Studs & Duds- Round 11 Weekly Wrap

Updated: June 6, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 11 Weekly Wrap

The premiums were up and about but unfortunately, or fortunately for some, most of them were POD’s! The rookies are looking awful and midpricers may be the solution to the lack of cash cows, whilst the first of the the bye rounds was overall pretty good. Let’s take a look at this week’s Studs and Duds!

Port Adelaide 13.20.98 Hawthorn 7.5.47


Brad Ebert (142)- Was a very unique pick for the last couple weeks as he already had his bye and might be one which pays off for those who took the punt. Not an option anymore however with plenty of players returning from their bye next week.

Ryan Burton (118)- Wow. Burton keeps on keeping on as he produces premium-like figures. He has easily been the best rookie but one that majority of coaches missed out on. A huge well done to owners.

Tom Mitchell (118)- Doesn’t have a bad game and is a walk up captain if you can’t trust anyone else. Must have!

Willsmore & Cousins (62)- Did their job very well and if they both hold their spots next week then that is more than enough of what they have to do. Still options this week if your round 13 is looking decent.


Jasper Pittard (65)- Well he has been a shadow of his former self since returning from his bye and if you’re an owner then I would be very worried. You have to hold for the next two weeks but if he keeps this up then trade ASAP after that.

Robbie Gray (38)- Gray is looking like he’ll be rookie priced next season, as he continues to fall in price. If you have him then the same goes for him as it does for Pittard, but on a more extreme level.

Geelong 13.18.96 Adelaide 10.14.74


Patrick Dangerfield (131)- Danger is back and is once again looking like a must have. Having Rocky, Merrett, Titch and Danger in your mids would be looking very, very nice at the moment. Lock.

Scott Selwood (125)- This is beyond a joke. I have no idea how on earth Scooter is doing this but I will continue to back myself in not selecting him. For my health, hopefully he goes back to scoring 60’s.

Joel Selwood (117)- Selwood has returned to beast mode after a quiet few weeks from round 6-8 and is looking like another POD mid to consider. With his bye next week, it’s hard to justify selecting.

Hugh Greenwood (94)- A second big score for Greenwood and it looks like he is getting most of his points from tackles. If he can keep going at 70+ then he will be a great F6 post byes.


Rory Laird (65)- Suffered a head knock in the first term which probably had an affect on his game. Consider this a slight warning though Rory.

Andy Otten (40)- Will now drop in price and has got to go this week or the next depending on your bye structure. Averaging 71 this season, Otten has been an honour to own. Cheers Andy.

Gold Coast 11.14.80 West Coast 11.11.77


Gary Ablett (117)- Gaz not playing last week looks like it may hurt my bye structure as well as my actual team. I planned for him for about 4 weeks, but when he didn’t play, I thought selecting him the next week wasn’t a great idea. Still a viable pick this week but go for Rocky first.

Michael Barlow (108)- Had another solid game and is looking like a top 6 fwd. Don’t hesitate.

Dom Sheed (126)- Has strung together a very solid month and could be considered at around 440k after his bye. I’m not a fan. *Update: Just gained fwd status and his form and role suggests that he will be a very good pick. Consider!

Luke Shuey (118)- His owners needed this after being a late out last week following an 81. If you ignore that 81 his season has been unreal and will push for a top 8 mid spot.

Western Sydney 18.9.117 Essendon 15.11.101


Josh Kelly (159)- What a superstar! Unfortunately, he has the worst bye for most coaches but either way he looks like a must have before the end of the season. Lock for top 8 mid and his ceiling is way too big to ignore.

Zach Williams (131)- Has too many dud performances to be a top 6 defender. No thanks.

Jobe Watson (122)- Rewarded owners who have kept the faith with him and his last month hasn’t actually been too bad. Either way, he’s a trade at his bye next week.


Daniel Lloyd (34)- Even kicked a goal in this one and still had a shocker. Will be dropped soon when some Giants return but even if he doesn’t, you can try and off load him at his bye. Did gain fwd status though which could be handy for you.

David Myers (52)- Same goes for Myers but at least he is making some cash. If you can upgrade to a premium next week then go for it but be aware of your team post byes and which duds you will be fielding.

Nth. Melbourne 9.12.66 Richmond 14.17.101


Dustin Martin (164)- We can deal with his 90’s when he goes this big and his last 3 now read an average of 140. After his bye next week, don’t hesitate bringing him in. Another lock for top 8 mid.

Cotchin (148), Prestia (137), Houli (129)- None are relevant as they wont be top 6/8 of their positions.,

Brandon Ellis (105)- Has now tonned in his last two matches and is looking like a juicy prospect at around 450k as a defender. I would still be waiting a couple weeks on him as he is probably on the never again list for a lot of coaches.


Toby Nankervis (80)- Not really a dud score however once again he had to save himself late to get a respectable score. He has done his job and should look to be traded to Grundy ASAP however if Archie Smith keeps playing then I would be trading Stef first, then waiting out for Gawn to come back before trading Nank.

Fremantle 12.13.85 Collingwood 15.15.105


Josh Smith (131)- Smith is now over 500k in Fantasy and could be a decent POD post byes. His recent form has been exceptional apart from a 49 vs Giants, with his games reading 131, 103, 112, 49, 80 and 111. Consider but it could be too risky.

Taylor Adams (131)- What. A. Gun.

Adam Treloar (117)- In hindsight we shouldn’t have traded Treloar and I have no idea why we all did. He is a lock for top 8 mid but that round 13 bye is killer. Get him ASAP post byes.

Will Hoskin-Elliot (88)- If you were one of the many coaches who traded him then don’t panic, he isn’t rising any more in price and should be out of everyone’s teams at his bye.


Michael Walters (59)- Trade!!!

Luke Ryan (36)- Ross usually gives the youngsters a few games so let’s just hope he can prove himself in the next couple weeks. We bloody need it, that’s for sure.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@OTLSJake)

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