the pub and then moshing to the tunes of El Colosso! Round 13 saw wins to Eagles, Saints, Port Adelaide, Carlton, Melbourne and Sydney upset Richmond. Let’s see how our rookies went this week.


#1 Nic Newman (Defender) Sydney

Round 13 Score: 112

Hello Newman! Nic is back on top again, scoring his third tonne of the year with 112 against the Tigers. This kid is a gun and has been really proving some great numbers in fantasyland. You should definitely have him as a starter in your team, I know I have!

Tied #2 Mitch Hannah  (Forward) Melbourne & Tom Stewart (Defender) Geelong

Round 13 Score: 78

Mitch and Tom share the second highest score this week with a 78 each. Mitch has played many games this season for the Demons and should be considered for a forward line spot in your team for the remainder of the year. Tom has been pretty handy considering he is a key back for the Cats. Key backs usually don’t go so well in fantasyland, but is worth considering if you have limited cash.

#3 Jake Barrett  (Midfielder) Brisbane

Round 13 Score: 77

Jake is as solid as ever in the Brisbane midfield and a handy player in fantasyland. He regularly features in these lists. Is he a featured player in your fantasyland teams? Consider Jake as a bench option.

#4 Sam Powell-Pepper (Midfielder) Port Adelaide

Round 13 Score: 75

SPP once again features in this list. His form is good and he is a regular at the Power. His average is slowly increasing and is one to watch and consider if you don’t have him yet.

#5 Dan Houston  (Defender / Forward) Port Adelaide

Round 13 Score: 65

The Rocket man is finally back for the Power after a hip complaint. He is capable of higher numbers as we have seen earlier in the year and with his dual position flexibility, makes him an interesting prospect in fantasyland.

Let’s check out the top 5 overall rookie scorers. How has the order changed after round 13 with the last round of byes?


#1 Nic Newman (Defender) Sydney

Total Score: 829            Average per round: 92.11 (9 Games)

Nic scored his third triple digit score for the year and maintains the highest average of all rookies. He starts on the park every week in my team and is a superstar! Worth every cent of his price tag!


#2 Sam Powell-Pepper (Midfielder) Port Adelaide

Total Score: 815       Average per round: 67.91 (12 Games)

SPP maintains second place overall and is the only rookie to play every game without being managed! I often use him in my midfield rotations in Fantasyland, a very solid option for the price tag he carries.


#3 Andrew McGrath (Defender / Midfielder) Essendon

Total Score: 805         Average per round: 73.18 (11 Games)

McGrath sat out as the Bombers had the bye. He will maintain his place on my bench this week as we are sure to see him named for round 14.


#4  Samo Petrevski-Seton  (Midfielder) Carlton

Total Score: 740          Average per round: 67.27 (10 Games)

Samo moved to fourth overall this week as the Blues scraped home for the win on the road against the Suns. He is maintaining a good enough average for what he has done so far. I’ll be using him off the bench yet again for round 14.


#5  Tim Taranto (Midfielder / Forward) Greater Western Sydney

Total Score: 705            Average per round: 64.09 (11 Games)

No change to Tim’s score this week as his Giants had the bye. Tim will feature as a bench option more than likely in my Midfield this coming week.


Finally some normality in Fantasyland! Now we just have to worry about coaches “Managing” or the misfortune of injuries. I’ll try and search for some more bargain players for you all in the coming weeks. Best of luck!

Written by Ash Loveday (@AshNRRAu)

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